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  3. Serenity : Serenity hadn't been in New York for too long, but enough to have established herself as one of the top doctors at New York Mercy General. She was a general doctor, but she could do other things in a pinch, including surgery and E.R. rotations. Today she was standing at a desk near the nurse's station dealing with some paperwork, it had been a quiet evening and the woman didn't have the headache from hell, so she took a moment to do what she needed to do. She was small, only at five foot two, very simple look. Mousy hair that was tied back in a bun, deep brown eyes and pale skin with pale lips. She wore a pair of green scrubs under her lab coat and a pair of glasses rested on her nose. "Do you have the files for Mister Johnson?" She asked the nurse with a thick Irish accent. She was rewarded with a yes doctor and a file was handed over to her and she thanked her as she turned to lean against the counter. She was busy, a very busy woman but she had come here for a few reasons. She>
  5. Serenity : had come to find her daughter, but she had yet to have any luck, she knew nothing about the man or where he had gone when he left with her child. She had spent many nights crying over the lose of her child and what he had done to her. SHe spent so much time drinking to forget and crying when she remembered. She frowned a moment as she pushed those thoughts aside. What would she do when she found her anyway? She didn't know anything about her. She closed her eyes a moment before she opened them again, a soft pain started at the back of her left eye and she brought a hand to pull her glasses off and press her palm to it* "Are you alright doctor?" The nurse asked and she nodded. "Yeah I'll be fine" She smiled reassuringly.~
  7. SιlεηтSριdϵя : .: Home life was... difficult. She for the most part avoided her actual home and preferred to stay with one of her friends from school, in hells kitchen. It was... easy enough to avoid trouble, even for someone with her handicaps. Her father didn't seem to be concerned with her disappearances, she wasn't even sure he noticed. -- Though, there have been times when she was sure that he did. Lee didn't feel anything bad towards him, even if he had been a complete piece of<C>
  9. SιlεηтSριdϵя : .: work. Still, for some reason, she bore no ill will; outside of indifference at this point. She didn't trust him at all. She shouldn't, and she couldn't, the city was always so restless. She looked down on it from the top of street light. She was wearing her gear, crouching there to watch the people below. She had a high tech hearing aid on *Courtesy of her father. He bought it for her.* It was useful, it helped her to hear what was going on in the city. <C>
  11. SιlεηтSριdϵя : .: The only time she wore it was when she was in her suit though. There was suddenly tingling in the back of her mind, and the lenses of her mask narrowed a little, and with that she was off. From her good ear, she could hear the sound of gunfire. She took to swinging, but when she arrived as the scene, the armed robber was getting away. A few quick shots with the web shooter and he was pinned to the ground. Her black and white converse hit the ground and she was bolting <C>
  15. SιlεηтSριdϵя : .: towards the alley. Her first instinct was to web up the wound, but it was only a bandaid. She didn't talk, she stopped speaking out trauma. Still, the next step was getting him to the hospital, despite her size, super strength allowed her to lift the man and carry him off to the nearest Emergency room. *New York Mercy General.* When she got into the emergency room, she walked the wounded man into the ER, everyone stopped. //Is that..?// She looked at the ER Doctors <C>
  17. SιlεηтSριdϵя : .: and started to sign at them. < He's been shot. > Any other spider person probably wouldn't have stuck around to ensure he got treatment, but she stayed with him. Signing at him < It will be okay. > without even a thought that the could understand her. :.
