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  1. One thing to kick out some old bozos and regimes out of power they can't handle responsibly. Not enough. We could need open resilient Adminstration software. map with layers, realtime and recorded data. Changeable map service beneath the frame. Trolls ousted, astroturfers outed, smpambotters doxed. Public... "adminster thy own areas, and ask from anyone around the world".
  2. What do we need bureaus and palaces and popularity trivia campaigns for ? past time for sociomaniacs to plot vs. each other ? Like combination of soil, weather, traffic, map and graigslist, project map... ? Single smartphone has enough power to calculate all the transport material flows of whole eurasia... what do we need massive net-illiterate powerdressers and bureaus to jam that up, for ? (software: resilient. decentralized. all services and functional parts interchangeable on the fly if need be... if google maps crumples up, then open street maps, then state map archives ? If ISP company goes rotten... then switch to local freedom tower, or plug to existing dark bandwidth (where applicable) ? )
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