Stretching Your Luck

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  1. CHAPTER 1
  2. Nathan held the shimmering stone in his hand. He was feeling pretty stupid right about now. Why the hell had he bought this damn thing anyway? Was he seriously desperate or just plain gullible enough to believe what the eBay seller’s description had said? A stone that granted a wish? 
  3. He had stumbled across the eBay page a week ago, on one of his nightly internet trawling sessions, on his laptop in bed, his fiancé slumbering next to him. Nathan didn’t share….normal guys’ attractions. Well, not all of them. He was just as attracted to any classically beautiful or sexy woman as the next guy, and his fiance was that. Gorgeous, brunette, in shape, just like him. But he knew he had a few “kinks” that other men didn’t share. So, when he stumbled across the “stone of bodily transfiguration” on the auction site, he knew that there was something there for him.
  4. The stone, wrote the seller, had the ability to grant the user’s most fantastic wish regarding the human body, all “changes” guaranteed harmless, reversible, and free from any “deal-with-the-devil” curse-like twists. Want to be a foot taller? Done. Want a bigger male organ? Easy. Want to see how life as the opposite sex weighed up? Wish = granted. The stone came with “one charge”, and promised a “free returns” perks immediately after usage. 
  5. Maybe it was the reviews from past buyers, maybe it was the seller’s lavish descriptions of the stone’s powers, but something made him believe that this was the real deal. Some reviewers talked about gaining insane physical resilience, some talked about a complete bodily makeover, some talked about things like bringing out their own “feminine side”. But the one that really struck Nate was one sentence in the seller’s personal description. “With this, the human form has no limits.”
  6. That was it. That was the sentence that sealed his fate. It all sounded good to somebody with no other options for specific “interests” as Nathan had. Free returns? Reversible? After a few nervous jitters, and with a little glance over to see if Alicia, his fiancé, was sound asleep, he approved the paypal purchase for $150. Sure it was pricey, but he had a decent job, and he’d just gotten his tax returns back. He had some spare cash. 
  7. The day after the order, and after a sleepless night of regret over such a stupid and rushed purchase, Nathan emailed the seller requesting to cancel his order and refund the money. A surprisingly quick reply came to his inbox, that read:
  9. “Nathan,
  10. I understand your decision to cancel the order. However, please allow me to ask you to reconsider. I guarantee that this product will suit your every need. If you say it does not, I will make sure any effects the stone causes will be undone, and your $150 will be refunded to you immediately. I have never had a dissatisfied customer, and I have a feeling you will be no different.
  11. Take a day, let me know what you think.
  12. -S.”
  14. Nathan, reading the email, decided it would just be best to let the thing come and see what happens. After all, he’d get his money back when it turned out to be a dud. He had a seller verified e-mail that he could use as leverage in a complaint to eBay if he reneged on his promise. He responded with an agreement not to cancel the order, and went about his day.
  15. The week dragged on. Nathan went to work every day thinking about the stone. About what he had in mind for his wish, and all that could come from it if this was the real deal. His work suffered, but he didn't care. Alicia told him he was being distant, and Nathan played up a decent act of being stressed out from his job, but every night he lay awake, staring at his girlfriend's back as she slept. 
  16. Day by day, he waited, rushing home every night to see if maybe it came early. On Friday, he finally came home to a small envelope in his mailbox, sent from a "private address". Running inside, he checked if Alicia was home. When he was sure she wasn't, he tore open the packaging to find a smaller envelope with a lump inside it. 
  17. The envelope itself was an ornate gold-lined piece of soft paper, almost like a silken papyrus. The front, in a gorgeous script, simply read "Nathan". He opened the envelope, and tilted it until a small rock, almost the size of a pebble, smooth and with the form of a misshapen oval, slid out into his palm. The rock itself was a milky white, and almost a little see through, with a cloudy complexion in the middle. It had a magnificent shine to it, and as he looked closely, he could see that the 'clouds' inside were actually swirling about, billowing like a smoke bomb or a witches cauldron. He could tell this was not any ordinary stone, and if it was still a scam, it was a damn convincing one at first glance. 
  18. Nathan noticed a slip of paper inside the envelope. Pulling it out, he began reading the handwriting in the same script as on the envelope. 
  20. "Mr. Nathan,
  21. Enclosed is the stone you requested. I warn you to proceed with caution, and word your desires very specifically. You only were able to find the stone because you are worthy and of good heart, but you still must be extremely descriptive in your wish if you would like it to work properly. To use the stone, proceed as such: 
  22. 1. Place the stone into a small box. 
  23. 2. Over the stone, place a RECENT picture or likeness of yourself, in which you appear as close as possible to the way you do now. 
  24. 3. Place above that a handwritten note detailing exactly what you would like done to your body. BE SPECIFIC. IE: "Changed into a merman with the upper half of a human" would give the stone a better idea than "Changed into a merman", just as "Changed into living stone" would likely be more enjoyable than "changed into stone". The stone fills in any blanks you leave in the description with it's best guess, but it is not a mind reader. When you finish writing out the wish, sign your full name at the bottom. 
  25. 4. Close the box. 
  26. 5. Open the box.
  27. The effect will take place in 3 hours or less. Again, as I am aware of your hesitance, I give you a complete satisfaction guarantee IF you follow the directions, or your money back. Additionally, by sending me an e-mail, you can request the wish be undone at any time in the future, even if it satisfies you initially.
  28. And Nathan. As I'm sure you may be wondering, you can indeed place a picture of another subject you know well inside the box. (Just do not do this while they are driving).
  29. Happy wishing."
  31. That was it. No signature, no initials, no identification of any kind. How the hell was he going to get ahold of the seller without a name? He hoped he wouldn't have to. 
  32. He sat for a long time, contemplating what he was about to do. It was nuts. Crazy. Something a toddler would dream up. The fact that he even considered this could be real, and that he spent so much on it, made extremely embarrassed. But this person, this mysterious internet seller, had known things about him. They could have gotten his name from the shipping address of course, but what about that last add on? How did they know what he was planning?
  33. After a lot of back and forth thinking, and pulling his hair out a little bit, Nathan gathered up the materials. He brought them all together and sat on his bed upstairs. He had the instructions, an old shoebox, a pen, a piece of paper, a picture from his office desk downstairs, and of course, the stone.
  34. He placed the stone inside the box, and the clouds inside it began almost storming.
  35. Step one.
  36. He went all pins and needles as he reached over and grabbed the picture. 
  37. The picture of Alicia. 
  38. It was from their vacation 5 years ago. It was between this picture and another one of her on his desk, the other picture being an embarrassing baby picture of herself. But he liked this picture more, and the instructions did say a recent picture. 
  39. This picture was taken by him on the beach. They had escaped the brisk winds of the New England late fall for a trip down to Florida for a week. They were both young professionals, working newer jobs after their college graduations a couple years earlier.  In the picture, she stood, hands on her hips, a drink in her hand and a smile on her face. She had a now-nostalgic tan from their fun in the sun, her hair a little more mahogany than brown from the exposure, and she looked about 20 pounds lighter than she did now, as a 29 year old, and her 24 year old face looked a little more youthful. Her butt was a little more shapely back then, her stomach a little flatter, and her breasts just the slightest bit smaller and perkier. She was still in shape these days, just not as much of a gym frequenter as she was when the picture was taken. He still loved her body now. But he knew he could love it more if this worked.
  40. He wasn't really considering any of that however at the moment. Nathan took a deep breath, and placed the picture on top of the stone inside the box. 
  41. Step two.
  42. The stone began to glow beneath the photo paper, and he heard a slight high pitched tone begin to come from the box. 
  43. His hand shaking, he took the pen and paper, and turned to his bedside table to write. His heart pounding, he thought of what to write. The letter said to be specific, and Nathan had plenty good an idea in his head of what he was trying to accomplish. After years of surfing forums, blogs, and sites in languages he couldn't read for the kinds of pictures and stories he was looking for, he had given himself a plethora of descriptive words to work with when searching. As he took a few sharp breaths in and out, he put pen to page, and wrote. 
  45. "Change the entire person and all her parts into a living, breathing, organic, elastic material. Able to stretch, reshape, deform, modify, shift, or change their form in any way they desire, without any lasting damage or any pain. Mass can be created or removed at will. No loss of memory or personality. The changing of their body produces pleasure when they want such pleasure. No change in bodily function, the body and mind will be able to sustain themselves and operate at peak efficiency no matter the shape or state they choose.
  46. Signed Nathan Jacob Farmer."
  48. That just about covered it. He thought long and hard, making sure he didn't leave anything out. The seller had promised no trickery, but he wasn't taking any chances. 
  49. Turning back to the box, he held his wish over the top. As he slowly let his hand drop towards the stone, he heard the high pitch whine grow louder and stronger, as the glow from the stone grew brighter. He could see it emanating from beneath the picture of Alicia, looking like molten lava, as his hand came within a centimeter of the surface. Gingerly, the sound growing deafening, he let the note fall out of his hands, and as it settled, he felt the box begin to gently hum, the glowing from the stone turning a bright green.
