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  1. =======StarRaid's NML patcher!=======
  3. Attempting to backup IH_AddonSet.nml
  4. Successfully backed up to "backups/IH_AddonSet-01-47-57-2019-05-18.nml"!
  5. Output : IH_AddonSet.nml
  6. File : IH_AddonSet.pnml
  7. Backup : 1
  8. Verbose : 1
  9. Opening "IH_AddonSet.pnml" as the main header.
  10. Patched src/header.pnml with no errors.
  11. Patched src/cyclops.pnml with no errors.
  12. Patched src/electra.pnml with no errors.
  13. Patched src/quicksilver.pnml with no errors.
  14. nmlc ERROR: nmlc: An internal error has occurred:
  15. nmlc-version: v6379:afad0c76c40b from 2017-06-19
  16. Error:    (UnicodeEncodeError) "'charmap' codec can't encode character '\u202c' in position 19: character maps to <undefined>".
  17. Command:  ['nmlc', 'IH_AddonSet.nml', '-o', 'IH_AddonSet.grf']
  18. Location: File "c:\python\32-bit\3.3\lib\encodings\", line 19, in encode
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