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  1. Overcrowding - can be cause by:
  2. Humans - can cause overcrowding and blockage
  4. Way Blockage - due to high population and narrow pathways way blockage is possible
  6. Vehicle Blockage - cars in the road near buildings can cause way blockage
  7. Narrow Pathways- can cause overcrowding in buildings and also in stairs
  9. Potential critical damage to buildings- cracks and potential threats to falling debris
  10. Wire Short Circuits - can cause widespread fire due to exposed electric components
  11. Glass Debris - Glass pane can cause potential damage to humans, can creates open wounds
  12. Door Shortage - door shortage can also cause overcrowding in rooms when calamities happen
  13. Barriers - barriers in windows can be removed for more possible exit passage ways
  15. Dust Expansion - can be cause by falling debris of the buildings
  16. Health Issues - dust expansion can also cause healthy problems by letting it in your body, can cause asthmatic attacks, heart and breathing etc.
  18. Shallow Drainage System - drainage systems can be a use of diminishing water flows, in contrary, we noticed that the drainage system in our roads are blocked by rubbish
  19. No near open areas - due to constructions and building expansion of the university's campus , all the open areas have been closed especially dubai. Open areas can be a use of evacuation for calamities.
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