Forge biome tags

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  1. Temperature-based tags (No tag implies a biome is temperate)
  2.   HOT
  3.   COLD
  5. Tags specifying the amount of vegetation a biome has (No tag implies a biome to have moderate amounts)
  6.   SPARSE
  7.   DENSE
  9. Tags specifying how moist a biome is (No tag implies a biome as having moderate humidity)
  10.   WET
  11.   DRY
  13. Tree-based tags (No tag implies a biome has temperate trees, such as Oak)
  14.   SAVANNA (dry, desert-like trees, such as Acacia)
  15.   CONIFEROUS (snowy trees, such as Spruce)
  16.   JUNGLE (jungle trees)
  18. Tags specifying the nature of a biome
  19.   SPOOKY
  20.   DEAD
  21.   LUSH
  22.   NETHER
  23.   END
  24.   MUSHROOM
  25.   MAGICAL
  26.   OCEAN
  27.   RIVER
  28.   WATER (general tag for all water-based biomes)
  30. Generic types which a biome can be
  31.   MESA
  32.   FOREST
  33.   PLAINS
  34.   MOUNTAIN
  35.   HILLS
  36.   SWAMP
  37.   SANDY
  38.   SNOWY
  40.   BEACH
  42. Deprecated tags, kept for compatibility
  43.   DESERT (replaced by SANDY)
  44.   FROZEN (replaced by SNOWY)
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