Situation - 4/30/2018

Apr 30th, 2018
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  1. So I had a serious talk to my dad earlier today and some stuff came up earlier that's been on my mind for most of today.
  3. He asked me what do I want to do in my life, which I enjoy what I'm doing now with playing games and streaming on Twitch instead of actually finding a job. First of all, I feel uncomfortable around other people I don't know at all considering I have an impaired left jaw I was born with which explains why I talk weirdly, a incomplete left ear that I can't hear through after going through 3-4 surgeries probably over 8 years ago, and still having to keep a Gauze Pad over my stoma where my G-Tube got removed almost 2 years ago along with keeping a bandage wrap around it. If I were to find a actual job, I would prefer a place to take care of the cats as they make me happy.
  5. Another thing that I told my dad is that I feel like he's being overprotective considering he's afraid that I might get used of something of mine might get stolen at SGDQ if I were to go by myself. Considering I went to AGDQ 2017, this sounds really silly in a few ways. He did went with me to AGDQ 2017, but had to book a room in a different hotel with Lonewolf and stayed in that Hotel most of the time while Lonewolf and I went to hung out with our friends. He did also see me talk to my friends (Toji and LemonAbyss) at the airport while we were waiting for our flight and saw that I was happy.
  7. My dad and I are not citizens of Canada even though we live here due to my dad and his GF procrastinating to do anything about it for a long time, so we usually have to go back to the US for a bit every six months. Unfortunately it has gotten to the point where my dad is sick of living here + having to do that to see if we can find a place to live, which he is thinking about moving to South Dakota. Where exactly in South Dakota though or what it's like living there, I don't know at all. He also told me that the "6-months" is over in about 3 days considering we went to Baltimore Maryland, for the weekend in early December 2017.
  9. One of the main concerns that my dad just told me earlier that I'm really worried about is that he's been having strokes recently. So I'm really afraid that he will most likely be either hospitalized or dead, which I feel like there's nothing I can do to help unfortunately. And considering that the both of us might be on our own living in South Dakota, that would end up with me being by myself with probably no option to go since my dad's GF will still be living in Canada along with my 3 brothers while they go to University. I also do not know how to drive, so I'm really worried about my dad potentially having a stroke while we're driving back to the US.
  11. Basically all of this means that I might not be as active soon, so there's probably a chance I might not be able to stream for a good while in a few days. This also means I may or may not have to drop out of the KH2FM HD (Beginner) Tournament depending on what happens. Not sure what's gonna happen within the next week or so, hopefully nothing bad happens during then.
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