  50. Step three.
  51. Suddenly, with the high pitched whine having been replaced by the hum of the stone apparently accepting his wish, he heard a sound from the hallway outside the bedroom. He turned his head to focus on it, as he did so, he saw the door handle to the bedroom begin to turn. 
  52. Alicia. He must not have been able to hear her come home. Quickly, he slammed the box closed as the door opened to reveal his fiance with a confused look on her face.
  53. Step four.
  54. "Nathan," she said, her face twisted into a confused grimace, "Did you hear that?"
  55. Nathan, throat as dry as cotton, found it hard to speak. His fiance had just walked in on a ritual of sorts, one that attempted to transform the very nature of her body. But, he thought, she was none the wiser yet. Stammering, he said, "Uh, wh-what? Hear what?"
  56. She rubbed her ears. "That.....piercing high pitched noise. You didn't hear it?"
  57. He shook his head hastily. "Nope. Well, I heard something, but, y'know, not....." 
  58. A nervous faux-smile crept over his face. "...not that!"
  59. She looked around the room. "So odd. I could hear it before I even pulled into the driveway, and when I got inside I could have sworn it was coming from in here...."
  60. Her eyes turned towards the closed box in front of him on the bed. "What's in the shoebox. babe?" 
  61. The lump in Nathan's throat grew three sizes that day. Nervously, he said, "Um...uh...."
  62. This was it. He didn't know how he was going to explain the contexts of the box. He tugged at his shirt collar.
  63. “Well, baby, it’s-“
  64. As he tried desperately to think of an excuse for the contents of the box, he opened it to look back inside and see if the stone was still glowing.
  65. Step five.
  66. The box was empty. Nathan’s eye’s lit up, and a smile almost crept across his face. Almost. “Baby, it’s noth-“
  67. He looked up and froze. Alicia was standing in the doorway just as before, but now, her eyes were glowing as bright as the stone had been, staring straight through him. Her mouth was ajar, and her stance was frozen in the place it was in when he opened the lid. The high pitched whine had returned, joined by the low hum.
  68. “Alicia?! Are you okay?!” he cried out, almost forgetting the fact that the stone he had just used was almost assuredly causing her to be like this. He jumped up to run to her side, but as he did, Alicia was enveloped in a brilliant green light, and he was knocked backwards by an enormous force onto the bed. When he looked back up, Alicia’s head was surrounded by swirling clouds, that spun faster and faster, before they began to disseminate around her body, splitting and spreading down her arms and torso, towards her legs. A wind swept across the room, blowing back Nathan’s tie, and spilling books and knick-knacks off of the shelves and dressers. 
  69. When the swirling clouds had passed over all of Alicia’s body, they suddenly vanished with a thunder-like rumble, and as the winds settled down, Alicia’s eyes stopped glowing, and the loud noises faded into silence. Nathan, face as white as paper, simply stared at his fiancé, before she turned her head back to him.
  70. “Well?”
  72. CHAPTER 2
  73. “Well?” Alicia repeated.
  74. Nathan, cautiously and a little terrified, responded, “Well…. what?”
  75. She crossed her arms. “What’s in the box?” she said with a little bit of condescension. 
  76. Nathan wearily lifted up the shoebox, and opened it again, looking inside before turning the empty box towards her. 
  77. “Nothing….just an empty old….shoe box?”
  78. She looked at him suspiciously, up and down. 
  79. “You’re weird.” she stated matter-of-factly. Walking to the closet and unbuttoning her dress shirt, she asked “How was your day?”
  80. Nathan couldn’t really think of anything to say or do. Whatever happened to her back there, she was completely unaware of it. It seemed like she blinked in and out of consciousness seamlessly when he opened the box.
  81. Ignoring the question, Nathan prodded, “Are you, uh, feeling okay, hon?”
  82. Alicia paused as she slipped her shirt off her back. “Me? I feel fine. Why? What is up with you?”
  83. Nathan began to speak, but stopped short. He saw his fiancé’s hair, in front of his eyes, begin to lighten, the deep brown beginning to evoke shades of copper. He simultaneously registered her skin begin to darken. From her scalp, traveling downwards,  it was as if a paintbrush was painting her whole body with one broad stroke, her peach skin turning a more bronze complexion as her face skin was completely changed, the color sliding down over her neck and shoulders.
  84. Already impatient with his non-answer, she got even less patient when she saw his eyes travel down from her face, over her neck, and to her chest. Annoyed, she pulled a towel from the closet and held it over her chest, "You wanna talk to me hon? Or you just wanna stare at my tits?"
  85. "Oh, uh, sorry, I didn't meant to, yknow...." Nathan, positive that he didn't want his fiance to notice her pigmentation shifting, and him having no explanation for why, tried to stall her as he looked back up at her eyes. "Yeah, let's, let's talk. How was your day?"
  86. Still annoyed with him, she gathered up the towel in one hand, and turned to walk into the walk-in closet to change into something to lounge in. "Long. Very long. We're not doing anything tonight, are we? I really just want to relax and watch tv, that okay?"
  87. Nathan got up off the bed quickly and walked to the edge of the closet door. "Well uh, yeah, yeah no plans here..."
  88. He watched as she took off her socks, her feet still paler than her now tanned upper body. The color change had spread to her legs but not yet reached her feet. Making sure she kept her focus on him, he blurted out "Well uh, maybe we could, I dunno, watch a movie or something? Rent a movie? Netflix?"
  89. She smiled at him as she undid her dress pants. "Bottle of wine and a little bit of junk food? Could we? That actually sounds great."
  90. "Uh, yeah sure, we've got all that downstairs." By the time he'd finished the sentence, he'd seen the tan slip over her ankles, and it was halfway over her foot as she slipped her pants down her legs. The clothes now around her feet, she stepped out of them, and as she did, Nathan saw her big toes finally darken along with the rest of her body. His fiance stood in front of him as if she'd just spent an hour in a tanning bed, picking up her pants to hang them. 
  91. Nathan was so lost. This wasn't what he wished for. A tanner fiance? That was it? He was definitely getting his money back. Impressive that a dumb stone he bought online could even do that, but it wasn't what he payed for. 
  92. "Good, I really don't wanna do anything else." Alicia said. Turning towards her husband, she began to undo her bra. "You seriously just gonna stand here and watch me change? I mean, by all means you can, but nothing's gonna happen. I'm tired and cranky and feeling gross." She slipped it off and dropped it into the laundry bin, standing bare save for her underwear in front of Nathan.
  93. He was disappointed in the stone, but at least he could see the novelty of his girlfriend looking how she did now compared to a minute ago. "Well, yknow. Boys will be boys." he said. But just as he said that, his attention was dragged back down to Alicia's chest, which was, of it's own accord, moving. 
  94. Her breasts shuddered a little, before beginning to pull up into themselves slightly and towards one another. The skin around her nipples tightened, and both breasts rounded out and perked up, their shape changing, creating a gradual slope downwards before rounding up to her nipples, which then became a little lighter and a little more pronounced.
  95. Nathan tried to look away from the process, which took only a second. But he couldn't. Alicia, not having noticed, cupped her hands over her breasts. "Alright, now you're just staring like some slack jawed yokel. That's a bit much there, creep-o." But even as she did that, Nathan's gaze had slid down to her stomach, which in turn sucked inwards, her pudge vanishing before his eyes, just as quickly as her breasts changed, to reveal a hint of a toned six pack that gradually faded into a V where her torso met her hips. 
  96. "You got a movie in mind then?" she asked as she turned away from him, and bent down to pull a pair of sweatpants from the stack on the floor. Her ass was pointed directly at Nathan, and, like clockwork, it too shuddered, before going through it's own lift of sorts. Both cheeks rounded out, pushing outwards and pulling upwards, all sagging eliminated underneath her black panties. Beneath her posterior, her thighs pulled inwards, leaving a inch wide thigh gap, as her calfs tightened and thickened out a little. 
  97. "N-no, I" he mumbled.
  98. As she picked up a pair of sweatpants and put them on, she turned and grabbed an old sweatshirt from one of the top shelfs in the closet. Nathan could see her ribs poking out beneath her skin as she raised her arms over her head. He couldn't remember the last time he'd seen that. In fact, she hadn't looked this good in years. Even her biceps looked more toned, and her neck was a bit slimmer. She looked like a co-ed.
  99. Alicia pulled the sweatshirt over her head, and her arms slid through the arm holes. She walked past him, kissing him on his blank face, and said "well I guess I'll go pick one, you horndog." As he walked away, he noticed something different about her face as well, but he didn’t have time to register what it was before she was out of the room.
  100. He stared, his own  face indeed slack, as his fiancé walked out of the bedroom towards the stairs, her now-impressive backside shifting with each step. She seemed lighter on her feet as she turned back to him and said, "you gonna watch a movie in that?", referencing the fact that he was still in his work clothes, before starting down the steps. 
  101. Nathan stood still for probably 10 seconds. He didn't wish for any of THAT. Still, he'd pretty much just gotten confirmation that there was some sort of magic afoot. The stone truly was magical. Plus, he couldn't help but find himself pretty aroused at what just happened to Alicia, he noticed he was straining against his pants. She was right, he probably should be changing. In a daze, he slipped into something similar to what she had put on, and flipping himself up into his waistband, he made his way after her.
