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  1. The listing will be broken down into BDs, CDs, and physical features.
  3. The set comes with 10 BDs encompassing all the video features from the series.
  4. 27 TV episodes (Eng Sub/Dub) - Includes Textless OP/ED, Episode 6's broadcast preview and episode
  5. 2 movies (Eng Sub) - Includes Textless EDs
  6. 2 Parallel Works features
  7. Sparkling Yoko Box "Pieces of sweet stars" ("S・t・a・r・S" PV)
  8. Picture Drama ("Viral's Sweet Dream") Event footage from the event held prior to the movies
  9. DS OVA Episode 5.5 "My Gurren is Spaarkling!"
  10. Video extras: "Yoko Goes To Gainax", "Summer! Drills! A Gurren Lagaan Festival!", Sanzigen 3D Test Footage, Marina Inoue Interview, "I'll Believe in the Answer You Trust!" Gurren Laagan Quiz!, Opening Day Stage Greetings for movies, and "Voices~ Testimony from 26 people" Staff Interviews
  11. All of this (except the live action footage) has been re-filmed in HD under the supervision of Hiroyuki Imaishi.
  13. The set also comes with 5 CDs:
  14. A newly written story by Kazuki Nakashima
  15. "A Shining Example of a Gurren Lagaan" (drama CD included with the TV series LE DVDs)
  16. "Idiot Men!" (drama CD included with the first movie's LE DVD)
  17. "We're Men!" (drama CD included with the second movie's LE DVD)
  18. Original music from the Works 2 and Pieces of sweet stars features
  20. Everything is packaged in a Atsushi Nigori drawn digipak. This digipack, along with a hardcover archive book (including never before seen initial drawings) and a illustration book (featuring a newly drawn cover by Hiroyuki Imaishi) will be housed in a Yoh Yoshinari drawn box.
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