[TF] Schooling - 4

Mar 23rd, 2013
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  1. >You are Vinyl
  2. >After awaking in the hospital and talking with your mother, it turns out you can leave in about three days.
  3. >Great, you can't wait to get back home!
  4. >But once again, boredom overtakes you as you lay in your large hospital bed.
  5. >Occasionally the Doctor will come check on you, but he isn't much of a talker.
  6. >You can hear the occasional snap of a camera outside.
  7. >You must have fans already!
  8. >Or creepy stalkers.
  9. >You await your inevitable meeting with Shaun.
  10. >It sends a shiver down your spine.
  11. >Hey! Maybe he got transformed too!
  12. >At least with hooves he can't work his phone.
  13. >Unless he's a unicorn of course.
  14. >You hear the clopping of hooves outside your door, maybe you have a visitor!
  15. >Spitfire pokes her head through the door and smiles widely at the sight of you.
  16. Finally! Some company.
  17. >"I can't be here for long Vinyl. They want to take a look at my wings in a minute."
  18. >She flaps them a couple of timex for emphasis as you let out a giggle.
  19. You getting out soon too?
  20. >"Yeah, they don't want to lock us up for too long for something that isn't infectious or whatever."
  21. >Great! You don't have to worry about spreading the condition for one thing, and your buddy will be there for you too.
  22. Thanks Spits, catch you later?
  23. >"You know it!"
  24. >She looks behind her, and is quickly ushered down the corridor by one of the doctors.
  25. >He looks in and you wave to him, thankfully he smiles back.
  26. >At least people don't seem too freaked out about this whole thing.
  27. >"Ah, Vinyl is it?"
  28. >You nod.
  29. >"We're conducting some tests on all of the patients, you're one of the few unicorns. So we were hoping you could
  30. join us."
  31. Anything to get out of this bed doc!
  32. >He laughs heartily and turns off the heart moniter.
  33. >You rise to your hooves and stretch, releasing a lot of tension as your muscles regain their feeling.
  34. >It feels strange, standing on four legs.
  35. >Your mum said you were a human before, even though you remember always being a pony.
  36. >You trust your mother not to lie to you, so she must be right.
  37. >Must have changed your memories too, how odd.
  38. >You hop down onto the cold floor with a resounding thud.
  39. >Your hooves are suprisingly sensitive, you can feel the floor perfectely. Though it doesn't hurt to walk on
  40. them.
  41. >The doctor leads you down several corridors, while several other patients stare at you out of their windows.
  42. >Not everyday you get to see a gang of talking ponies running around a hospital.
  43. >You are led into a small room, a two way mirror is located to your left and a pair of doctors stand at a table
  44. near the centre.
  45. >You trot over to the table to see it has several weights on it, each a different size ad shape.
  46. >"Okay Vinyl, we're interested in your ability to use magic, other subjects have shown some small ability but
  47. we'd likd to see what you can do."
  48. >You nod along with his long winded explantion.
  49. So you want me to try lifting these weights?
  50. >"Exactly, start off with the smallest and work your way up."
  51. >You spend the next hour following his mundane instructions, ordering you to lift the weights before scribbling
  52. notes down and listening to his earpiece.
  53. >You start to feel physically exhausted and your eyes begin to droop.
  54. I'm starting to feel tired.
  55. >"Yes, other subjects showed exhuastion after stranious use of their magic. That's perfectely normal."
  56. >You drousily nod, you aren't really listening at this point.
  57. >He chuckles before whispering to his partner.
  58. >"Alirght Vinyl, let's get you back to your bed."
  59. >Once again several patients stare in wonder as you are led out of the room.
  60. >You drag yourself back to your abode, flopping unceremoniously back onto your bed and dozing off.
  61. >The next few days are a blur of boredom and experiments.
  62. >Telekenesis is cool and all, but you really wish you could just go home.
  63. >You haven't seen Spitfire or your Mum again yet.
  64. >Thankfully today is the day you get discharged!
  65. >Another doctor enters you room and your ears twitch at the foreign intruder.
  66. >You can hear so much with these pony ears!
  67. >He walks up to your bed and takes a seat at the side.
  68. >"Hello vinyl, I'm here to discuss your upcoming release from the hospital."
  69. >You cheer under your breath, freedom!
  70. >"Now, if will come as quite a shock to people to have talking ponies walking around. But with the extensive
  71. media coverage this whole thing has gotten, it shouldn't be that bad. Of course you still have to attend school."
  72. >Damn.
  73. >"Since most of those affected went to your school it wasn't very difficult to change your schedules to be
  74. more... Pony friendly. For example your P.E. lessons are now exclusively pony, while your other lessons are
  75. uneffected."
  76. >Ugh. School.
  77. So everything is pretty much back to normal?
  78. >"As normal as talking magical ponies get, yes."
  79. Thanks.
  80. >He nods and quickly takes his leave, guess he has to inform the others.
  81. >You wonder how many other there are, obviously enough to fill an entire class.
  82. >Your inner monolouge is interupted as your mum enters the room, quikcly walking over to your bed and giving you
  83. a big hug.
  84. Happy to see you too mum.
  85. >"Excitied about coming home?"
  86. Yep. Despite contrary belief this hospital is very, very boring.
  87. >She chuckles and releases you from her vice grip.
  88. How long until I get out?
  89. >"Now! They called for me to pick you up actually."
  90. >You nearly cried tears of joy, finally you get to go home.
  91. >You choose to celebrate instead.
  92. YES!
  93. >Your mother breaks into a full blown laughing fit at your sudden enthusiasm.
  94. Please get me out of here.
  95. >Inbetween snorts she agrees and helps you down from the bed.
  96. >It really is strange just how large everything is to you now.
  97. >You head down into the lobby to sign out.
  98. >You can feel the glares of the other patients as your tail wags happily behind you like a dog.
  99. >You trot out the front doors and into the cold winter air, oddly enough your fur keeps you warm but you can
  100. still feel the cold sensation.
  101. >Several reporters are stood outside, eager to take an image of the strange new creature.
  102. >It feels disheartening to know that it's you.
  103. >Your mother escorts you to your car, and you hop into the back seat, using your magic to attach the seatbelt.
  104. Much to your mum's suprise.
  105. >"Guess you're not as dependent as I thought."
  106. >You stick your broad tounge out at her and she begins laughing anew.
  107. >The engine roars to life, and you set off back home.
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