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Sequoia Session 20-4

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  1. [21:08:20 ][@Doxy] Later that afternoon, you spot Melon by the beer station. He sees you looking at him and waves, walking towards you. "Well, well, well. If it isn't one of our wayward aides."
  2. [21:11:45 ]* Adrienne gives Moses an odd look, raising an eyebrow as she heads over. "'Wayward'?"
  3. [21:13:41 ][@Doxy] "See, one sentence in and you're already being difficult. Point proven."
  4. [21:15:23 ][Adrienne] "I could say the same to you," she replies. "What are you doing judging a wet t-shirt contest anyways?"
  5. [21:17:10 ][@Doxy] "I always come out here to Luvdisc Bay this time of year, just before the Luvdisc leave. It's beautiful~"
  6. [21:20:07 ][Adrienne] "... I don't think that answers my question." Adrienne takes a bite out of her kebab. "But you know what, thanks for the thing in Oceanspray. Opened my eyes a bit. I'd prefer if you never talked about it, though."
  7. [21:21:25 ][@Doxy] "Leading young minds to greater beauty and wisdom - t'is simply one of the many parts of my job at which I excell."
  8. [21:22:45 ][@Doxy] "In any case, I'm glad to see you're... exploring new horizons here," he says nodding towards the stage. "I was hoping your little group would become a bit more extroverted and challenge yourselves, but even -I- didn't expect this!"
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  10. [21:23:27 ][Adrienne] "I flipped a coin in my head and did something stupid. That aside, what do you even do as an aide? The same stuff the team I'm in does?"
  11. [21:26:09 ][@Doxy] "Mmm yes, I suppose so. My original role within the core team was to help Benedict in the lab, while Blintz handled the teamwork. But somewhere along the line we realized we were much better with our roles inverted - and I must admit, Benedict and I together... sometimes... we got a bit carried away. Blintz helps keep him in check, and me - why I'm simply spectacular at fiedlwork."
  12. [21:27:49 ][Adrienne] "I can imagine you and the Professor getting carried away and doing something... over the top silly."
  13. [21:28:21 ]* Adrienne looks a bit thoughtful, recalling Rami. "Hey, do you have any idea how an Ekans evolves into an Arbok but lacks the typical Arbok facial markings?"
  14. [21:28:54 ][@Doxy] "Ah, the Ekans we gave you finally evolved then?" he asks with a knowing smirk
  15. [21:30:16 ]* Adrienne takes on an embarrassed expression, looking away. "Yeah, during that... stage performance."
  16. [21:31:51 ][@Doxy] He laughs. "The reason we had that particular Ekans at the lab was actually because it comes from a small population of Ekans here in the region with a rather... unique trait."
  17. [21:33:07 ][Adrienne] "What's the unique trait?"
  18. [21:34:46 ][@Doxy] "They sometimes lack the marking upon evolution, but later gain one. Usually Arbok inherit their parent's markings, but we noticed that within this population, the trait that was gained later seemed to be different from the parents', even if both parents had the same mark. And we - well, I, ME, all credit to me~ - noticed that the marks they developed corresponded to their hunting
  19. [21:34:46 ][@Doxy] behaviors."
  20. [21:37:19 ]* Adrienne thinks on this for a bit. "So if I wanted one mark in particular, I just have to favor that kind of tactic in a fight?"
  21. [21:39:31 ][@Doxy] "Nice thought! But no. It's not based on the actual behavior - biology isn't quite THAT mutable, even with Pokemon - but rather on the results. In other words, their diet! Professor Bing and Blintz think this must be something to do with some rare herbs that grow in the Greypine Reserve. Different prey animals would eat different herbs at different concentrations, and the herbs in
  22. [21:39:31 ][@Doxy] turn produced a change in the biochemistry of those Arbok."
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  24. [21:41:25 ]* Adrienne crosses her arms, done with the snack. "Is there any documentation on the herbs and concentration?"
  25. [21:44:15 ][@Doxy] "I do believe so. The one you're going to want to ask is Professor Bing though - they're the regional expert in Pokemon variations, split evolutions, and form differences."
  26. [21:44:35 ][@Doxy] "Luckily for you, you'll have the chance to meet them in Blackwillow, I believe."