  102. Downstairs he found Alicia sitting on the couch with a blanket, browsing various streaming video applications on the TV, trying to figure out what she wanted to watch. Flipping through comedies, she saw him standing at the edge of the room in their open home layout, between the couch and the kitchen table. "Any ideas yet, babe?" she asked.
  103. As he looked her over from afar, worried about what might happen next, he said "No....your call". While he studied her, he heard his phone chime across the room with the notification for a new email. 
  104. "Hey, don't be on that thing all night, babe. I know you've got a busy job, but let's have an us night in, okay? No phones when I start the movie." called Alicia. 
  105. Cautiously, afraid that if he took his eyes off his fiance for too long that she'd turn into a bird or something, Nathan shuffled over to his phone and opened his email. The newest one was addressed from the eBay seller, and the subject line read "Notice of Receipt". Nathan quickly opened the message. It read:
  107. "Nathan,
  108. Thank you for your purchase and nearly immediate use of the stone, which has been returned to me. You may have already noticed some changes in your fiancé. As per the instructions you received along with the note, all changes will occur and be complete within two hours of wish time. I have attached both a scan of your written wish and one of the submitted picture for you to refer back to at any point. The original copy of the picture will manifest itself in your house in the coming days.
  109. If you have any questions or complaints, please email me back at this address and I will respond immediately. 
  110. Thank you very much. 
  111. -S."
  113. Nathan quickly read the message a second time, and opened a reply. In his response he detailed exactly what had been happening, and that he was concerned about the fact that the changes he had seen occur were not in his wish, and that he had yet to see anything he asked for. 
  114. He sent the message, and before he even had a chance to put his phone down, it chimed again with the receipt of another email.
  115. "Babe I mean it. You got like 30 more seconds on that thing before I take it away." Alicia said without looking over. 
  116. The message was from the eBay seller again. Nathan thought it was additional information he'd forgotten to include in the first email, but when he opened it, he found it was an immediate reply to Nathan's just-sent response. 
  118. "Nathan, 
  119. Any change in skin tone and body shape is usually what happens first with wishes given to the stone. Perhaps you used an old picture, say, one from a beach vacation a few years ago? The directions specifically stated to use a recent picture, because that is the image the stone sets out to modify, and if that image does not exist in the subject, it will create it. However, as the picture of your fiancé was not from her years as a child or her high school days, I do not think you will mind too much the changes you have seen.
  120. Please allow the stone to do it's work. You may email me at the end of the two hour timeframe from whence you committed the wish. Any communication to me prior to that time will be met with my out of office message. Now sit back and enjoy your show(s).
  121. -S."
  123. Nathan stared at the message for a while, and looked back at his fiancé, who met her eyes with his. 
  124. "We're gonna watch Snatch. I haven't seen it in forever. You okay with that?"
  125. Nathan finally registered the changes in his fiance's face. The bags under her eyes from all the stress of her whirlwind 5 years of work had vanished. The faint scar on her forehead from an incident with a low hanging tree branch during a run outside last year, gone as well. Her cheeks looked a little bit slimmer, and her lips a little fuller, not thinned out by her smoking habit she'd picked up from her coworkers. 
  126. His fiance was 24 again. She was 24 years old, and she had exactly the model-physique as she did in the picture he used in his wish. He could have sworn she even sounded younger when she spoke. 
  127. "Uh, what movie? Who's in that?" He asked, trying to confirm his suspicions. 
  128. "Snatch? Brad Pitt, Jason Statham, c'mon. You've seen it." she chimed. Her voice was definitely a little higher pitched. She was twenty fucking four again, in every single way.
  129. "Uh, yeah, sure. I'll watch that." He said quietly. He really was getting quite turned on by this. She'd never had a better body than when she was 24. That's why he'd kept that picture on her desk. He remembered all the times they hooked up in public because he couldn't resist that body, and she loved showing it off to him. Her toned abs, long slender legs, and all her assets were perfect. And it was all there, back in front of him now. He quickly shifted his shirt to cover the bulge erupting from under his waistband, and walked over to sit down, 
  130. "Ah ah," she said, "wait, grab that bottle of wine there and the popcorn in the pantry ." 
  131. He hastily did so, coming to the couch with bottle, opener, and bag in hand. Placing the popcorn on the table, he popped open the bottle of wine and snuggled up to Alicia under the blanket. As she reached for the bottle, he said "Wait, wait a minute." She paused and raised an eyebrow. He continued, "Lemme have a look at that pretty face of yours." Immediately this brought a toothy smile to Alicia's face, brilliant white, untarnished by years of cigarettes, and she pulled her hair back behind her ear. 
  132. "Well somebody's feeling romantic tonight." she said with a grin. He smiled even bigger, stating back at his young lady's beautful face. 
  133. "Nah," he said, "you're just beautiful."  He often told her that, and was never lying, but he hadn't said it this passionately in years. 
  134. "Oh my," she said, blushing, "you keep on playing those cards right, mister. It may just work for you." She reached over and gave him a quick peck on the lips, and he marveled at the feeling of each one closing on his, plump and wet and wonderful.  Pulling away with a smile, she grabbed his bicep, curled up into his body, and hit play on the remote. 
  135. The whole movie, Nathan couldn't focus at all. He gave a forced laugh whenever Alicia did, but all he could think about was his fiance's transformation so far, and the fact that the seller had told him those were only the initial changes. There was more to come, and he had made a pretty specific wish. He was rock hard the entire time he watched, imagining what could come from this if everything went according to his desires. And as they passed the bottle of wine back and forth, he started getting a little tipsy as well, especially so when the bottle was empty. Alicia was apparently feeling the same way, as she turned to him about an hour into the movie, blinking her eyes to refocus, and said "Oh man. I'm getting drunk munchies." She reached for the bag of popcorn, and with a giggle, she said "Do we have any more wine?" Nathan nodded, and got up quickly to grab another bottle. She shed the blanket as he walked away, saying, "I've been getting so warm this whole time, I'm burning up."
  136. That brought Nathan to a pause, and he turned back, asking "How's that?"
  137. She shrugged fluidly. "Ionno. Just been getting so warm. But like, it's nice. A really fuzzy warm. So comfy." She reached into the popcorn bag, before seeing Nathan staring at her quizzically. "Wine? Please?" she said with a wink. 
  138. Nathan looked her over one more time. She could be changing right now in front of him, what with her getting really warm from the inside, but he couldn't see it from here. He nodded, and grabbed a bottle of wine from the pantry. 
  139. When he was walking back, he saw Alicia munching on the popcorn. He always teased her about the way she ate it, grabbing entire handfuls and trying to put them into her mouth all at once, which always ended up getting crumbs anywhere. As he approached, he asked her, "So you're not still feeling crummy from earlier?"
  140. She shook her head with a warm grin. "Nnnnnnope. I feel pretty great actually. Maybe it's the wine. Maybe it's you. Or maybe it's this popcorn I love so damn much." 
  141. He saw her grab another handful, and bring it all to her mouth at once. Expecting a mess, he watched and cringed in anticipation. The grimace quickly turned to shock when she opened her mouth wide, wider, wider still, her jaw extending far past it's natural limit, almost as if it was being pulled down by a chain. She easily crammed the whole fistful of popcorn into her mouth, and it snapped shut. Nathan almost just dropped the wine.
  142. She'd stretched. She was stretching. This was real, this was happening. 
  143. Alicia, unaware as she was, giggled, and between enormous chews, said "I can't believe I ate all that at once! I feel like a hippo." 
  144. Nathan, without thinking, loudly interjected "Bet you can't do it again!" What? Why did he say that? Did he want her to know what was happening? 
  145. Before he could say nevermind, Alicia laughed and said "You bet what that I can't?"
  146. "What?", he replied nervously. This was all happening too fast. 
  147. "I said, what do you bet I can't do that again?" She looked away in thought for a second, then turned back. "I say I get a backrub if I can, and you get a blowjob if I can't."
  148. This, of course, after what Nathan had just seen, was a bet he knew he would lose. But if he was honest, he'd rather see her do that again than get a blowjob. So he said, "Easy bet for me, then! Better get those lips ready!"
  149. She grinned maniacally. "Knew that would get you. You don't think I noticed you being totally hard this whole time?" Digging her fingers into the bag, she pulled her hand back out with a handful of popcorn so big that her hands could never hold it. Of course, Nathan noticed immediately that all  her fingers and her thumb had extended outwards, lengthening to contain a ball of popcorn the size of a tennis ball. Her small mouth would never be able to fit that normally, but, of course, Nathan was sure he was about to be proven otherwise.
  150. "Too bad I'm gonna have to give you blue balls when I win this bet!" she said, still looking only at him. "Ready?"
