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  1. create database EmpresaVinil;
  2. use EmpresaVinil;
  3. Drop table Discos;
  4. Create table Discos (IdDisco INT Identity(1,1) Primary Key , TituloDaObra varchar(60) NOT NULL,Interprete varchar(60) NOT NULL,
  5. Genero varchar(30) NOT NULL,Editora varchar(30) NOT NULL, AnoDeEdicao INT NOT NULL,Nacionalidade varchar(40) NOT NULL,);
  6. exec sp_rename 'Discos.Genero' , 'GeneroMusical';
  7. aLTER table Discos add PrecoDeVenda money NOT NULL;
  8. INSERT INTO Discos VALUES ('Bethooven', 'Afonso', 'Rock/Funk', 'UDR PRODUCTION' , 1990, 'Brasileiro', 420);
  9. SELECT * FROM Discos;
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