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  28. [21:46:56 ][Adrienne] "Lucky for me. And expected, I guess. It is a big professor conference."
  29. [21:47:09 ][Adrienne] "Oh, speaking of expected things. You know about Double Satan, right?"
  30. [21:49:27 ][@Doxy] "Double Satan? Hmm.... oh, right, the doduo. Didn't I see it running around earlier with a banner of bikini parts? Quite a spirited Pokemon. Truly, it has the heart of a hero."
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  34. [21:51:48 ][Adrienne] "Yeah, apparently the Igglybuff I got from winning the uh... Courier Badge, was born with an attitude problem. How do you think Blintz is going to take it if I tell her that Double Satan made friends with a Hellbaby?"
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  37. [21:55:51 ][@Doxy] "She'll probably 'uuuuuuuuuuugh' into the receiver for a full 7 or 8 minutes."
  38. [21:56:10 ][@Doxy] "I suspect it might induce nighmares."
  39. [21:56:14 ][@Doxy] "You should definitely tell her."
  40. [21:58:15 ]* Adrienne half-snorts half-snickers.
  41. [21:58:22 ][Adrienne] "Yeah, I guess that'd be a bit funny."
  42. [21:58:29 ][Adrienne] "How's your Pokemon team doing?"
  43. [21:58:58 ][@Doxy] "MY Pokemon? Why, they're absolute delights as always."
  44. [21:59:32 ][@Doxy] He lets out a Milotic, Lilligant, Aurorus, Rapidash, and a Mienshao!
  45. [21:59:36 ][@Doxy] ... And a Mandibuzz!
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  47. [22:00:02 ][@Doxy] They all gather around Moses as they're released and POSE
  48. [22:00:24 ][@Doxy] You swear there's actual sparkles of light coming from all of them
  49. [22:00:56 ][Adrienne] "... Huh. How long did it get them to do that?"
  50. [22:06:02 ][@Doxy] "No time at all - divinity comes naturally when you're that fabulous~"
  51. [22:06:05 ][@Doxy] They all POSE some more
  52. [22:06:50 ][@Doxy] "But honestly, I suppose I don't do anything specific. There's lots of different ways to approach raising your Pokemon - I make sure they're very healthy, clean, and happy - but I don't have particular physical regimens for them or anything like that."
  53. [22:07:19 ]* Adrienne removes her glasses and facepalms. "'Divinity'... I can't believe you just said that."
  54. [22:08:35 ][@Doxy] "So many haters, even as they bask in my glow."
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  56. [22:11:56 ]* Adrienne replaces her glasses. "Well, they look nice," she says, attempting to be diplomatic before she changed the topic. "You make any headway on this Pokemon drugging and distribution thing, by the way?"
  57. [22:15:02 ][@Doxy] He turns suddenly grim. "Not as of yet. Well, some but... ah, that's what this conference is about."
  58. [22:15:24 ][Adrienne] "Right, I guess I'll just have to wait?"
  59. [22:21:00 ][@Doxy] "We'll all have to wait. We're not entirely sure what we even CAN do at the moment. We're all rather anxious about this situation, as you can imagine."
  60. [22:23:51 ]* Adrienne makes an "ugh" face. "Yeah, it's been kinda itching at me ever since we left Hollyhock. Getting bits and pieces of this is like, I don't know, reading a mystery novel except the writer's shit at it and omitting every other piece of evidence, then revealing the culprit was the dumbest possible option."
  61. [22:25:15 ][@Doxy] He sighs at that, but with a smile. "Yes, I suppose real mysteries aren't as carefully and intricatelly signposted as the ones in stories and games."
  62. [22:25:20 ][@Doxy] He says looking right at the camera
  63. [22:25:57 ][@Doxy] "But we'll just have to do our best to try and get to the bottom of this, even if it's sussing out one scrap of information at a time."
  64. [22:27:36 ][Adrienne] "Oh you know what I mean," she grouses.
  65. [22:28:33 ][@Doxy] "Hey listen - let me ask you something though."
  66. [22:29:29 ][Adrienne] "What?"
