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Aug 17th, 2022 (edited)
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  1. Cosmetics_Unknown_Animation: "&cUnknown animation &4{animation}"
  2. Cosmetics_Unknown_Currency: "&cUnknown currency &4{currency}"
  3. Cosmetics_Unknown_Shop: "&cUnknown shop &4{shop}"
  5. Cosmetics_CMD_Animation_List: "&eAll animations: &6{animations}"
  6. Cosmetics_CMD_Animation_Play: "&ePlaying animation &6{animation} &eat &6{player} &efor &6{time} &eseconds"
  7. Cosmetics_CMD_Animation_StopAll: "&eStopped &6{amount} &eactive animations"
  8. Cosmetics_CMD_Currency_List: "&eAll currencies: &6{currencies}"
  9. Cosmetics_CMD_Currency_Balance:
  10.  - "&6&l{player}&e's balance:"
  11.   - "{entries}"
  12. Cosmetics_CMD_Currency_Balance_Entry: "- &7{currency}: &f{value}"
  13. Cosmetics_CMD_Currency_Change: "&ePlayer &6{player} &enow has &6&l{newvalue} &eof &6{currency}"
  14. Cosmetics_CMD_Shop_List: "&eAll shops: &6{shops}"
  15. Cosmetics_CMD_ShopRarities_List: "&eAll shop rarities: &6{rarities}"
  16. Cosmetics_CMD_ShopRarities_List_Default: "Default"
  17. Cosmetics_CMD_ShopItems_List: "&eAll shop items for {shop}: &6{items}"
  18. Cosmetics_CMD_Shop_CheckItemPermissions: "&eDetected &6{changes} &echanges for {player}"
  19. Cosmetics_CMD_Shop_CheckItemPermissions_Disabled: "&cThis feature has been disabled within the configurations"
  20. Cosmetics_CMD_Shop_Open: "&eOpened shop &6{shop} &efor &6{player}"
  22. Cosmetics_Currency_Coins: "Coins"
  23. Cosmetics_Currency_Gems: "Gems"
  25. Cosmetics_Shop_OpenError: "&cAn error has occurred while trying to show you the cosmetics :(. Please report this error to an admin"
  26. Cosmetics_Shop_MyCosmetics: "My Cosmetics"
  27. Cosmetics_Shop_Select: "&eNow using &6{item}"
  28. Cosmetics_Shop_Buy: "&aYou just bought &2{item} &afor &2{price}&a. New balance: &2{new-balance}"
  29. Cosmetics_Shop_Expensive: "&cYou've got insufficient funds to purchase it. Current balance: &4{balance}"
  30. Cosmetics_Shop_Already: "&6{item} &eis already being used"
  31. Cosmetics_Shop_Page_FinalKillEffects_Plural: "Final Kill Effects"
  32. Cosmetics_Shop_Page_FinalKillEffects_Singular: "Final Kill Effect"
  33. Cosmetics_Shop_Page_FinalKillEffects_Description: "A selection of various effects to choose from that will trigger whenever you final kill an enemy!"
  34. Cosmetics_Shop_Page_DeathCries_Plural: "Death Cries"
  35. Cosmetics_Shop_Page_DeathCries_Singular: "Death Cry"
  36. Cosmetics_Shop_Page_DeathCries_Description: "Let others know just how salty your tears are every time your die with these death cries!"
  37. Cosmetics_Shop_Page_ProjectileTrails_Plural: "Projectile Trails"
  38. Cosmetics_Shop_Page_ProjectileTrails_Singular: "Projectile Trail"
  39. Cosmetics_Shop_Page_ProjectileTrails_Description: "Change your projectile particle trail effect."
  40. Cosmetics_Shop_Page_VictoryDances_Plural: "Victory Dances"
  41. Cosmetics_Shop_Page_VictoryDances_Singular: "Victory Dance"
  42. Cosmetics_Shop_Page_VictoryDances_Description: "Celebrate by gloating and showing off to other players whenever you win!"
