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  1. command /topor:
  2.     permisison: topor.daj
  3.     trigger:
  4.         execute console command "/give %player% goldaxe 1 name:&eTopor_Tyranow lore:&2+_Ofiara_traci_kontrole_(ROZMYTY_EKRAN),_gdy_ja_zaatakujesz"
  5.         enchant tool with unbreaking 100
  6.         enchant tool with sharpness 25
  7.         enchant tool with knockback 5
  8.         enchant tool with fire aspect 5
  9. on damage:
  10.     if name of attacker's tool is "&eTopor Tyranow":
  11.         remove nausea from the victim
  12.         apply nausea 5 to victim for 10 seconds
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