Welcome to the Multiverse

Jul 8th, 2021
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  1. Welcome to the multiverse
  2. Have a look around
  3. Anything that brain of yours can think of can be found
  4. We've got billions of worlds here
  5. Some better, some worse
  6. If none of them can interest you, you'd be the first
  8. Welcome to the multiverse
  9. Come and step right through
  10. Would you like to meet a pumpkin
  11. Or a hungry pile of goo
  12. There's no need to panic
  13. This isn't a test, haha
  14. Just find a world you'd like and we'll do the rest
  16. Welcome to the multiverse
  17. What would you prefer
  18. Would you like to fight a drider
  19. Or a worm that's gone berserk
  20. You're heroes
  21. You're hated
  22. You're lighter than air
  23. If you don't like it find a new world elsewhere
  25. Welcome to the multiverse
  26. Put your cares aside
  27. Here's a world of giant insects
  28. Here's an eight-year-old who died
  29. We got yetis, and clerics, and mimics galore
  30. And a bunch of awful monsters
  31. That are really the hideously decayed remains of long dead gods
  32. Welcome to the multiverse!
  34. Hold on to your socks
  35. 'Cause this mirror is accentuating each one of your flaws
  36. Your reflection is off-putting
  37. It's just changed some more
  38. Don't act surprised, you were explicitly warned
  40. See a giant dragon
  41. Lure it to a nest of drow
  42. Fight a fairy queen's familiar
  43. Heal a mati-kin somehow
  45. Dodge a laser, start a blaze
  46. Or find a way to use a phaser
  47. Or get trapped inside a maze
  48. Or poach some strays or get a raise (yeah right)
  50. And here's a kindly sealskin tailor
  51. You should kill the gods
  52. Here's a world of vastest riches
  53. Here's a duck that's rather odd
  55. Do you stand with ice or fire?
  56. Come and join the war
  57. The Tendrils of the End has come
  58. To fill your lungs with spores
  60. Could I interest you in everywhere
  61. All of the time?
  62. A little bit of everywhere
  63. All of the time
  64. Travel is a luxury and boredom is a crime
  65. Anywhere and everywhere
  66. All of the time
  68. Could I interest you in everywhere
  69. All of the time?
  70. A little bit of everywhere
  71. All of the time
  72. Travel is a luxury and boredom is a crime
  73. Anywhere and everywhere
  74. All of the time
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