  43. Cosmetics_Shop_Page_BedDestroys_Plural: "Bed Destroys"
  44. Cosmetics_Shop_Page_BedDestroys_Singular: "Bed Destroy"
  45. Cosmetics_Shop_Page_BedDestroys_Description: "Select from various Bed Destroy effects, which will occur when you break a bed!"
  46. Cosmetics_Shop_Unlocked: "Unlocked"
  47. Cosmetics_Shop_CurrentSelected: "Currently Selected"
  48. Cosmetics_Shop_ClickView: "Click to view!"
  49. Cosmetics_Shop_ClickSelect: "&eClick to select!"
  50. Cosmetics_Shop_ClickToPurchase: "&eClick to purchase!"
  51. Cosmetics_Shop_Selected_Caps: "&aSELECTED!"
  52. Cosmetics_Shop_Cost: "Cost"
  53. Cosmetics_Shop_NextPage: "Next Page"
  54. Cosmetics_Shop_PrevPage: "Previous Page"
  55. Cosmetics_Shop_GoToPage: "Go to page {new-page}."
  56. Cosmetics_Shop_GoBack: "Go Back"
  57. Cosmetics_Shop_ToMyCosmetics: "To My Cosmetics"
  58. Cosmetics_Shop_Rarity: "Rarity"
  59. Cosmetics_Shop_OutOfCurrencys: "&cYou don't have enough {currency} to buy that!"
  61. Cosmetics_Item_DefDescription_ProjectileTrails: "Selects the {name} Projectile Trail."
  62. Cosmetics_Item_DefDescription_FinalKillEffects: "Selects the {name} Final Kill Effect."
  63. Cosmetics_Item_DefDescription_DeathCries: "Plays the {name} Death Cry when you die."
  64. Cosmetics_Item_DefDescription_BedDestroys: "Plays the {name} Bed Destroy when you break a bed."
  65. Cosmetics_Item_DefDescription_VictoryDance: "Plays the {name} Victory Dance when you win a match.."
  66. Cosmetics_Item_None_Name: "None"
  67. Cosmetics_Item_None_FinalKills_Description: "Selecting this option disables your Final Kill Effect."
  68. Cosmetics_Item_None_ProjectileTrails_Description: "Selecting this option disables your Projectile Trail Effect."
  69. Cosmetics_Item_None_DeathCries_Description: "Selecting this option disables your Death Cry Effect."
  70. Cosmetics_Item_None_BedDestroys_Description: "Selecting this option disables your Bed Destroy Effect."
  71. Cosmetics_Item_None_VictoryDances_Description: "Selecting this option disables your Victory Dance Effect."
  72. Cosmetics_Item_Random_Name: "Random"
  73. Cosmetics_Item_RandomFinalKillEffect_Description: "Use a random final kill effect!"
  74. Cosmetics_Item_RandomDeathCry_Description: "Use a random death cry!"
  75. Cosmetics_Item_RandomProjectileTrail_Description: "Use a random projectile trail!"
  76. Cosmetics_Item_RandomBedDestroy_Description: "Use a random projectile trail!"
  77. Cosmetics_Item_RandomVictoryDance_Description: "Use a random victory dance!"
  78. Cosmetics_Item_SquidMissile_Name: "Squid Missile"
  79. Cosmetics_Item_SquidMissile_Description: "Killing an enemy will spawn a fellow companion."
  80. Cosmetics_Item_SquidMissile_BedDestroy_Description: "Breaking a bed will spawn a fellow companion."
  81. Cosmetics_Item_Firework_Name: "Firework"
  82. Cosmetics_Item_Firework_Description: "Killing an enemy will launch fireworks."
  83. Cosmetics_Item_Firework_BedDestroy_Description: "Breaking a bed will launch fireworks."
