White Victims of Black Crime - 0866 - Geneie Harshfield

Feb 13th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. 0866
  2. ----------------
  4. July 26, 1996
  6. Location: Tacoma,WA
  8. Victim(s): Geneie "Genie" Harshfield 43
  10. Attacker(s): Allen Eugene Gregory
  12. Description: When Geneie failed to appear for her shift as a bartender for a Tacoma restaurant, a concerned coworker went to her home and found her naked body in her bedroom. She was lying face down on her bed, with her hands bound behind her back. She had been stabbed three times in the back and her throat had been slit. The medical examiner found that she had been sexually assaulted, with DNA analysis of semen found at the scene being matched to Gregory.
  14. Link(s):
  15. A jury votes for death in a retrial 5-2012.
  16. Gregory is sentenced to death 6-2012.
  17. A story about WA Gov. Jay Inslee suspending the death penalty for all WA death row inmates for as long as he’s Governor 2-2014. This includes comments from Geneie’s mother, Leola Peden.
  18. A story about former WA judges urging for the death penalty to be declared “unconstitutional” by the WA state court 2-2016.
  20. Geneie’s find a grave memorial.
  21. ----------------
  23. A story about death row inmates in WA 2-2014.
  25. Harshfield surname info
  26. Hirschfield surname info house of names.
  27. Peden surname info
  28. Padan surname info
  29. Peden surname info house of names.
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