  151. She took a deep breath, and still without looking at her hand, closed her eyes, tilted her head back, and opened wide once more. This time, not only did her lips and jaw drop multiple inches lower than they ever had, but her mouth stretched wider lengthwise as well, far larger than even the wad of snacks in her hand. She moaned "aaaahhhh" before bringing her hand to her mouth; and placing the popcorn in all at once, her fingers letting go and slowly shrinking back to normal size as she clamped her mouth shut and began chewing. Opening her eyes, she jumped up, and pointed at Nathan triumphantly. 
  152. "HAH!" She shouted through a bulging mouth full of popcorn, "AH WIIH! YUH LOHS!"
  153. Nathan wanted to laugh, but he just stared, open mouth, smiling. His wish was coming true. 
  154. As his lady was laughing uncontrollably, she finally began to chew the massive wad of food. Had she known of her newfound abilities, she probably could've and would've swallowed it all at once, but she had to swallow three separate times to get it all down. Once her mouth was empty, she collapsed on the couch in a fit of giggles. "Oh god," she cried, "I'm having so much more fun that I thought I would on a stupid night in. That was ridiculous."
  155. Nathan, still grinning ear to ear, brought the bottle of wine over and sat next to his giggly elastic partner, who sat up, and with a shit eating grin, looked him in the eyes and said "Tooooold you so! You know I've got a big mouth! Too bad you won't be getting any action from it tonight, babe!"
  156. Nathan smiled and shook his head, knowing exactly how to respond. Uncorking the bottle, he said "No matter, I'm lucky enough to just have you here with me."
  157. Alicia's grin turned somber, with puppy dog eyes to match. "Nathan. How can you always say such sweet things even when I'm teasing you."
  158. He smiled again. "I'm just aware of how lucky I am." And he was. Moreso tonight than ever. 
  159. She looked down at the couch, wringing her fingers, before placing one hand on his bulge, and rubbing it up and down. She then leaned close to his ear and whispered, "Well, maybe you'll get that blowjob after all." before pulling back both her head and hand, taking the wine out of his grasp, and downing a long drink straight from the bottle, keeping eye contact the whole time. Her lips curled into a pursed smile as she brought the bottle back down and swallowed the last bit left on her tongue, before speaking back up. 
  160. "But I gotta say, I have no idea how you can want me so much after you saw me pig out like that. That's definitely not going to be good for my diet, nor is this.", she said as she shook the bottle of wine in her hand.
  161. He could only laugh, before saying "I actually was gonna say, you’ve definitely dropped a few pounds recently.”
  162. She looked at him suspiciously, before taking one more giant swig of wine, and handing him back the bottle. 
  163. “Drink. A lot of it. Now. We’re gonna finish this, and then I’m taking you upstairs.”
  164. Nathan was damned if he was gonna turn down that statement from his girlfriend after everything he’d been seeing. He was about to live out one of his biggest fantasies. He grabbed the bottle eagerly, downed a mass amount of it in a few seconds, before handing it back to Alicia with just a few sips left. She made quick work of it, before standing up.
  165. “Come with me. Now.” she purred.
  166. She grabbed his arm, and started walking away. Nathan hesitated for a second to watch her ass as she moved away, only to be met by an ever extending arm, two feet longer than before and counting. Before Alicia could notice, he held her arm out in front of him, running after her to pick up the slack, and to his amazement it simply slipped back in. Unable to hold back any longer, he swooped her off her feet as he was met with a giggly shriek, and carried her now much lighter body up the stairs into the bedroom. 
  168. CHAPTER 3
  169. Closing the door with his foot, Nathan ran to the bed and threw Alicia onto the mattress. Giggling like a maniac, she stripped off her shirt and sweatpants, down to her knickers laying on top of the mattress, exposing her tight, toned, tanned body. She beckoned to him with a finger, and before she could even speak her desires, Nathan was stripping off his clothes, diving onto the bed next to her, before grabbing her, and rolling her from her back onto her front on top of him. 
  170. He gazed into her eyes, his hands still on her shoulders, her smiling like an idiot and giggling still, his again-youthful love, and slipped his hands down her arms. As he did, he noticed where he had grabbed her shoulders had left imprints of his hands, sunken inches into her flesh. As he attempted to watch them slowly as they reformed, she pushed her face into his, kissing him deeply, running her buttery soft hands down his chest and back up to his face. This was it. He was about to be pleasured by his own elastic woman. He had dreamed about this for years, and for some reason, the fates had deemed him worthy. It didn’t seem real until now, until her hand was sliding down him, as he felt her fingers stretch as they stuck to him a little every inch she pulled down, until she reached his cock, her hand like warm water as it wrapped around him and began to slowly stroke him up and down, deforming slightly out of their sights. It felt like nothing Nathan had ever experienced from human touch. 
  171. “I think you’ve earned yourself a little decadence, for being such a sweetheart.” she whispered, kissing his lips, then down his neck, over his chest. Her hand slowly pumping. Down over his pectorals. Pump. Over each ab muscle. Pump. Pump. Pump. Three kisses around his hips. Three pumps. Then, after one long look back into his eyes, her smile faded away into a longing stare, and in a swift motion, she swooped down and took him into her mouth, almost devouring her hand in the process.
  172. Nathan’s body erupted in pleasure. Her mouth was like a sticky hot tub, warmer, wetter, and softer than it had ever felt. She began bobbing her head up and down on him, moving her hand as an extension of her lips, before almost reading her lover’s mind. Pulling away breathlessly, she lifted her hand off of his cock, and said “Ready for the deep end?”, staring at him with fire in her eyes.
  173.  Before he could respond with vehement affirmation, she had slid her lips over him, and slowly pushed his impressive dick over the back of her tongue, and into her throat. Nathan could feel him pushing the back of her throat, with a definite give to it, as he grasped wildly for anything to hold onto, finally gripping the edge of the mattress with a loctite hold.
  174. Almost aware of the hindrance the back of her throat was causing, Alicia cocked her head forward, so she was coming onto his cock at a inverted angle, and Nathan saw her neck lengthen subtlety, just a few inches, pulling up from the back of her head, arching into a bell shape ending at her shoulders, allowing him to slide completely unhindered into her, as her face grazed against his stomach. The neck stretch almost did it entirely for him. He felt the precum surge from within him, as he let himself build. She repeatedly snaked her head backwards and forward, her prehensile neck retracting and massaging the head of his dick with every movement.
  175. Alicia was thoroughly enjoying herself, she loved hearing her man moan like he was doing right now. She'd deep throated him before, but this felt entirely deeper. She usually had a hard time suppressing her gag reflex much longer than he needed to get off, but tonight it was like her mouth and throat were custom made to fit him in. She sucked him up and down vigorously, back and forth, back and forth, faster and more slippery each time. She decided then to give him one of his go-to favorites. 
  176. She slid him back all the way in again, until her nose was pushing into his abs, and she sucked him back, hard, creating a vacuum in her mouth and a vice grip on the base of his shaft. She then began to pull back her head slowly, to drag her lips over him with a right hold. But it felt...different this time. Nice, but different. She opened her eyes to have a look. 
  177. Nathan was getting ready to explode. This was going to be his most powerful orgasm in ages. Having your impossible fantasy acted out on you was unlike anything he'd ever experienced. As he watched her, he felt her suck him in deep, as hard as she could, and slowly start to pull her head back. But, where her lips would usually drag down the length of him until she could devour the head with her tongue, he saw her lips, locked to the base of his cock, stay put, as her cheeks and the skin beneath her nose and above her chin begin to stretch backwards, creating a very distinct outline of him in her mouth. 
  178. She pulled farther and farther back, until he could see the head of his dick begin to impress upon the stretched out skin, her tongue thrashing about his tip. He was ready to blow. He couldn't hold it in much longer. But just as he was about to cry out a warning to Alicia, he felt her tongue stop, and her eyebrows contorted into a look of confusion. 
  179. Nathan froze. It was like a train wreck he could see coming, but couldn't stop. He knew this was about to take a turn for the worse, as he saw Alicia open her eyes. 
  180. She blinked a couple times. His penis looked….weird. A little darker than usual. And what was that at the end of it? Something smooth and dark was circling the base. Glancing up at him confused, she saw in his eyes a look of terror, which made her slowly bring her eyes back down to his crotch. Gingerly, she reached up, and touched his penis. When she did, she felt it. She felt her hand. She began to slowly pull backwards to speak, but before she could think of what to say, she saw it. Her skin. It was coming off of her face, stuck to Nathan's cock. And then it registered that the smooth dark circle around his base, was her lips. 9 inches away. 
  181. With a muffled scream, she shot backwards off of him, standing up on the floor before the bed, but, having neglected to open her mouth wider, her lips simply stretched further and further back, her face now reminiscent of an anteater's snout. In a panic, Nathan struggled backwards, but that only accomplished to yank her mouth further forward. Instinctively, Alicia began yanking on the long stretch of skin with both hands as one would pull in a long rope, but that only stood to let it fall limply as it was given a great amount of slack. 
