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  1. >Tamakoma's seniors have returned...!?
  3. Konami: (looking at her phone) "You two should sit as well."
  4. Osamu: "The two Tamakoma branch seniors... I wonder what kind of people they are."
  5. >Unable to calm down, Reiji-san is fidgeting around
  6. Reji: "C'mon, your collar is twisted." (fixes Chika's clothes)
  8. Yuma: "Reiji-san seems kind of antsy don't you think?"
  9. Konami: "Don't pay him too much mind. It's normal."
  10. Usami: "They've returned!"
  11. Kronin: "We're back."
  12. Yuri: "We're home~!"
  14. Konami "You're back~!"
  15. Reiji: "Welcome back!"
  16. "Shall I take your luggage to your room?"
  17. Yuri: "Luggage? We don't have any. We shipped it back home with an express delivery company."
  18. Reiji: "Ah, is that so."
  19. "As expected of Yuri-san."
  20. Yuri: "Yup, fufufu."
  22. Yuma: "Oho."
  23. Yuri: "Ah"
  24. "Osamu-kun"
  25. "Yuma-kun"
  26. "Chika-chan"
  27. "Hyuse-kun"
  28. "A pleasure to meet you, I'm Rindou Yuri."
  29. "I am Branch Director Rindou's niece."
  31. [Tamakoma Branch Operator]
  32. [Rindou Yuri (24)]
  34. Kronin: "Michael Kronin."
  35. "Canadian."
  37. [Tamakoma Branch Engineer]
  38. [Headquarters Chief Engineer]
  39. [Michael Kronin (32)]
  41. Kronin: "...Or, do they already know? Kirie-jou*?" (*I'm assuming a shortened, less formal version of "ojou-san/chan/etc.")
  42. Konami: "They know. I already told them."
  43. Yuri: "I heard all about everyone while on the phone with Shiori-chan. Don't feel nervous about our first meeting."
  44. "It's nice to meet you all."
  45. Yuma: "Nice to meet you, too."
  47. Osamu: "It's a pleasure to meet you."
  48. Kornin: "A pleasure."
  50. >And then Branch Director Rindou and Youtaro enter
  51. Rindou: "Thanks for the hard work"
  52. Youtaro: "Welcome back!"
  54. Yuri: "Uncle."
  55. "Youtaro."
  56. Kronin: "Rindou-dono."
  57. "We've just returned."
  58. >Kronin bows his head
  59. Rindou: "Mhmm."
  61. >And then he kneels before Youtaro
  62. Kronin: "It's wonderful that Young Master seems well."
  63. Youtaro: "Mm, good work, Kronin."
  64. "Yuri-chan, Yuri-chan." (while beckoning with his hand)
  65. "My prospective bride." (introducing Chika)
  66. Yuri: "Oh my~ I thought I was going to be your bride, wasn't I?"
  67. Youtaro: "Yuri-chan is my first bride. Chika-chan will be my second."
  68. Reiji: "It's not good to be greedy, Youtaro..."
  69. Osamu: "Reiji-san, calm down."
  71. Kronin: "He's the one from Afrakrator?"
  72. Usami: "That's right."
  73. Kronin: "He's quite handsome isn't he, Shiori-jou?"
  74. Usami: "We've set things up so that Hyuse-kun is supposedly Kronin-san's relative."
  75. Kronin: "Let's get along, son." (as he extends his hand)
  76. >Silently, Hyuse shakes hands
  78. Usami: "Isn't being your son a little much?"
  79. Kronin: "Then my nephew."
  81. Rindou: "Thanks for your efforts while out recruiting. Was it tough?"
  82. Yuri: "We had fun! Since Kusakabe Squad and Katagiri Squad were full of good kids."
  84. Kronin: "Who's your next match with?"
  85. Osamu: "Kageura Squad, Azuma Squad, and Suzunari First."
  86. Usami: "They're all teams that we've fought before."
  87. Osamu: "Right."
  89. Yuma: "Since we lost recently to Kageura-senpai and Azuma-san, we're taking revenge."
  90. Konami: "What are the scores like?"
  91. Usami: "1st Ninomiya Squad 37 points"
  92. "2nd Kageura Squad 34 points"
  93. "3rd Ikoma Squad 30 points"
  94. "4th is Tamakoma Second (us) with 30 points"
  95. "There's a four point difference between us and second place."
  96. "In the case of a tie in points, the teams that started the season with a higher ranking is placed first."
  97. Chika: "In two matches we need five points to rank higher than Kageura Squad or else..."
  98. Reiji: "Don't just assume you can ignore the other teams."
  100. Osamu: "Like so, the situation seems extremely difficult, but the current us and the past us are different."
  101. "We have the wire formation and Kuga's new techniques. There's also Chika's lead bullet sniping."
