VisualVanilla 1.2 Changelog (08-18-2020)

Apr 16th, 2022 (edited)
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  1. + Compatibility with the Los Santos Summer Special update (1.0.2060.2).
  2. + Compatibility for vehicles from Los Santos Summer Special update (Dynamic shadows from headlights).
  3. + Updated ReShade framework to 4.7.0 version (ReShade preset)
  4. - Removed the "Removed Grass Dithering and Enabled Tree Reflections" from Misc. Optionals and split them into two in "Map Enhancements" section due to apparent LOD issues caused by enabled the tree reflections, this is also to make the package cleaner so we now have one, singular "spvisuals" DLC Package for VisualVanilla
  5. + NEW Optional: No Grass Dithering
  6. + NEW Optional: Enabled Tree Reflections
  7. + NEW Optional: Old Gen Snapmatic Filters
  8. + NEW Optional: Additional Filters for Rockstar Editor
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