  67. [22:30:49 ][@Doxy] "How are you dealing with all this? Honestly - we didn't expect to send our new recruits to deal with such... heavy subject matter. We figured you guys would be collecting soil and water samples 75% of the time. But as it is, we can't afford to put something this serious on the back burner."
  68. [22:31:17 ][@Doxy] "I guess what I'm saying is, I know we're asking a lot from you guys now because of this situation, and I want to make sure you're alright."
  69. [22:31:46 ][@Doxy] He stretches his neck back and forth a bit in an anxious motion
  70. [22:38:00 ]* Adrienne looks like she's thinking hard on this question.
  71. [22:38:00 ][Adrienne] "Honestly? I don't know. I thought the Quagsire thing was going to be a once in a while thing, but when the Mega Metagross showed up, and the rest happened..." She shrugs. "It's really messed up, but so far I haven't really broke down or anything like that. I don't feel /that/ attached, I guess?"
  72. [22:40:05 ][@Doxy] "Hm, I see." He gives you a cool look, as if he's considering something. "Well, keep an eye on the rest of your team though. And make sure to take plenty of breaks - stop and smell the roses, if you will. I'm glad you're all here for example."
  73. [22:44:29 ][Adrienne] "This place has been fun, yeah. I'll keep an eye on the other three, mainly Dann. He took the whole thing at Hollyhock kinda hard."
  74. [22:44:56 ][Adrienne] "He kinda said he wanted to go after the motorcycle lady with the business end of his shovel."
  75. [22:47:58 ][@Doxy] "Shovel?" Moses sigghs. "Well, he might be kind of an odd ducklett, but his heart is in the right place. If only more of us had his... ah, not innocence exactly ... unguarded sincerity? And honestly if you DO catch her - well, that might not be such a bad idea."
  76. [22:48:45 ][@Doxy] "What about Lucian and Percival? What do you make of them? I mean - about this situation specifically, but also in general?"
  77. [22:50:45 ][Adrienne] "I dunno their feelings about this. Er, I mean, I dunno like, how they're taking this. I know we all think this needs to stop and it's seriously messed up, but... I guess we don't know a lot about each other, the topics just never... come up?"
  78. [22:51:46 ][Adrienne] "I think Lucian's a bit of an ass sometimes, but he's a pretty alright guy. Percival's... nice."
  79. [22:53:37 ][@Doxy] Moses crosses his arms, clearly displeased. "You guys are going to be working and traveling together for a long time, and you're going to be dealing with some rough stuff together. Stoicism is very macho, but if you ignore each other you won't be able to rely on each other when it really counts."
  80. [22:54:38 ][@Doxy] "Do me a favor and try to make more of an effort to have some group bonding time. You don't need to be announcing a 4-way marriage next month, but I get the sense that you're still very much strangers in a lot of ways."
  81. [23:00:05 ]* Adrienne turns away, seeming a bit uncomfortable, buttoning up her jacket for something to fiddle with. "Yeah, I'll try, or I'll try and get the others to. Mostly we kinda just do small talk, we're not just staring at each other in dead silence."
  82. [23:04:19 ][@Doxy] He pats you on the back. "Trying is all I ask for~" he says again, suddenly cheerful. "Besides if you don't, I'll make all your lives miserable~"
  83. [23:06:00 ]* Adrienne feels the discomfort disappear like something that disappears fast. "Really. How're you going to do that?"
  84. [23:09:52 ][@Doxy] "Simple: I'd tell Benedict that it'd be reaaaally funny if we made you tag every Pineco colony in the region. Or you know, something like that. I bet he could think of something far worse than anything my poor innocent mind could conceive~"
  85. [23:11:18 ][Adrienne] "Okay, I'm convinced, you can be a horrible sadist using your authority and friendship with the Professor."
  86. [23:12:23 ][@Doxy] "I only threaten to expose you to explosive Pokemon because I care about what's best for you, dear."
  87. [23:13:29 ][Adrienne] "I'm convinced, Momses."
  88. [23:15:53 ][@Doxy] "Great. Now what are you doing the rest of the night? There's going to be a spheal-ball tournament and Tequila Poke-Chess. Can't miss out on that."
  89. [23:16:54 ][Adrienne] "Egh. I don't know, I never liked spheal-ball or Poke-Chess."