  182. Finally, with a terrified yelp, her lips opened up to let the sound be heard, and no sooner did they release his dick than they snapped back like a rocket at her face. The whiplash knocked her backwards, as she stumbled into the dresser behind the bed. Normally she might have been injured by the force with which she made contact with the piece, but instead, her back bent bonelessly over the top of it, her torso slamming into the wooden surface, before bouncing her forward, into the air, back towards the bed. Midair, her torso stretched like taffy being pulled, before her legs were yanked up off the ground, slamming back into place and compressing her like an accordion, in turn blasting her forward like a jet into the mattress, where she finally came to a halt, her body jiggling like a surgical glove filled with jello. 
  183. Nathan, white as a ghost, watched his fiancé, after a period of stillness, begin to dry heave, before looking into his eyes with a panic he'd never seen. She opened her mouth.
  186. CHAPTER 4
  187. Nathan sat, alone, on the couch downstairs. He was finding it hard to process any of the night’s events since his fiancé came home. At this point, despite the “nice” parts, he was hoping he was dreaming, and would just wake up soon.
  188. It had gone down like this. 
  190. Nathan: *blank stare*
  191. Alicia: “Did you fucking see what just happened?! My face was stuck to you, and it was pulling like, like- like fucking bubble gum!!” 
  192. Nathan: “I- I didn’t…you….”
  193. Alicia: “And then, fuck, did I BOUNCE off of the dresser? I felt my whole body go all…..putty!!! What happened?!?” 
  194. She looked to him for an answer, but he didn’t have one. He did have, however, a face full of shock and guilt, and he knew it. He was just hoping, praying, that Alicia didn’t catch on. He really hadn’t thought this through. Did he think she was just going to see her body stretch out like a rubber band and run to his arms with joy and gratitude? 
  195. Alicia was sobbing on the floor, staring at her body, looking like she wished she could jump out of her skin and run away from it. After a couple more heaving cries, she looked up at him, and motioned him over with her hand. Nathan, on the other side of the room, slowly made his way over to her on the ground, and knelt down. He reached out to touch her, but she pushed his arm away quickly, before holding her own back out in front of him.
  196. “Pull my arm.” she said matter of factly, wiping the tears from her face with her other hand.
  197. Nathan quickly shook his head no. The irony wasn’t lost on him. Here he was, an elastic woman of his dreams beckoning him to stretch her out, and he was flat out refusing. That’s how afraid he was of Alicia’s mental state at the moment.
  198. She glared at him. “Take my arm, and FUCKING pull it. NOW.” she demanded, her face twisting into pure anger.
  199. Nathan, residing himself to his fate, slowly knelt down on the ground, and took hold of Alicia’s arm. Then, standing up, he moved a few inches back so that her arm was fully extended, elbow straight. He hesitated. “Babe, you’re drunk, y’know? We’re both drunk, we probably just halluci-“
  200. “GO.” she shouted sternly. He could hear the fear in her voice, even through her frustration. With a deep breath, he gripped her arm tight, ignoring the feeling of his fingers sinking into the flesh like warm clay, and began walking backwards.
  201. Immediately, her arm began to elongate, to the dismay of them both. Longer and longer, slimming a little as it pulled. He stopped after a few steps, her arm four feet long, and looked back at her, his face white as a sheet. She stared only at her distant hand, her other over her mouth, before wriggling her fingers. They moved, and she felt them.
  202. As she did her best to hold back her hyperventilation, she quietly said, “Let go of it”. Nathan complied, gently lifting his hand off of her wrist. Her arm stayed stretched out, and with some concentration, she swept it upwards, through the air, and placed it on his right shoulder. To Nathan, it all looked like some sort of mad puppetry, but he knew that this was her, 100% controlling her arm like this. If he wasn’t so uncomfortable he might’ve been impressed with how well she was maintaining control. 
  203. Taking her other arm off of her mouth, she whispered “Don’t move,” and held it out in front of her. She didn’t want to do what she was trying to do, but she had to. Focusing on Nathan’s shoulder, and willing her left arm to obey, she still whimpered when she saw it, of it’s own power, extend. It pushed further and further away from her body, a light "slithering" sound, like a snake over a hardwood floor, filling the air. She finally placed it onto Nathan's other shoulder, completing the strangest scene either of them had ever witnessed.
  204. The tears began to fall again, and she let go of Nathan's hands, and with two gliding motions, her super long arms curved like a noodle at the elbow, bringing her hands back near her face. Her arms looked like an enormous, curvy letter M. Gazing at her fiancé, she could only whisper through her staggered breaths. 
  205. "Why......why is this happening!" she quietly cried. A hand on one beanpole arm swept in to wipe away the tears, as both arms began to retract into place slowly, until she was back to normal. She promptly brought her knees to her chest and hugged them, before slowly collapsing to the side into the fetal position, sobbing into the floor. 
  206. Nathan felt like absolute dirt. Why did he think this was ever a good idea? Not only had he never ever told his fiance about his fetish, but he forced it upon her without her consent. This had to be some kind of crime, and though he knew magical wishes weren't covered in the American lawbooks, it was certainly ethically wrong on a very high level. There was no way he could let this go on any longer. His whole body feeling as though it was made of butterflies, sick to his stomach, he gently walked to her side, and crouched next to her, rubbing her back. 
  207. "Alicia," he started. "There's...something I've gotta tell you."
  208. He received no response, still just heavy sobs and quiet, somber groans muffled by carpet. 
  209. He took one more deep breath, and tried to swallow the lump in his throat. To no avail. "This....this....whatever, here, that's happening to you..." He paused as his throat choked up, but pushed through. "'s my fault."
  210. For a few seconds, silence. Just crying and sniffling, sharp jagged breaths. Then. 
  211. "What"
  212. Her voice was lower now. Deeper. Still forlorn, but confused, and a little bold. 
  213. "I....I wished this would happen to you." said Nathan. 
  214. Slowly, still sniffling, her head turned to him, actually slightly too far to be natural, and she looked at him with an enormous amount of incomprehension. 
  215. "What the fuck are you talking about, Nathan." she quietly asked. 
  216. "I....I wanted......" He paused, as his voice cracked. ".....there was a stone."
  217. Nathan began to recount the events preceding Alicia's transformation. The eBay page. The email. Getting the stone in the mail, and the wish, all the bits about Alicia being frozen and the clouds swirling around her included. Then to the downstairs events. More emails. Mouth stretching. Arm elongation as she pulled him upstairs. Neck accommodations. This led him back to the blow job itself, which, of course, was why they were on the floor crying.
  218. “So,” he concluded, reduced to tears, “it’s my fault. I’m selfish and I’m an asshole and I’m a fucking weirdo and I hope you can forgive me. I can reverse it, I can have it undone, it’s all in an e-mail he sent me. I mean it.”
  219. Alicia was staring at him as if he had turned into spaghetti in front of her eyes. Looking at him without speaking for a long time, she finally began to speak very slowly.
  220. “Somebody has drugged us. Or me. I don’t know. But this isn’t real. This isn’t happening, and the drugs are gonna wear off. We’ll call the police, the hospital, we-“
  221. “No, Alicia! I mean it!” he spat out. “Look, I’ll grab my phone. It’s got a copy of the eBay order and all my conversations with the seller, and, just, just hold on!” He got up, and ran downstairs to grab his phone, opening up his email application while he ran back up the stairs, arriving back at the spot where Alicia sat, still staring straight into space. He pulled up the first e-mail.
  222. “Look, look. See? Receipt. ‘Stone of Bodily Transfiguration.’ That’s what I bought. Look, look here.” He swiped his finger. “The e-mail from the seller from when I wanted to cancel it. Remember I said that? Right there, he said if I was unsatisfied with the results, he could undo it. See??”
  223. Alicia, with a face as blank as a clouded sky, shifted her gaze back and forth from her fiancé to his phone.
  224. “And-and, and, here, here, look.” Nathan pulled the phone away for a second, tapped the screen a few times, and then thrust it back towards her quickly. “This is the e-mail I got after I made the wish. The stone disappeared, so did the picture of you and the wish I wrote. But look, here.” He tapped the attachment at the bottom of the screen, and a very high quality scan of a note, in his own handwriting popped up on the screen. He handed the phone to Alicia.
  225. “That’s my wish. This is it. Read it.” he begged.
  226. Alicia took the phone from his hand, staring at him with a slightly horrified look of disbelief, and scanned the screen. She looked at it for what seemed like an eternity, scanning the words over and over again. As she did, Nathan suddenly remembered the instructions for the wish were knocked to the side of the bed during Alicia’s magic induction. Without a word, he ran over to the side of the bed, grabbed the instructions, and popped back to Alicia quickly.
  227. “Here. The instructions. It’ll explain all the strange wording I used. Why I was so specific.” he said, dropping the note in her lap.
  228. She picked it up, staring at it, then back to the phone, then back at it. She must’ve read each 10 times before she finally put both on the ground. She looked up at Nathan once more, and whispered, “This is real?”
  229. Nathan nodded, his face drained of all blood.
  230. “This…you wished for this?”
  231. Again, he nodded.
  232. A pause that seemed endless hung between them, the only movement from either of them coming from their chests compressing and expanding with every breath. Finally, Alicia.
  233. “Why.”
  234. Nathan didn’t know what to say.
  235. “Why. Why would you wish for this.” She was getting louder. Angrier.