  84. Cosmetics_Item_LightningStrike_Name: "Lightning Strike"
  85. Cosmetics_Item_LightningStrike_Description: "Killing an enemy will wake up Thor."
  86. Cosmetics_Item_LightningStrike_BedDestroy_Description: "Breaking a bed will wake up Thor."
  87. Cosmetics_Item_TNT_Name: "TNT"
  88. Cosmetics_Item_TNT_Description: "Killing an enemy will make them disappear into TNT."
  89. Cosmetics_Item_HeartAura_Name: "Heart Aura"
  90. Cosmetics_Item_HeartAura_Description: "Killing an enemy will spawn lots of love."
  91. Cosmetics_Item_BurningShoes_Name: "Burning Shoes"
  92. Cosmetics_Item_BurningShoes_Description: "Killing an enemy will set your feet on fire."
  93. Cosmetics_Item_CookieFountain_Name: "Cookie Fountain"
  94. Cosmetics_Item_CookieFountain_Description: "Killing an enemy will let cookies sprinkle out of you."
  95. Cosmetics_Item_HeadRocket_Name: "Head Rocket"
  96. Cosmetics_Item_HeadRocket_Description: "Killing an enemy will launch their head up in the skies."
  97. Cosmetics_Item_EasterEggTheft_Name: "Easter Egg Theft"
  98. Cosmetics_Item_EasterEggTheft_Description: "Killing an enemy will make them drop easter eggs."
  99. Cosmetics_Item_Magnolia_Name: "Magnolia"
  100. Cosmetics_Item_Magnolia_Description: "They're only around for a short time but they're beautiful!"
  101. Cosmetics_Item_BlackMark_Name: "Black Mark"
  102. Cosmetics_Item_BlackMark_Description: "Killing an enemy will make them *poof* out of the realm existence."
  103. Cosmetics_Item_LastCandle_Name: "Last Candle"
  104. Cosmetics_Item_LastCandle_Description: "Killing an enemy will spawn a torch in their place."
  105. Cosmetics_Item_FireBreath_Name: "Fire Breath"
  106. Cosmetics_Item_FireBreath_Description: "Killing an enemy will spawn a fire breath effect."
  107. Cosmetics_Item_RainingGold_Name: "It's Raining Gold"
  108. Cosmetics_Item_RainingGold_Description: "Killing an enemy will rain gold upon you."
  109. Cosmetics_Item_BloodExplosion_Name: "Blood Explosion"
  110. Cosmetics_Item_BloodExplosion_Description: "Killing an enemy will make them explode in blood."
  111. Cosmetics_Item_Rekt_Name: "Rekt"
  112. Cosmetics_Item_Rekt_Description: "Killing an enemy will drop a hologram remembering your victory."
  113. Cosmetics_Item_Pinata_Name: "Piñata"
  114. Cosmetics_Item_Pinata_Description: "Killing an enemy will make them explode like a Piñata."
  115. Cosmetics_Item_EXOOrb_Name: "Experience Orb"
  116. Cosmetics_Item_EXPOrb_Description: "Killing an enemy will make it rain experience on top of his corpse."
  117. Cosmetics_Item_Smiley_Name: "Smiley"
  118. Cosmetics_Item_Smiley_Description: "Killing an enemy will show your smiley in the air."
  119. Cosmetics_Item_RainingEasterEggs_Name: "Raining Easter Eggs"
  120. Cosmetics_Item_RainingEasterEggs_Description: "It's raining Easter Eggs!"
  121. Cosmetics_Item_HatchingEggs_Name: "Hatching Eggs"
  122. Cosmetics_Item_HatchingEggs_Description: "Hatching eggs are falling from the sky!"