  102. "Above all else, we have the new potential of Hyuse."
  103. "In the next match, even in a direct confrontation with Kageura Squad, this will be our biggest chance."
  104. Usami: "That's right!"
  106. Kronin: "...And so, the first thing you have to do is..."
  107. "Figure out the new member's trigger set."
  108. "Follow me, Hyuse. I'll show you the triggers."
  109. Osamu: "...! Thank you very much!"
  110. Kronin: "Anyone above B rank can help with trigger set consulting and tuning.
  111. "It's not anything special."
  112. Yuma: "I'm coming, too."
  114. Usami: "We're going to review our opponents' most recent matches."
  115. Osamu: "Yes!"
  116. Usami: "That's right, Osamu-kun. You'll be staying overnight from today on, right?"
  117. Osamu: "Right, thank you very much for accomodating me."
  118. Usami: "Then we need to get you a room ready. You can't use the guest room since that's where Yuma-kun is."
  119. Konami: "Are you going to be staying at the Tamakoma Branch (our place) the whole time?"
  120. Osamu: "Yeah, since it's closer to the Headquarters than my home."
  121. Konami: "What about school?"
  122. Osamu: "We're already done with classes and on break so it'll be okay."
  123. Konami: "That reminds me, you're going to enter a high school, right?" (*Only up to middle school is compulsory in Japan)
  124. Osamu: "It's been decided that Kuga and I will go to Mikado Daiichi with Border's recommendation."
  125. Konami: "Hmm, sounds like you've got it easy."
  127. Yuri: "Chika-chan, what are you doing after this?"
  128. Chika: "At 4 I have combined sniping practise."
  129. Yuri: "Then, until you have to go, can you help get Osamu-kun's room ready?"
  130. Chika: "...!"
  131. Yuri: "Along with Reiji-kun."
  132. Reiji: "!"
  133. "Yes, with pleasure!"
  135. >Reiji notices the pleased glance that Chika gives him
  136. Reiji: "...What?"
  137. Chika: "Nothing."
  139. >Halfway through deciding one side of his trigger set, Hyuse and co.
  140. Kronin: "You're main will be Kougetsu?"
  141. Hyuse: "For the time being, but I also want a bullet trigger. After that..."
  142. "Hey, Yuuma"
  143. "That guy isn't... Torimaru isn't coming today?"
  144. Yuma: "Torimaru-senpai has his part-time until evening."
  145. Hyuse: ""Part-time"...?"
  146. "Well, it's fine in any case."
  147. "Torimaru used it before. I want the trigger that raises a shield out of the ground."
  148. >Hyuse remembers the time Torimaru used Escudo during the Afto invasion
  150. Kronin: "You mean "Escudo" then."
  151. "It's old and uses up a lot of trion, so there aren't a lot of members who use it..."
  152. Hyuse: "I'm prioritising the elements that the current Tamakoma Second is lacking."
  153. Yuma: "If you want a shield-user, there's also Jin-san. You could have him teach you how to use it."
  154. Hyuse: "...I don't want to be taught by that guy."
  155. "For the bullet trigger, the one Torimaru used that bends will be good."
  156. "There's that Nasu person in B rank that uses it."
  157. Kronin: "Viper then, okay."
  159. >Hyuse's trigger set
  160. >Main: Kougetsu, Senkuu, Shield, (free)
  161. >Sub: Viper, Escudo, Shield, Bagworm
  163. Kronin: "What are you going to put in the last space?"
  164. Hyuse: "No, this is good for now."
  165. "Yuma."
  166. "I'm going to test it out. Come with me."
  167. Yuma: "Oh, sounds good."
  169. >The scene changes to Reiji and Yuri-san cleaning a room
  171. Yuri: "Isn't it about time for you to go, Chika-chan?"
  172. Chika: "Ah, you're right."
  173. "Then, I'll be going."
  174. Yuri: "All right, be careful on your way."
  175. "(I wonder if Yuma-kun also left for some individual rank wars?)"
  177. >And then they call Osamu to the tidied room
  178. Yuri: "From today on, you can use this room."
  179. "There might be a few belongings from the last person left behind, but don't mind it."
  180. Osamu: "Yes, thank you very much."
  181. "(The last person... I wonder whose room this used to be.)"
  183. >Ossamu's eyes then drift towards the top of the door
  184. >It's severely faded, but the characters "Kido" are there
  185. Osamu: "...!"
  186. ""Kido"...?"
  188. >Up there he finds the same family name as the Headquarters Director...!?
  190. >Next time, "The previous resident" and Tamakoma Branch's unavoidable thoughtless actions lead to!?
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