short derpy facesit comedy maybe fuck you

May 11th, 2018
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  1. >>
  2. >"Look Anon, I'm just like Rainbow Dash. Do you want to cum inside me now?"
  4. >queue in scene with you looking at her and shaking your head in disappointment
  5. "Why would you do this to yourself?"
  6. >"B-but I thought you said Rainbow was hot--"
  7. "I was drunk, Derpy,"
  8. >"So you don't find her hot--"
  9. "Of course I do,"
  10. >hurt crosses her face at your words, her grip on the hems of her shirt tightening as she starts looking away
  11. >"So, I'm not good enough for--"
  12. "But it doesn't mean anything, Rainbow isn't the one I'm going out with,"
  13. >you reach forward and cup her cheek with your hand
  14. >it seems to ease her pain, somewhat, and she presses forward to try and get to feel more of your warmth against her cheek
  15. "She's a bitch, a fucking tomboy, and I'm quite certain she doesn't shave,"
  16. >that last bit brings back the smile to her lips
  17. "And, to be honest, the pancake she has for an ass doesn't hold a candle to your bubble butt, it really wouldn't feel nearly as nice against my face,"
  18. >it takes her a second to process your words, before her happy expression instantly turns to outrage
  19. >"G-gee! Don't say something like that out loud!"
  20. "Why? Everyone knows we've been going out for a while now, it's not like having you sitting on my face every now and then would surprise th--"
  21. >"Y-you're the one making me do this!"
  22. "And it would be criminal of me not to! Seriously babe, your ass is the best thing that ever came from feminism, thank god for them telling young girls to eat to their hearts desire,"
  23. >"Can you stop talking about my ass already?!"
  24. "Mmmh, I don't know... if only you had two big globes of flesh that you could squish against my face to stop me from running my mouth,"
  25. >"I-in the locker's hallway?!"
  26. "Woah, I had the restroom in mind but that's kinky as fuck, me likey,"
  27. >"Ugh! Geez, just shut up,"
  28. >she grabs your hand and turn around before pulling you forward
  29. "Wait babe, where're we goin'--"
  30. >"The restroom, duh!"
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