  236. His mind raced. He couldn’t open his mouth more than a centimeter, and no sound was coming out.
  237. “Why Nathan. WHY. Why the FUCK would you WISH FOR THIS???” she screamed, beginning to stand up, her face twisting with rage. Nathan quickly tried to stand up, but lost his balance and stumbled backwards.
  238. Alicia, fully standing now, began walking towards him, towering over him, her legs, midsection, and neck all beginning to push towards the sky. Nathan frantically crawled backwards, terrified.
  239. “WHY, NATHAN. WHY.” she kept screaming, stretching inches higher with every step towards her cowering fiancé. Nathan, scrambling backwards without any real escape, finally bumped into the corner of the room. Before he even had a chance to put his hands up to shield his face, Alicia’s 7 foot tall frame swooped and dipped down towards him, bringing her face within an inch of his nose.
  241. Nathan, unable to take it anymore, finally stomached the gall to scream back.
  242. “BECAUSE I DREAM ABOUT THIS.” he screamed, pushing his face forwards into hers, actually startling her a bit, her neck pulling in a few inches.
  243. “I DON’T KNOW WHY, OKAY? I’VE ALWAYS HAD THIS FANTASY, THIS, THIS FUCKING DREAM.” Tears falling slowly down his cheeks now, he took a few deep breaths, and lowered his voice a little, as he saw Alicia retracting slowly, looking confused.
  244. “Ever since I could remember, I’ve just, I’ve had this….this fucking dream. Somebody that can do that. Somebody who could stretch, a woman. It’s a sex thing I have. I don’t, I don’t know.” He paused to catch his breath. “And then when I was in college, I found these sites that, they had all these pictures, and these stories, and since then, I’ve never been able to get rid of the idea.” He looked her back in the eyes. “It was only ever this fantasy, this impossible cartoonish desire I knew could never happen. But then, I found the stone, and, god, the second I saw it, I knew it was real. Somehow. I just, felt it.” He wiped away a few tears, and looked back at Alicia, who had all but returned to normal, standing a few feet away, breathing slowly, watching him talk and cry.
  245. “I don’t know, I bought it to prove to myself that this, all this, it wasn’t real. Even with all the weird, creepy e-mails, all the oddly specific personal information this guy knew about me, I still didn’t think this was real. I just, I had to fucking try it, y’know? I had to tell myself I was being crazy. I had no idea it would actually WORK, babe!”
  246. Alicia said nothing. Nathan tried to catch his breath. They both looked at each other for an eternity before Alicia spoke up.
  247. “I think you should sleep on the couch tonight.” she said, looking away from him and walking towards the bed. Without another word, she lifted up the covers, and laid down, facing away from him. Nathan sat for another minute, breathing, thinking, before he got up and slowly walked towards the door. At the doorframe, he stopped, and turned back to her.
  248. He pointed over at his laptop on the bedside table. “All the sites, they’re on there, the ones that I….look at for this stuff.” He was completely red with embarrassment. “They’re in the bookmark folder named “Whiskey”. You know my password.”
  249. He took another step, and stopped one more time.
  250. “I’m so sorry.”
  251. Alicia didn’t move. She didn’t speak. Nathan felt empty. Horrible. Closing the door, he headed downstairs, and sat on the couch, the popcorn and wine still in front of him, the credits to Snatch playing on the TV. He grabbed the remote, and turned everything off. Sitting for a little while longer, he found it difficult to think about anything, and eventually just curled up on the couch, using the blanket they’d left earlier, and closed his eyes.
  253. CHAPTER 5
  254. “Nathan?”
  255. Nathan stirred in his sleep on the couch, before opening his eyes. Across the room, near the foyer, stood Alicia, in her bathrobe. At the sight of her, every memory of last night came rushing back. He straightened out like a gunshot, flailing until he was sitting up straight under the blanket, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes rapidly.
  256. “Baby. Baby, hi.” he said quickly. He didn’t really know what to say past that. He had no idea where they went from here. He knew he was completely at the mercy of his fiancé.
  257. “Come upstairs, we have to talk.” she said softly, before walking away towards the stairs without another word. Nathan quickly stood up to follow her, but was stopped when the blanket fell off him and he realized he was still naked. His shame multiplied, he wrapped the blanket around himself, and shuffled after Alicia, who was walking into the bedroom by the time he got to the stairs.
  258. When he arrived in the room, Alicia was sat on the edge of the bed. She looked at him, and calmly patted a spot next to her.
  259. “Sit.” was all she said. Nathan didn’t hesitate, making his way over to the bed. He found it difficult to maintain eye contact, opting to stare at his bare feet moving across the carpet. He sat on the bed next to her, still staring at the floor, until she put her hand on his leg.
  260. “You ready to talk about this?” she asked. Why was she being so calm? She was screaming at him like she was going to murder him last night, and not without good reason. Still avoiding her gaze, he nodded once.
  261. She spoke without hesitation. “The first thing I have to say, is that I’m very, very, very fucking pissed off at you.” Her voice was unwavering, not raising in volume or darkening in tone. She was speaking simply and matter of factly. “I am disappointed, I am hurt, and I feel violated. Do you understand?”
  262. Nathan nodded.
  263. “The fact that you could do something so reckless without consulting me, that you could even contemplate such a thing, hurts me in a very big way. You need to know that.”
  264. Nathan didn’t respond. He was too ashamed to move.
  265. “You also need to know, that the fact that you kept those things you liked, those things on the internet, a secret from me for so long, made me feel like you don’t trust me. It made me feel like a stranger, and that there were more secrets.” She took her hand off of his leg. “Last night when you left, all I could think about was how you could keep something like that a secret from me. I mean, I frequently ask you if you’d like to try something new in bed. I’ve probed you for fantasies countless times. You never said a word about this. All I could think to myself was, ‘How could he not tell me this?’, do you understand that?”
  266. Nathan managed another nod.
  267. “I thought about it a lot. For hours. I turned it over and over in my head for so long.” She made tossing and turning motions with her hands around her head, before dropping them back down to her sides. “And now, I need you to know, Nathan. I need you to look at me here. Look.”
  268. Nathan slowly dragged his face upwards, and looked at the young, tanned face of the love of his life, expecting the worst.
  269. “I understand, Nathan.” she said.
  270. Nathan’s face continued to stare blankly at her, before he slowly pulled his head back. “…..what?” he asked carefully.
  271. “I get it. I mean, at least I think I do. I mean, this is……fucking weird, right?” she said. “This is odd. This is strange. This is something I could never have comprehended.” Her hand drifted up to his shoulder. “And I completely understand why you didn’t want to share it. It’s im-“ she stopped. “It ‘was’, impossible.”
  272. Nathan managed to crack a little smile for the first time, before squashing it and straightening his face out. He slowly nodded. “It was embarrassing.” he squeaked out. “I didn’t want you to know.”
  273. She nodded. “I get that. I do. I still think that I could have gotten past it if we’d talked about it, that we could understand each other, and maybe I could have even tried to act out some fantasy stuff with you. But I understand. So.” She stroked his cheek. “For that, I forgive you.”
  274. His eyes watered up. He hadn’t expected this at all. He was fully ready for her to call off the wedding, or ask him to move out. He could only nod again, and whisper “Thank you.”
  275. She leaned over and kissed his forehead, and gave him a side hug that lasted nearly a minute, rocking him back and forth, comforting him as he sniffled and dried his eyes.
  276. She broke the silence. “So, then. About the…..powers…thats what these are, right?.”
  277. Nathan nodded, and spoke quickly. “I can send him an e-mail right now. He’ll take all the stretching issues away and you’ll be back to normal. All I have to do is say the word, babe.”
  278. She looked away from him, to the ground, and began kicking her legs off the bed, one after the other, swinging them like she was at the edge of the pool. She tilted her head.
  279. “I don’t want you to.”
  280. Nathan’s jaw dropped. Totally flabbergasted, he stammered, “But, but babe-“
  281. “Nathan,” she said. “This is what you want, I know it is. You went to a lot of trouble for this. And, I do have to say.” She cracked a small smile. “It’s….kind of cool. I have, like, superpowers now, right?”
  282. Nathan’s face stretched into a grin as well. “….Yeah, you do, baby.”
  283. She smiled, then quickly pulled her face back to a thoughtful gaze, and clasped her fingers together. “But, the important thing is that if this is what you want, then baby, I want it too. I want to make you as happy as I can, always.” She took a big breath, exhaling her nerves. “I gotta say. I’m pretty surprised at all the stuff I could potentially do here. I looked at those sites you had bookmarked.”
  284. Nathan went red. He’d forgotten he told her about those. There was quite a mix of stuff on those sites, all elastic based. Some was tame, some was absolutely the opposite. “Well, uh, which sites did you look at?”, he asked, already knowing the answer.
  285. She blushed a little. “All of them.”
  286. Nathan paused, before burying his head in his hands. “Oh my god.” he moaned. “Oh my goooooooood, no.”
  287. Alicia giggled. “Yeah, some of that was a little bit surprising. Your, uh, ‘community’, is pretty damn creative.”
  288. His head still in his hands, he groaned, “Whyyyyy. Why did I show you that.”
  289. She rubbed his back. “Hey, hey, baby! I’m glad you did. I don’t think I could have seen the appeal this held for you if you didn’t.”
