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  1. [23:40:58]  <shaun413>  I am crying
  2. [23:44:10]  <Capricious>    Why are you crying, shaun413
  3. [23:44:30]  <shaun413>  Because I'm sad
  4. [23:45:30]  <Lola>  shaun413: make a list of all the good things in your life that you are grateful for
  5. [23:46:04]  <shaun413>  Nothing
  6. [23:46:07]  <shaun413>  I hate everything
  7. [23:46:38]  <Lola>  I am disabled and live in poverty
  8. [23:46:58]  <Lola>  I'm pretty frucking sure you have things in your life that are good
  9. [23:48:03]  <Lola>  Like a place to live, food, friends, etc. You have to get out of the mindset where the only thing you think about is negative stuff.
  10. [23:51:58]  <shaun413>   I live in a home where I am abused constantly
  11. [23:52:05]  <shaun413>  I don't have friends
  12. [23:52:09]  <Capricious>    Who is abusing you?
  13. [23:52:14]  <shaun413>  Parents
  14. [23:52:19]  <Capricious>    Why?
  15. [23:52:25]  <shaun413>  Idk?
  16. [23:53:14]  <jesusgrande>   can we all hug
  17. [23:54:55]  <Capricious>    Lola is right though.  Having gratitude helps mentally.
  18. [23:55:58]  <Lola>  Why don't you leave shaun413 ?
  19. [23:56:20]  <Lola>  My parents were also abusive
  20. [23:56:35]  <Lola>  I left when I was a teenager
  21. [23:56:38]  <shaun413>  You want to give me money to leave?
  22. [23:57:12]  <Lola>  you don't need money to leave and gp to a shelter dude
  23. [23:57:49]  <Lola>  I was homeless before and ot was still better than being with my parents
  24. [23:58:20]  <Lola>  You just need the will to leave
  25. [00:00:11]  <Lola>  Do you have a job now ?
  26. [00:00:15]  <shaun413>  No
  27. [00:01:13]  <Lola>  Ok, start picking up gigs on craigslist. Clean houses, collect cans, apply for welfare, get the fuck out.
  28. [00:01:22]  <Lola>  Reach out to fami
  29. [00:01:30]  <Lola>  Family and friends to help
  30. [00:01:41]  <shaun413>  No
  31. [00:01:47]  <shaun413>  I cant
  32. [00:01:51]  <Lola>  Why ?
  33. [00:01:55]  <shaun413>  I don't want to fucking move
  34. [00:01:58]  <shaun413>  Let alone work
  35. [00:02:04]  <shaun413>  I want to slit my throat
  36. [00:03:06]  <Lola>  Then go to therapy and take meds and if the abuse is bad call adu
  37. [00:03:14]  <Lola>  Adult Protective Services
  38. [00:03:26]  <Lola>  They will put you into a different living situation
  39. [00:05:02]  <caze>  How do your parents abuse you?
  40. [00:05:25]  <shaun413>  I don't need meds
  41. [00:05:32]  <shaun413>  I need to fix my shit hormone levels
  42. [00:09:52]  <shaun413>  Idk how
  43. [00:10:02]  <shaun413>  Sure I can take hormone shots for the rest of my life
  44. [00:10:15]  <shaun413>  Or I can try exercise? Diet? Vitamin d zinc
  45. [00:10:24]  <shaun413>  But maybe the hormone issues are causing that
  46. [00:10:38]  <shaun413>  Is not like I'm just kinda low or on the low end
  47. [00:10:47]  <shaun413>  I'm clinically off the charted reference range
  48. [00:11:17]  <shaun413>  My mother refuses to believe it's a legitimate medical issye
  49. [00:11:47]  <shaun413>  Despite studies showing links to heart issues, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, bone density loss
  50. [00:12:04]  <shaun413>  Many of which I'm already exhibiting symptoms
  51. [00:12:24]  <shaun413>  This shit is destroying my lige
  52. [00:12:26]  <shaun413>  Life
  53. [00:15:39]  <shaun413>  Just kill me
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