  21. Serenity : The spider person came in and she cocked her head a moment but didn't have time to really study her as she moved forward. "Doctor Kavanaugh" One of the nurses who was with orderlies getting the injured man on a gurney. She moved over, her sneakers squealing against the floor as she moved, her eyes moving past the silent spider as she moved quickly. "Get him to OR1 and paged Doctor Hunting, he'll have to do the surgery, I will get him stabilized" She called out in her heavy Irish Accent as she started to do stuff to make sure the patient was not going to die between now and the time he got to the OR. (I'm to tired and lazy to put in medical terms) Her gloved hands were covered in blood as they stabilized the man and sent him away. She sighed softly as she brought up the sleeve of her lab coat to her face to wipe off the sweat, a nurse bringing her a bag to toss the blood covered gloves in. "Thank you" She replied softly. That headache becoming worse as she reached into her pocket.>
  23. Serenity : She pulled out a bottle and took two pills out swallowing them quickly with no liquid before shoving the bottle back into the pocket and turning to see if the spider was still there. "Thank you" She spoke to her if she was there, thanking her for bringing the guy in~
  25. SιlεηтSριdϵя : .: There was something oddly familiar about the Doctor. For a moment Lee seemed to study her, watching her quietly as she worked. Lee seemed to watch quietly, watching as the doctors worked on the mugging victim. She could turn her head turning until her good ear was more or less facing them, she picked up the accent. Though, there wasn't anyway to know if it was familiar to her or not. Her last name? That seemed familiar she'd seen the name in her father's files <C>
  29. SιlεηтSριdϵя : .: when she went snooping around his office one night. *It had been something he said when she was talking to him. He'd triggered a thought in her head.* She never confronted him about it though. He wouldn't have told her the truth, he'd have told her the same story. Lee looked at Doctor Kavanaugh again and nodded her head while giving a thumbs up. Her spider suit looked nice enough, she probably designed most of it herself and used resources in her father's lab -- and <C>
  31. DirectorBarton : The city was getting dark, people were still running about though and the Director of SHIELD? Well between building files and dealing with remnants of organizations that should long have been gone so she was busy. She had been out fighting remnants of Hydra as they seemed to decide with Fury gone they could come out of the woodwork. Dressed in an all black leather suit, ties up the front, low cut, a hood upon her head, well it wasn't on her head anymore as it rested against her>
  33. DirectorBarton : back, there was blood on her, a cut to her side, and a cut across her cheek, it was pretty bad, bad enough to need stitches but for the moment, she didn't go to a hospital, she stood on the roof top she was on, bleeding for a moment as she rested her hand against her side as she breathed heavily . Her dark hair had falling out of the tight style she had out it in. She wasn't going to die, but she sure as hell was in a lot of pain. Her bow and quiver rested on the ground by her>
  35. SιlεηтSριdϵя : .: to some extent Oscorp. Though, she was trying to get better tech connections, like with Stark or one of the other tech businesses. Someone a little more... benevolent, she's had to make due with what she has and so far it hasn't been terrible. Still, there was a desire for finding another 'sponsor.' She needed to get an internship somewhere, but she was still in highschool and she wasn't sure where to begin. She had time to figure it out, but for now, she seemed to <C>
  37. DirectorBarton : feet. there was a reason that people didn't like when the Director went out by herself, but that was how she worked, she had always done this as an agent and it was no difference as a Director. She rested her back against a wall behind her and lowered herself to a sitting position. True she was losing blood, but she'd be alright if she could get off this damn roof and to medical help. She sighed deeply as she leaned her head back and closed her eyes.~
  39. SιlεηтSριdϵя : .: be standing there. *The actual reason she's standing there is because shes thinking.* Also, she has no place else to be so this was the perfect time to figure herself out right? *Because the middle of a busy hospital was the best place to do that. Oh Lee.* She didn't want to go home at the moment, good thing it was summer break. :.
  41. Serenity : Cocking her head to the side, she watched the spider creature for a moment. she looked young, like she was still a child and she wondered but she didn't say anything as she grabbed her head. Gods the headaches were getting worse and worse. She made a noise as she reached for the counter, none of the nurses seemed to move to help her because for them this was normal. She gripped the side of the counter until passed and she stood up straight though she could feel the nose bleed, so she brought her hand up. "I'm sorry" she spoke to the silent spider who was still standing in the middle of the waiting room. "You look lost." She didn't know how or why, but the girl just looked out of place. "I need caffeine do you have somewhere to be or do you want to go with me?" Yes the woman was kind, offering her something to drink, coffee, tea, water... whatever she wanted.~
  43. Count Dracula : -: The smell of blood was a typical scent in this town. The blood flowed freely here, what with domestic abuse, violent crime, and even foul deeds that turned the undead's stomach to nausea. So when he caught the scent at first the scent was awash in the tide of other smells. But it would only be lost in that tide for a moment. After drinking of her blood he knew it enough to tell it apart from the riffraff of the city. So he would appear stepping from a shadow like a ghost from the >