  290. She turned towards him a little more. “Look. This is all very new. It’s something I never even thought about, so there’s gonna be a bit of a learning curve when I want to use it. I know it’s not something I have to use all the time, but I’m gonna need a bit of, y’know, guidance for learning how to do this stuff. I wanna start out slow. I’m definitely not ready for EVERYTHING I saw online last night, but I’m willing to try it all in due time.” She lifted his chin out of his hands. “You wanna be that guide, right? Show me what I can do, help me learn how to do it all?”
  291. He gazed very deeply into her eyes, and with a smile, nodded.
  292. She smiled back. “Good. I think I’m in pretty good hands.”
  293. Again, Nathan nodded. “Pretty much the best you’re gonna find.” he laughed. Then he shook out a little bit, releasing all the stress from the past night. “So you wanna go over the basics now?”
  294. Alicia blushed again. “Well. Thing about that is, I kind of spent the last few hours before you came in here doing that. Practicing just stretching different parts of me so far.” She laughed. “I was actually kind of walking around on stilts just before you got in here. I can’t lie.” She shook her head. “This is a lot more fun than I thought it would be once you get past the whole weirdness of it all.”
  295. “I can only imagine”, he said, in disbelief at the 180 this conversation had taken since he was led to the bed.
  296. “Now first, I do have a couple questions, about the whole wish thing.” Alicia said. “Am I….am I 24 now?”
  297. Nathan seized up, he had forgotten entirely that his fiancé sat in front of him 5 years younger than she was before the wish was made.
  298. “Ohhhhhhhh shit…” he whispered. “….yeah. You are. That was 1,000% an accident, too. I was careless with the picture I chose, and-“
  299. “Baby, baby,” she interrupted. “I know it was an accident. I read through the e-mails. I mean, you could have really goofed up if you’d used an even older picture, but I mean, look at the bright side. That really helps me in the workout department.”
  300. “Plus,” she added, “I’m living any 30 year old woman’s dream: to be in their early-mid twenties again. I’m really the least upset about that part to be honest.”
  301. Nathan laughed, not being able to even comprehend how lucky he really was getting here.
  302. “Not to absolutely terrify you or anything,” he said, “but I almost used a baby picture of you.”
  303. Alicia’s eyes almost bulged out of her head. She probably could have made them do so for added effect.
  304. “Yeah, that would have been pretty not good, Nathan!”
  305. He laughed. “Right, I know, but at least I didn’t do it!”
  306. Shaking her head, Alicia continued. “Moving on from THAT. There was something else I’m pretty curious about in the wish.”
  307. “I’m an open book, babe” Nathan replied.
  308. “Well, you said…hold on. Let me get the email. Where did your phone go…..ah, there it is!”
  309. She spied his phone on the opposite bedside table. With just a flick of her shoulder, her arm quickly shot out the 5 feet in between, grabbed the phone, and shot back to her like a flash. Nathan couldn’t help but loudly guffaw.
  310. Alicia heard him laugh and turned towards his astounded face, smiling. “I told you I’ve been practicing!” she quipped with a wink. Nathan was already growing beneath the blanket he still covered himself with while Alicia opened his phone and pulled up the emails from the seller.
  311. “Here’s the scan….okay. Here. ‘The changing of their body produces pleasure when they want such pleasure.’ Any particular reason you added that little tidbit in there?” she asked.
  312. A little flustered, Nathan rubbed the back of his neck. “I mean, I think, y’know, that if I’m getting some enjoyment out of this, maybe then, you should be too? It seems, like, fair. And I tried to make it so that you can turn it on and off when you like, so that if you were just stretching as, like, a utility thing, maybe to reach something or do anything, y’know, non-sexual, you wouldn’t have to get worked up. I think I worded it right.”
  313. She looked at him for a few seconds, giving him a few up-downs, before saying, “This is all about exhibition for you, isn’t it? Being shown off too, seeing me stretch and twist and do whatever else, and seeing me enjoy the feeling. You like the show.”
  314. She was reading him like a book. He nodded, looking bashful. “Pretty much, I guess.”
  315. She cooed back, “Well now, don’t be too bashful. This is what I want to know. I wanna figure out what you like.”
  316. She jumped off the bed. “And since that was my only other question,” she said, extending a hand to Nathan, “I think it’s time we started doing just that.”
  317. Nathan looked skeptically at her arm. “Are you sure we aren’t….rushing, baby? You’re really just ready to go?”
  318. She nodded once, slowly. “I’ve had lots of time to think and research for this first time. Right now, I want to take this thing,” she said, gesturing to her body, “for a joyride, and you look ‘up to the task’ yourself.” As Nathan attempted to hide his growing erection, hardening in anticipation for the events he thought were about to unfold, Alicia untied her bathrobe, and slipped it off of her shoulders, letting it fall to the ground. She stood before him, her taut, naked body glowing in the morning sun.
  319. “Ditch the blanket. I wanna see you. Stand up. Come here.” she murmured, her hand still extended. Nathan took it, dropping the blanket on the ground, and she gently led him to the center of the room. She pulled him close by his torso, until her breasts were lightly touching his chest.
  320. “Now. What’s your favorite kind of stretch, baby.” she asked him softly.
  321. Nathan never thought in his life he’d be asked that question by any real life woman, let alone Alicia. He had a hard time speaking. Eventually, he managed to stammer out, “I-I have a few…”
  322. She raised one hand to his shoulder, looking up at him. “Well, how about you just think about it for a second.” She paused, and continued, “When you’re ready, you don’t even have to talk. You just pick a part of me, and touch it. I’ll do the rest.” She was whispering now, so sensually that he could practically see the words dripping off of her tongue.
  323. He looked her over for a long, long time. He looked at her long, slender legs, her toned, slim stomach, her perky breasts, shapely ass, before finally, settling his gaze onto her thin, long neck. He was glad she’d given him the touch option, because he couldn’t make a single sound come out of his mouth aside from his deep, long breaths. He raised one shaky hand up, and slowly, he laid it gently on the side of her neck.
  324. Alicia smiled. With a little breath to prepare, she kept eye contact with Nathan, as her head, like a flower eating for the sun, slowly snaked upwards off of her neck. It raised inch by inch, her face slowly turning into a brilliant grin as she saw Nathan’s chest start to heave faster, before she came eye to eye with him. Nathan was a towering 6’3, and Alicia was normally a petite 5’4. Her neck was already ‘model’ thin and long even before she could stretch. Now, it had to be 15 or so inches long, her head slowly floating atop it like a cloud.
  325. “Touch it.” she whispered.
  326. Nathan, whose hand was still at the base of her neck, slowly dragged his fingers up the long expanse of flesh, marveling at how soft and perfect it felt. He wouldn’t have believed it was real if he hadn’t felt it, but there it was, in front of him, just as he’d always imagined it.
  327. Alicia’s breath was becoming a little shaky as well, as she tilted her head in a small circle, her neck swinging slightly as she did so. “I think…I think that pleasure thing, it’s turned on.” she gasped. “Your touch, it’s totally electric and so, so fucking warm.”
  328. Nathan, gazing over her, saw goosebumps erupt at the top of her neck, and spread down through her entire body, over her shoulders and chest, all the way down her legs.
  329. “Another.” she suddenly whispered. She wanted Nathan to pick somewhere else to stretch. Feeling himself throb with desire, he gently raised his other hand, one still remaining on her neck, and rubbed her stomach, from one side to the other. Alicia gave a slow, smiling nod, and stretched her neck even more to give Nathan a big, wet kiss on the forehead, before pulling it back in all the way.
  330. Her head had barely settled back into place when Nathan saw her shoulders slowly begin to rise upwards, followed by her breasts and stomach, her feet planted firmly on the ground. His hand he had left at her side was being pulled upwards as well, as her head slowly but surely returned to her desired place in line with his. This time she immediately kissed him deeply, her tongue slipping into his mouth with vigor. He stroked her long, slim midsection with his strong hands, and he felt her press her whole body into him, aching for more of his fiery touch.
  331. Suddenly Nathan seized as he felt something warm and soft wrap around his cock. He pulled away from the kiss to look, and saw that his fiancé had stretched one arm down wards, making it as long as her torso, to wrap her fingers around him and slowly stroke him up and down. Nathan moaned and sighed deeply, pulling his mouth away from Alicia’s.
  332. “Neck” he said breathlessly.
  333. Without hesitation, she obeyed, stretching her neck up so that Nathan’s head sat just below her chin. He dug his face into her neck and began kissing and licking her without pause or hesitation. Alicia’s body erupted in pleasure, and she began pumping his cock faster and harder, her hand unconsciously becoming more fluid and viscous, like warm putty, surrounding him completely, and stretching to encompass his scrotum, gently sliding around him like a rippling pool. Alicia’s torso began to stretch further upwards, bringing her breasts to face level with Nathan, who obediently buried his face between them, hands grasping for each breast massaging her nipples and sending orgasmic shockwaves throughout her entire body. Acting on instinct entirely, her neck shot upwards, pausing with her head near the ceiling, before diving back downwards with a cry, leaving an arch of her neck in the air, as her mouth collided with the back of his neck, kissing and licking him madly.
