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  1. local ScrollingFrame ="ScrollingFrame") -- The scrolling frame of animations
  2. local CheckR ="TextLabel") -- Check if R15 or R6
  3. local ScrollingFrameR15 ="ScrollingFrame") -- The scrolling frame of R15 animations
  5. local CrazySlash ="TextButton")--COMPLETE
  6. local Open ="TextButton")--COMPLETE
  7. local R15Spinner ="TextButton")--COMPLETE
  8. local ArmsOut ="TextButton")--COMPLETE
  9. local FloatSlash ="TextButton")--COMPLETE
  10. local WeirdZombie ="TextButton")--COMPLETE
  11. local DownSlash ="TextButton")--COMPLETE
  12. local Pull ="TextButton")--COMPLETE
  13. local CircleArm ="TextButton")--COMPLETE
  14. local Bend ="TextButton")--COMPLETE
  15. local RotateSlash ="TextButton")--COMPLETE
  16. local FlingArms ="TextButton")--COMPLETE
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