Ubuntu 12.10 on Lenovo Ideapad S205

unyo Nov 24th, 2012 2,391 Never
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  1. # Ubuntu 12.10 on Lenovo Ideapad S205
  3. This piece of shit hardware does not play nicely with Ubuntu. If you've made it this far, hope you haven't pulled all of you hair out of your head yet.
  5. ## Important Info
  6. - The S205 uses UEFI and has no bios switches to disable it.
  7. - This means that we need to create an EFI partition and use the 64-bit version of Ubuntu (32-bit won't work!) and only use primary partitions
  8. - Linux Mint doesn't have EFI in it's partitioner for some reason
  9. - Wifi doesn't work for some reason
  11. # Steps
  12. - Create a live USB for Ubuntu 64-bit
  13. - While on the live USB installation, select "Do Something Else" and make an "EFI" partition of 125MB.
  14. - Partition the rest of the drive however you want ( / and swap, / and /home and swap, whatever). Use primary partitions only (you might be able to get away with an extended for /home but I haven't tried it).
  15. - Install
  16. - Pray
  17. - Awesome, now Ubuntu is installed
  18. - Now, go into the BIOS boot menu and make sure that your boot HDD is FIRST, and the mysterious "ubuntu" entry is SECOND. This will enable your Wifi.
  20. Because holy christ, why is it so fucking hard to install linux on this computer. FUCK.
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