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  1. Hi all.
  3. Sorry that it took me so long to really talk to any of you. For a long time I just didn't really know what words to say. I still don't. I'm not here to make any of you feel bad about what happened. You shouldn't feel bad. You each did what you thought was right for you, and I respect that. I always just wanted everyone to enjoy the game together.
  5. I guess I want to try to defend myself, because I feel like a lot of what happened took place in conversations that I didn't even know about, without any chance of me being allowed to talk about it. But it's in the past now, so there's not really any reason to debate it. If anyone does want to hear our side of what happened, feel free to hit me up.
  7. Honestly, I felt lost. Watching you guys leave was heartbreaking. I felt like I'd lost a huge chunk of my friends and life. Part of my identity. But, at the same time, it was a wake-up call. If there was confusion over the goals of the guild, and the amount of time we expected people to put into this game, then the officers were to blame. And, if any officers didn't realise what our goals were, then I was to blame. Now, we can focus on rebuilding a strong team, making our cutting edge aim clear and transparent.
  9. I know that, for some of you, there was a lot of pressure to leave, because the way it had been set up, you would have been unable to raid at all had you not. I get that. The whole thing was quite well planned. Reaction has always had quite a unique goal. We don't race for ranks at the risk of burnout or real-life compromise, but we always see all of the content, and keep a friendly atmosphere while doing it. If you happen to share the same goals, you know where to find us.
  11. And to Gak: I know we wound each other up a bit the night before you left, but I honestly thought that we were still friends. I never meant you any ill will, or ever expressed any. I've met a lot of great people through this game, and I was counting you amongst them. I'm sad that it's not turned out that way, and I'm sorry if you felt unwelcome in the guild or the officer team. I hope you're happier now. Look after everyone.
  13. Yax
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