  123. Cosmetics_Item_BunnyExplosion_Name: "Bunny Explosion"
  124. Cosmetics_Item_BunnyExplosion_Description: "Killing an enemy will spawn easter bunnies around them."
  125. Cosmetics_Item_CloudRain_Name: "Rain on my Parade"
  126. Cosmetics_Item_CloudRain_Description: "Who doesn't love a good rain shower?"
  127. Cosmetics_Item_PumpkinRocket_Name: "Pumpkin Rocket"
  128. Cosmetics_Item_PumpkinRocket_Description: "Launch pumpkins into the sky from where your victim died!"
  129. Cosmetics_Item_GiftExplosion_Name: "Gift Explosion"
  130. Cosmetics_Item_GiftExplosion_Description: "Make your enemies burst into holidays gift!"
  131. Cosmetics_Item_BeefExplosion_Name: "Beef Everywhere"
  132. Cosmetics_Item_BeefExplosion_Description: "Explosion of beef!"
  133. Cosmetics_Item_Tornado_Name: "Tornado"
  134. Cosmetics_Item_Tornado_Description: "Killing an enemy will summon a vortex!"
  135. Cosmetics_Item_Tornado_BedDestroy_Description: "Breaking a bed will summon a vortex!"
  136. Cosmetics_Item_Shattered_Name: "Shattered"
  137. Cosmetics_Item_Shattered_Description: "Shatter your enemies to dust!"
  138. Cosmetics_Item_PumpkinExplosion_Name: "Pumpkin Popper"
  139. Cosmetics_Item_PumpkinExplosion_Description: "Killing a player will cause Pumpkins to explode from their body."
  140. Cosmetics_Item_CowRocket_Name: "Cow Rocket"
  141. Cosmetics_Item_CowRocket_Description: "Killing an enemy will launch a cow over the moon."
  142. Cosmetics_Item_CloudLava_Name: "Wrong Rain Dance"
  143. Cosmetics_Item_CloudLava_Description: "Who doesn't love a good hot shower?"
  144. Cosmetics_Item_Bazinga_Name: "Bazinga"
  145. Cosmetics_Item_DeflatedToy_Name: "Deflated Toy"
  146. Cosmetics_Item_Enderman_Name: "Enderman"
  147. Cosmetics_Item_Dinosaur_Name: "Dinosaur"
  148. Cosmetics_Item_RobotMouse_Name: "Robot Mouse"
  149. Cosmetics_Item_Pig_Name: "Pig"
  150. Cosmetics_Item_GrumpyVillager_Name: "Grumpy Villager"
  151. Cosmetics_Item_SadPuppy_Name: "Sad Puppy"
  152. Cosmetics_Item_MonsterBurp_Name: "Monster Burp"
  153. Cosmetics_Item_Fireball_Name: "Fireball"
  154. Cosmetics_Item_DryBones_Name: "Dry Bones"
  155. Cosmetics_Item_Ding_Name: "Ding"
  156. Cosmetics_Item_Splash_Name: "Splash"
  157. Cosmetics_Item_Bat_Name: "Bat"
  158. Cosmetics_Item_Blop_Name: "Plop"
  159. Cosmetics_Item_Gone_Name: "Gone"
  160. Cosmetics_Item_Burp_Name: "Burp"
  161. Cosmetics_Item_Scurry_Name: "Scurry"
  162. Cosmetics_Item_Squeal_Name: "Squeal"
  163. Cosmetics_Item_Slime_Name: "Slime"
  164. Cosmetics_Item_Ender_Name: "Ender"
  165. Cosmetics_Item_Lava_Name: "Lava"
  166. Cosmetics_Item_Potion_Name: "Potion"
  167. Cosmetics_Item_Water_Name: "Water"
  168. Cosmetics_Item_BlackSmoke_Name: "Black Smoke"
  169. Cosmetics_Item_WhiteSmoke_Name: "White Smoke"
  170. Cosmetics_Item_Notes_Name: "Notes"
  171. Cosmetics_Item_BlueDust_Name: "Blue Dust"
  172. Cosmetics_Item_RedDust_Name: "Red Dust"
  173. Cosmetics_Item_PurpleDust_Name: "Purple Dust"
  174. Cosmetics_Item_LunarDust_Name: "Lunar Dust"