  90. [23:19:17 ][@Doxy] He shrugs. "Your loss. I'm going to go do shots out of someone's navel now. I need to unwind after laughing so hard during the wet t-shirt contest."
  91. [23:22:15 ][Adrienne] "... Have fun unwinding after seeing Lucian's apricorns, I guess. I suppose Poke-Chess wouldn't be too bad..."
  92. [23:23:20 ][Adrienne] "Seeya at Blackwillow."
  93. [23:23:46 ][Adrienne] "Or you know, later, if we run into each other."
  94. [23:24:03 ][@Doxy] "Try to have fun. Later~"
  95. [23:24:13 ][@Doxy] He heads off towards the party~
  96. [23:30:46 ]* Adrienne soon gets around to wrangling all of her Pokemon together, very interested in the tent that was doing the Pokemon evaluations. She wanted to know how they were doing!
  97. [23:31:50 ][@Doxy] You easily find the large tent, which is set apart from the others. Outside there's a large sign that says "PET Sisters - Pokémon Sommeliers"
  98. [23:33:05 ]* Adrienne heads inside!
  99. [23:34:49 ][@Doxy] The inside of the tent seems to be about half covered in pillows and blankets. There's three rather comely ladies sitting on cushions in a semi-circle as you come in. They each have very different hair colors, but you do see the family resemblance.
  100. [23:35:05 ][@Doxy] "Hello!" "Welcome to the PET Sisters Pokemon Sommelier Services!" "How can we help you?"
  101. [23:37:42 ]* Adrienne adjusts her glasses. "Uh, hi. I heard about the Pokemon evaluation you were doing, and I wanted to get mine checked out, just to see how they're coming along."
  102. [23:41:02 ][@Doxy] "Of course!" "We're running a special promotion - consultations for only 200Y" "And a complimentary therapy session with one of your Pokemon, if you wish."
  103. [23:42:49 ][Adrienne] "Is that 200Y per, or total?"
  104. [23:43:31 ][@Doxy] "Total~"
  105. [23:45:19 ][Adrienne] "Alright, fair enough." Adrienne takes out 200Y and hands it over.
  106. [23:46:23 ][@Doxy] "Thank you very much!" "You can go ahead dnd release your Pokemon~" "If you think they can fit comfortably within the tent."
  107. [23:48:18 ][Adrienne] "Hm... I'll do my Arbok first, she's the largest." Being careful, Adrienne releases Rami outside of the tent and tells her to come in, as much as she can.
  108. [23:50:28 ][@Doxy] The tent is pretty large, and and Arbok is flexible enough she can fit in easily. "Ooh, it doesn't have a mark." "How curious." "She seems to really care about you..." "But maybe... you could help her shine a little more." "She's kind of a reclusive Pokemon, isn't she?" "I think she will need someone to help her to really unleash her true inner beauty~"
  109. [23:53:23 ][Adrienne] "Yeah, not having a mark is genetic," she says to the one that commented on it, writing this down on a notepad. "What do you mean, 'help her shine a little more'?"
  110. [23:56:27 ][@Doxy] "She just needs help really expressing who she really is!" "You don't have to do anything special - you'll get there. It might just be a bit slower with her." "Don't worry about for now - just keep doing what you can!" "On the other hand - she looks very healthy and well taken care of!"
  111. [23:58:25 ]* Adrienne nods and smiles a bit. "Cool. If that's it," Adrienne recalls Rami, then sends out Arthur next.
  112. [23:59:05 ][@Doxy] "Oh!" "He's just too cute!" "His cuteness rating is far too high!" "And he's so fluffy oh my god!"
  113. [23:59:10 ][@Doxy] They're all hugging and petting him now :T
  114. [00:00:35 ][@Doxy] "His coat is absolutely lustrous and soft, clearly he's doing very well!" "I don't think you need to worry about him at all!" "And I can sense he cares about you dearly."
  115. [00:00:41 ][@Doxy] "Excellent job."
  116. [00:02:24 ]* Adrienne nods again, and jots down a short note. "Alright, thanks." Recall Arthur, and out comes Mina!
  117. [00:03:30 ][@Doxy] "Hmmm she seems alright." "But maybe feels a bit underutilized?" "I think she has a real desire to prove herself to you!"