  334. Nathan was out of his mind. He could already feel the precum aching to make it’s way up his shaft, begging him to let himself be primed for a massive orgasm, but he held himself off as much as he could. His steadiness was rewarded, as he felt Alicia’s breasts moving away from him, upwards towards the ceiling. He looked up, and as her chest lifted above his head towards the ceiling, he could see Alicia’s whole body, curved up and around, brushing against the ceiling of the bedroom, her neck swooping down to devour his back. He could feel her mouth stretching wide and large, her tongue expanding across his skin, flipping back and forth across it, while she massaged his cock with a gentle urgency, a need to pleasure him. Suddenly, her head swooped back up, and came face to face with Nathan’s. He saw her mouth, shrinking back to normal, as she licked her lips, and looked him in the eyes. She was hungry, dying for him. Her hot breath hitting his face, she gasped, “Taste me. Now.”
  335. Nathan turned around to see her glistening sex before him, her legs having extended to match the height of his entire body, her lips quivering of their own accord. He needed no second invitation. He shoved his face into her, to find her clitoris swelling and protruding outwards. Immediately taking it into his mouth, Nathan began sucking and licking it wildly, feeling it growing and stretching like a snake further and further, wrapping itself about his tongue.
  336. Alicia was nearly blacking out with pleasure. Moaning loudly and without any shame, swooped her neck back up to her tits, which were now a foot from the ceiling, and quickly sucked an entire breast into her waiting mouth, filling her like an expanding water balloon. With one hand still on Nathan’s cock, she stretched the other one up to the ceiling, feeling around for her chest since her eyes were closed. Finally finding a stretch of her torso, she followed it up, all along the expanse of flesh, before finally reaching her other, lonely, unstimulated breast, which she immediately began kneading and tweaking wildly.
  337. Nathan wanted to give her more. So much more. He knew it wouldn’t be long before he came, so he wanted to make sure that he could get her off at the same time. He didn’t even want to think about what she’d try if he finished before her. Still thrashing his tongue around her clit, he brought an idle hand up to his chin, and slid it forward, a few fingers finding her slit, rubbing it back and forth. Feeling her respond by surging downwards towards his hand, he began slipping his fingers in, extending one at a time to fill her, before realizing that his caution was probably both unnecessary and unappreciated by his fiancé. He pulled his thumb inwards, and his hand extended outwards and upwards, he began to push it into her, the lubrication allowing his whole hand to slide in easily and immediately.
  338. Alicia felt something massive begin to enter her, and screamed into her engorged breasts. Needing to see what was causing this, she dove her neck back down to Nathan, her head swinging lower and lower, before swooping through his legs, under her hand still pleasuring his dick, and finally up to her pussy. She saw Nathan’s hand inside her up to her wrist, and she lost all control. With a shout, she used her head as a battering ram, and slammed into his elbow, shoving his entire forearm up into her, further and further. Nathan felt his entire arm become engulfed in the warm, wet, sticky environment, Alicia’s head hammering him up more and more. Obliging her, he pushed with his shoulder and straightened his arm out, his bicep becoming encompassed, before he felt her, passionately crying his name, stretch her crotch downwards. His whole arm was inside her, up to his shoulder, and he began pushing, pulling, bending it every which way he could.
  339. Alicia’s orgasm was imminent. She could think only of maximizing her pleasure. Her breasts swelled, her heart was racing like a turbine engine, and her whole body was rippling. Building and building, she wanted to get one last look at herself before she burst. She knew it would push her over the edge to see her body so impossibly extended and maneuvered. Swooping her head back out from underneath Nathan and herself, she shot her neck out to the door of the bedroom before curving around. The last thing she remembered seeing was not her 6 foot long legs, or her 10 foot long torso, nor her massive breasts dangling from the ceiling, one hand still pleasuring both nipples. It was the outline of Nathan’s muscled arm pushing out from her lower abdomen, thrashing and pumping wildly into her, extending out into the room, her abs wildly distended and barely containing him, like a strained length of saran wrap. With a scream, she dove herself back underneath Nathan, and retracting her hand job hand so that it covered only his entire shaft, leaving his balls bare, she engulfed those and screamed, as she let herself go. All her nerves exploded, every bit of her bursting outwards slightly. Nathan felt his head suddenly engulfed by her thighs and pussy, his face sticky and wet, loving every second. The more she came, the more he felt her droop and sag, as if every muscle that had been tensed throughout her impossible body was relaxing, and melting around him. Her vagina was contracting and squeezing his arm wildly, so much so that he thought it was going to pull it out of his socket, as he was lifted off the floor more than once.
  340. Slowly but surely, her orgasm began to subside, and Nathan found himself nearly smothered with her fluid body, having to pull himself off of and away from her to catch a breath. Alicia had certainly lost consciousness, her mouth locked to his balls, but her head having stretched down to the floor to rest with 3 foot long lips making up the distance. Her elongated torso and neck began to fall limply to the floor around him, as her legs collapsed like jelly, his soaking arm sliding out of her.
  341. Nathan stood in the center of the floor, with the most powerful and massive erection he’d ever had in his life throbbing for release, his stretched out, half melted fiancé lining the room. His hand grasped his cock, ready to pump out the last bit of reserve he’d kept for her. He was happy he’d gotten her off, and knew he could finish himself off with just a few more strokes. But suddenly, he heard her.
  342. “Get on the bed.” she hissed through labored breaths, as she began to retract her super long body. Nathan saw this, and duly obeyed, crawling onto the bed and laying on his back, Alicia reforming out of view at the foot below him. Suddenly, an arm threw itself up and over him, grabbing onto the headboard behind him, followed by the other, and they began to retract, pulling Alicia’s nearly lifeless body up onto the mattress, sliding over the sheets and eventually over him, until she hung limply above his body. With some of the last bits of strength she had, she pulled herself up onto her haunches, her sex resting on Nathan’s pecs just below his neck, and straightened herself out so she was riding him like a horse. She leaned down, kissed his face, and whispered “Thank you.” With another kiss, she pulled away. “Now,” she finished, “it’s your turn.” She let her tongue slip out of her mouth, and it began to stretch towards Nathan’s mouth, licking a circle around his lips, before swooping up, and in an enormous arch, stretching through the air, over her head, and down her back, eventually finding itself on his lower abdomen. Closing her eyes, she felt around his body with the wet pink appendage, back and forth, downwards, until she confirmed the discovery of the base of his cock with the gasp that came from his mouth. She grinned weakly, and began to slide it up him, spiraling up to the head, completely engulfing him. Then, in one deft move, she tilted her head back, stretched her neck in the same trajectory as her tongue, upwards and backwards, until her head was inverted, upside down and facing away from Nathan. Then she let it slowly drop down, gathering up her stretchy tongue as she did so, lower, and lower, until she followed it all the way to the tip of his dick. Sliding her tongue back up into her, she slowly slid her lips over his tip, and cocking her head back so her gaze was directly above his dick, she pushed her head downwards, and deep throated him without any difficulty. She tasted the precum on him, and with a moan, she slid her tongue around him again, massaging him back and forth with it, while she pulled her head up and down, her lips stretching and staying put at the base of his cock, the initial scare from earlier inspiring her.
  343. It didn’t take long for Nathan. He saw her neck stretch upwards, upside down, and then down, to follow her tongue and encompass him in her mouth entirely. That was it. He let go of all reserve, and began fucking her mouth, thrusting himself into her again and again, his orgasm immediately building. He felt his swollen testes prepare to burst, as Alicia began to moan with enjoyment, knowing what was to come. With a few final thrusts, Nathan let go.
  344. He shot his seed into her with more force than he’d ever experienced. Alicia felt it travel several feet up her neck, before landing on one side or the other and sliding back down slowly, reaching her tongue. She savored the taste as she felt him burst again and again, his hands grasping wildly at her chest and sides, squishing her skin under his fingers as he shouted in bliss. When he was too weak to thrust, she finished him with multiple bobs of her head up and down, and politely sucked the last of him out of his shaft, having gathered all his fluids into her mouth. She lazily retracted her neck, as the arch shrank smaller and smaller, eventually pulling taut on her head, as she let her neck pull her mouth off of him, cleaning any last bit of spunk away. When her head had returned to her shoulders, she tilted it back, and swallowed the sticky mess in her mouth before carefully dismounting her future husband, and collapsing over his body.
  345. Both of them completely awash in post-orgasmic bliss, Nathan squeezed her torso, draped over his, tight, feeling it give in easily, and bringing her stomach to no more than a few inches in diameter. He gasped with his last conscious breath of the morning, “I love you, I love you, I love you.”
  346. He was met only with a satisfied snore from his unconscious elastic lover. He smiled weakly, and joined her in her peaceful slumber, a human and a goddess embraced in the throes of love.
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