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  1. http://boards.4chan.org/vg/res/23285342
  3. Why do people hate LoL?
  5. Everyone has runes, everyone. If you don't got at least 2-3 pages of rune pages by level 30 you're so fucking horrible you deserve it. Everyone is on equal footing with them and they increase the skill cap by adding depth to the stats of the game and allowing much more personalization and strategy. If Flash is bullshit, so is Blink Dagger and Force Staff. If Smite is bullshit, so is Hand of Midas.
  9. Then have a fucking courier follow you around and put it on there when it's on cooldown so you can put better items on you. This is so fucking exploitable it hurts. Smite takes up a precious summoner slot and can not be removed like it can with the courier. Speaking of courier, what the fuck. A fucking item that flies across the map and delivers you items. How is that NOT casualized as fuck?
  11. Recipes and Denies were just bugs of the WC3 engine that was textbook artificial difficulty and skill cap raising that you fucking DotAfanboys latch onto like it's the saving fucking grace. It wasn't a conscious balance decision, it was because the engine you use is so fucking trash you HAVE to use it and now that you have one that doesnt, instead of properly rebalancing the game you keep in this arbitrary piece of shit. Denying is even more stupid. Why the FUCK would you destroy your own creeps and towers? Do you honestly know of a single fucking army ever that just shoots its soldiers in the back and goes "LOL STRATEGY XDDDDDDDD"? No, the US army doesnt do that shit because it's RETARDED.
  13. Also elevation, trees and denying are all artificial skill extensions and are just as valid boosts in strategy as summoner spells.
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