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  1. im not alowed to die
  2. im not allowed to die
  3. imnot allowedto die
  5. when i do die im going to head butt the fuck out of whoever is in charge
  7. you think you can kill
  9. you think your the only to try and kill me
  11. Contracts with demons who ever tries to kill me dies along with me
  13. i doubt id even die if it came to that LOL they are trying to stall me thinking time is on their side
  15. Now i can kill myself since you think youve distanced yourself from me ?
  17. the blast radius is a mega shit ton
  19. no one can help us only we can help ourselves
  21. other people always ruined my shit so i gave up on having things and figured it would be better to help someone else build
  22. ervery time i built something someone always knocked it down ive never been happier im finally fed up with life and people this dimension this reality but im not going no where i havnt experienced complete domineering supremacy  
  24. theres a new generation born every year trying to stay on top isnt as important as enjoy it
  26. im going to enjoy this pain
  28. because it comes with clarity it hurts so bad i cant escape from the light so i give in and stop resisting then i becoming instantly blessed with halucinations visions lights sounds ive dreamed so much and seen enough to know what truely matters
  30. This is the only time where the plans i make come true because keeping them in my head fcuking hurts
  32. The life you lead takes you on a journey designed to make you more of what you want to become...I hope you like money I hope your greedy i hope your selfish i hope you lied I hope you learn LOL i learned about Radical hope the things i thought that made me crazy are becoming recognized
  34. you have an obligation you have to meet you better keep it.
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