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  1. ================================================
  2. Agile Prioritization Exercise: Bob's Custom Cars
  3. ================================================
  5. Purpose
  6. -------
  7. In order to help users understand prioritization of issues, we're going to present them with a sandbox exercise that forces them to prioritize in a setting not directly tied to their business needs.
  9. Directions
  10. ----------
  11. # Introduce exercise
  12. # Have users dream/envision the features they might want
  13. # Grooming
  15. Introduction
  16. ````````````
  17. We're going to buy a new car. But we don't want any car, we want a special car; a car custom built to our exact specifications. So we've hired Bob's Custom Cars to build us the vehicle of our dreams and it's going to be *awesome*. It's going to be so awesome that we're planning a huge party to show everyone our brand new car when it's ready.
  19. Envisioning
  20. ```````````
  21. Bob's doesn't work like other dealerships where you have a car model and you can pick packages of features. At Bob's, you pick the features you want from the ground up: engine, doors, seats, leather interior, whatever you want.
  23. starting examples
  24. * engine
  25. * wheels
  26. * automatic transmission
  28. notes
  29. * for wheels, specify how many and talk about acceptance criteria
  30. * talk about acceptance criteria vs implementation details
  32. Pointing and Dependencies
  33. `````````````````````````
  36. Materials
  37. ---------
  38. - Post-it Notes
  39. - Whiteboard
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