[SUMMARY] Sword Art Online Volumes 1-6

Aug 17th, 2012
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  1. >Guy is pretty much the strongest in the MMO, barring the cheating admin-player
  2. >Wears a hipster long coat (always must be black) and hides an even more powerful skill for insurance
  3. >Gets a girlfriend who's the prettiest girl in the game
  4. >She's also the second strongest player
  5. >They proceed to get married and then have cybersex
  6. >They get a daughter who is an AI and also happens to have admin privileges
  7. >Meanwhile, girls left and right swoon over him
  8. >The two of them solo a very hard boss that would otherwise take an entire team to defeat
  9. >Beats the game and sets free everyone who were trapped in the game, is called the Hero
  12. >Discovers his girlfriend did not escape, her soul is still stuck in cyberspace
  13. >She's also a rich ojou whose father is the finance behind the MMO
  14. >Looks exactly as she does in the game (i.e., the super rare hot ones in a mmo demographic)
  15. >He dives into another MMO to save her after hearing rumours
  16. >Somehow his maxed stats gets carried over to the new game due to a bug
  17. >So he's a starter player but has the stats of an expert player
  18. >Beats the shit out of entire player armies one week after he starts
  19. >Acquire more girls into his virtual harem
  20. >Makes friends with demon-god level boss monsters
  21. >Finds out his girlfriend's soul is trapped on the highest floor of an impossible dungeon
  22. >What does he do? Stupid question; charge in of course
  23. >No need for power of friendship, his allies gets their ass handed to them halfway up the dungeon
  24. >He soloes the rest of it
  25. >Defeats the insane game admin holding girlfriend hostage by DESTROYING HIS ADMIN PRIVILEGES through deus ex machina
  27. >Lots of shouting of each other's names later, he reunites with his girlfriend
  28. >They start dating IRL. Not even dating, they're feeding each other already
  29. >Ministry informant comes to offer him a job to play MMO full-time with a 6 figure pay in yen, that's few thousand dollars
  30. >He joins a gun-based MMO as part of his job
  31. >Chooses to wield a lightsaber anyway. So he brings a sword to a gun fight
  32. >Gets the rarest prettyboy avatar that's generated at random
  33. >Meets top female player of that MMO
  34. >She is the cool beauty kind of girl
  35. >Wins the in-game casino-ish minigame simply by being hax (probably had his evasion stats carried over, again)
  36. >Money rains into his pockets
  37. >Less than a week of joining MMO he decides to join the top PvP event
  38. >Predictably, he swords the shit out of all the gun users anyway
  39. >By slicing bullets in half. With a sword. (In the author notes, he actually made an apology for having no fucking clue how guns work.)
  40. >Cool beauty girl PTSDs because heroines need to have trauma so they can be saved
  41. >Guy saves her from imminent IRL death, cures her PTSD and defeats bad guy in one stroke
  42. >Turns out girl's potential love interest is actually a crazy psycho
  43. >So the guy has to rush to her house and save her
  44. >Because saving her in game wasn't enough
  45. >He becomes pretty much her only friend she can open up to, you can see where this is going to go
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