  118. [00:03:38 ]* Mille-Feuille (~Doxy@Rizon-F1EE7AA5.mci.googlefiber.net) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  119. [00:03:38 ]* ChanServ gives channel operator status to Mille-Feuille
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  121. [00:05:31 ]* Adrienne nods and jots down a note to use Mina more. "Gotcha." Three recalled and Layla enters the tent!
  122. [00:11:28 ][@Doxy] "oh, not much bonding time with this one yet, right?" "but it feels like you've already been through some sort of ordeal with them maybe?" "In any case, they trust you, though... Mawile are difficult Pokemon to be sure, don't take it personally if it's mischevious or grumpy!"
  123. [00:15:05 ][Adrienne] "Mmhmm, not much bonding time," she replies, recalling Layla and lastly releasing Nero. Hopefully his earlier lengthy chain of shenanigans has burnt off energy?
  124. [00:15:42 ][@Doxy] Nero pops out, and begins trying to beat up a pillow
  125. [00:16:24 ]* Adrienne puts on her best authoritative tone. "Nero, behave."
  126. [00:17:26 ][@Doxy] "Oh... well..." "He's certainly got a lot of character!" "I wouldn't worry... too much." "Maybe he doesn't respect you too much yet, but judging by your other Pokemon, I think you can get there." "He seems like a natural battler at heart - helping him focus that energy through discipline could be exactly what he - Aaaaah!"
  127. [00:17:33 ][@Doxy] Nero steals the blonde one's top and rushes out of the tent
  128. [00:18:32 ][Adrienne] "Nero!" Adrienne attempts to recall him before he escapes.
  129. [00:18:47 ][@Doxy] roll stelf
  130. [00:19:07 ][Adrienne] 2d6+1 AP
  131. [00:19:07 ][CritSenpai] AP: 4 [2d6=2,1]
  132. [00:19:11 ][@Doxy] 3d6
  133. [00:19:11 ][CritSenpai] 3d6: 8 [3d6=1,6,1]
  134. [00:19:40 ][@Doxy] Nero makes good on his escape, dodging the recall beam by dashing behind some cushions
  135. [00:20:31 ][@Doxy] "... Yes, discipline is definitely needed." "Really just tire him out."  The last one mutters something darkly about "Boob terrorists"
  136. [00:25:11 ]* Adrienne looks greatly annoyed, ball held at the ready in case he pops out. Arceus forbid he tunnel out. "Yeah, I've been trying to do the discipline thing, sorry."
  137. [00:27:58 ][@Doxy] "Maybe uh, find someone BETTER at it." "Emily behave - but uhm, there's nothing wrong with asking for help!" "If you have any friends that specialize in Pokemon Behavior, they could certainly help." "Alternatively, he might grow out of it on his own - specially if he meets a challenge he can't beat in his current state."
  138. [00:30:59 ]* Adrienne quickly and one-handedly takes notes. If Nero hasn't shown himself by the time Adrienne's finished taking her (admittedly brief and chicken-scratchy) notes, she'll bring out Arthur to try and flush Nero out. Maybe that'll work better than just waiting for the Hellbaby to come out on his own.
  139. [00:31:10 ][Adrienne] ... If the sisters are okay with this kind of thing. Of course.
  140. [00:31:34 ][@Doxy] Oh, he's clearly out of the tent
  141. [00:33:23 ][@Doxy] "A-anyway, you have a good crop of Pokemon!" "So good job!" "Except for that last one!" "Emily!" "Emily!" "Ahem, if you would like our services again, please visit us in Widowgrass! Our store has a wide variety of Pokemon Services~"
  142. [00:35:17 ]* Adrienne swears under her breath when she realizes Nero's disappeared from the tent. "Thanks. I'll try and get your top back from Nero. In the meantime, could you do a therapy session with my Arbok?" Adrienne does not know how to word wanting to have Rami's Intimidate ability switched to Shed Skin in an IC manner. But she wants that.
  143. [00:39:34 ][@Doxy] "Of course~" "You can pick her up later tonight~" "Bring my top." "Emily!"
  144. [00:39:37 ][@Doxy] </mini>
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