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  1. i'm tired of my dreams they keep dragging me down
  2. and when i awake i'm stuck with a frown
  3. it's that one and same ambition unfulfilled
  4. it's my self-hate that's got me pinned
  5. and when i look at what's been done
  6. i realize how little i've come
  7. catch me on my morning stroll to the church
  8. it's the last place i have yet to search
  10. all of my friends i could not maintain
  11. last time we sat we slammed cocaine
  12. but now it's ink on my diary's page
  13. and it does not feel the same
  14. your lightning didn't strike it annihilated
  15. thy kingdom is a void and you know it
  17. moving on is fine but some of us move alone
  18. feeling worthless is fine but some of us can't take it anymore
  19. what's the point of a lesson you can't learn from
  20. this godless earth is shrinking empty and numb
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