  175. Cosmetics_Item_TheEnd_Name: "The End"
  176. Cosmetics_Item_Bite_Name: "Bite"
  177. Cosmetics_Item_FireSpiral_Name: "Fire Spiral"
  178. Cosmetics_Item_Cheese_Name: "Cheese"
  179. Cosmetics_Item_TwinDragon_Name: "Twin Dragon"
  180. Cosmetics_Item_Peep_Name: "Peep!"
  181. Cosmetics_Item_Present_Name: "Present"
  182. Cosmetics_Item_Tinsel_Name: "Tinsel"
  183. Cosmetics_Item_Merry_Name: "Merry"
  184. Cosmetics_Item_MagicWind_Name: "Magic Wind"
  185. Cosmetics_Item_TrickOrTreat_Name: "Trick or Treat"
  186. Cosmetics_Item_Twisted_Name: "Twisted"
  187. Cosmetics_Item_Wingman_Name: "Wingman"
  188. Cosmetics_Item_DNA_Name: "DNA"
  189. Cosmetics_Item_JackOLantern_Name: "Jack O' Lantern"
  190. Cosmetics_Item_RandomTrail_Name: "Random"
  191. Cosmetics_Item_Bee_Name: "Bee"
  192. Cosmetics_Item_Rainbow_Name: "Rainbow"
  193. Cosmetics_Item_Hearts_Name: "Hearts"
  194. Cosmetics_Item_Ghost_Name: "Ghost"
  195. Cosmetics_Item_LavaExplosion_Name: "Lava Explosion"
  196. Cosmetics_Item_PigMissile_Name: "Pig Missile"
  197. Cosmetics_Item_PigMissile_Description: "Breaking a bed will spawn a fellow companion."
  198. Cosmetics_Item_Thief_Name: "Thief"
  199. Cosmetics_Item_Eggsplosion_Name: "Eggsplosion"
  200. Cosmetics_Item_Blizzard_Name: "Blizzard"
  201. Cosmetics_Item_BedBugs_Name: "Bed Bugs"
  202. Cosmetics_Item_BedBugs_Description: "Breaking a bed will release the bugs within."
  203. Cosmetics_Item_Pigsplosion_Name: "Pigsplosion"
  204. Cosmetics_Item_Pigsplosion_Description: "Breaking a bed will spawn a bunch of baby pigs."
  205. Cosmetics_Item_LadyBug_Name: "Lady Bug"
  206. Cosmetics_Item_PresentExplosion_Name: "Present"
  207. Cosmetics_Item_AnvilRain_Name: "Anvil Rain"
  208. Cosmetics_Item_AnvilRain_Description: "Anvils will rain from the sky."
  209. Cosmetics_Item_FireworksShow_Name: "Fireworks"
  210. Cosmetics_Item_FireworksShow_Description: "Celebrate with a splendid fireworks show!"
  211. Cosmetics_Item_ColdSnap_Name: "Cold Snap"
  212. Cosmetics_Item_ColdSnap_Description: "Chill an area around you to the absolute zero."
  213. Cosmetics_Item_RideHorse_Name: "Yeehaw"
  214. Cosmetics_Item_RideHorse_Description: "Ride a horse like it's 1876."
  215. Cosmetics_Item_MeteorShower_Name: "Meteor Shower"
  216. Cosmetics_Item_MeteorShower_Description: "A meteor shower will rain down from the sky."
  217. Cosmetics_Item_NightShift_Name: "Night Shift"
  218. Cosmetics_Item_NightShift_Description: "Set it to day, set it to night, repeat, like a god."
  219. Cosmetics_Item_FloatingLanterns_Name: "Floating Lanterns"
  220. Cosmetics_Item_FloatingLanterns_Description: "Spawn floating lanterns to brighten up the night."
  221. Cosmetics_Item_RainingPigs_Name: "Raining Pigs"
  222. Cosmetics_Item_RainingPigs_Description: "The sky will rain with pigs."
  223. Cosmetics_Item_NameFireworks_Name: "Special Fireworks"
  224. Cosmetics_Item_NameFireworks_Description: "Write your name in the sky!"
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