  45. Count Dracula : darkness. "You are wounded" He made comment, the scent was rich and fresh, the blood still flowing freely from her side. He didn't approach, there was no need at this time to be that near to the Director. "Trouble at work?" His words held a formal tone but his lip curled as he spoke. This should be a good story after all. :-
  47. DirectorBarton : The man stepped out of the shadows and it might of startled a normal person, but this woman was used to this kind of thing. She turned her head from where she sat. She was pressing her hand to her side, ignoring the lesser cut on her face. Her lips curled slightly even as he made an obvious statement. "Is it that obvious?" Her tone soft but there was a hint of sarcasm in her tone, but amusement as well. Her eyes closed once more as he asked her. Her lips parted slightly. "maybe">
  49. DirectorBarton : there was no reason to actually say yes, the way she was dressed, the bow and quiver she had on the groud and her wounds were answer enough. She had a soft scent of vanilla to her, her blood almost a cinnamon scent to it. She turned to look up at him. "What brings you to this neighborhood, Count? Surely you weren't worried about little old me" There was a tease in her tone, she could easily take care of herself~
  53. Count Dracula : -: The vampire smiled as he slowly took a step toward her "I caught your scent in the wind." He held his hand up as if to catch the wind as it blew on by. "Its unmistakable after I have had a taste" He would walk up beside her looking out over the city and he never looked at her wounds "So why come up here, expecting a medivac helicopter to make a house call?" He asked with the same amused tone she had. "Or were you perhaps holding someone could help you downstairs?" :-
  55. DirectorBarton : Her lips curled slightly at his words. "Did yuo enjoy it? My taste?" She didn't know if each person had a different taste if he preferred others or not, but she didn't ask as much as her mind wanted ot know, she left it alone for the moment, Her eyes moved to him when he asked her about that as she pulled herself to her feet, moaning slightly in pain. She pressed her side once more. Her eyes moved to him. "Nah, believe it or not, I'm quite good at traveling rooftops without>
  57. DirectorBarton : magic or whatever it is you do" She shrugged her shoulders before she moved to stand beside him to look over the city. "I was fighting bad guys," She grunted lightly. "I'm not as young as I used to be" Yet she looked rather young for a woman almost fifty ~
  61. SιlεηтSριdϵя : .: Lee blinked under her mask, finally coming to life again, there were a few gazes around the waiting room. She noticed that she was looked at by a few people, mostly children. The words from the Doctor had Lee's attention. She immediately started to sign. < Its okay. Maybe a little lost. > She signed to her. Again, totally assuming everyone knows ASL. IT doesn't always occur to her, even if she did speak, her voice would probably be a little off due to her partial <C>
  65. SιlεηтSριdϵя : .: deafness. Anyways, she perked up at the word caffeine and then nodded her head. Lee approached the woman after giving a thumbs up, evidently she did want to go with the Doctor. After all, it wasn't like she had any place to be, she wasn't the only spider person in the city, she had some awareness of that anyways. Though, she'd never personally met the other one, she was aware of his existence. Lee had yet to cross paths with him so for now she was sort of swinging <C>
  69. SιlεηтSριdϵя : .: solo. Just because she was self conscious about rather or not she was understood, she made a drinking motion with her hand and nodded her head again, adding in an additional thumbs up. She wasn't born deaf, it was something that happened over the years of her Father's experimentation.:.
  73. Count Dracula : -: He listened to her and he was not surprised that the woman was on the job recently. She seemed the sort to get her own hands dirty and this just made him more sure of her behavior. "That I am afraid is a bit personal" he remarked in response to her asking if he enjoyed her taste. "A gentlemen never kisses and tells." He clarified as he looked slowly over to her "You might be good at movement, but a wounded rib is a real pain for mobility." He could smell it seeping into her clothing. >
  75. Count Dracula : "Shall I escort you down to a medical staff?" He thought aloud "Or" He left that hanging in the air and held out his hand for her to take. "Come along then." :-
  77. Serenity : The woman had a weird sense, it was like she knew what the girl was saying. It was like there was a weird connection, her lips curled slightly as she nodded. "Let's go to my office, we can have privacy" She would led her to the elevator and should she follow, up to her private office where she closed the door. She started a pot of coffee before she moved to pull a few clothing off the couch. "please sit." Her lips curled as she watched her. "I've been an ally to many masked hereos, if you need anything, Don't be afraid to ask." She smiled before she moved toward the coffee that was now finished and poured a cup for each. She didn't add anything to hers. "What would you like?"~
  79. Mσгηıηgsταг : .: Moonlight was running smoothly, the former Archangel saw to that. It has been about 20 some odd years since he escaped hell for the final time. Some years before that, he had escaped but had been put right back down in hell after he was defeated by the ghost rider. There was a man he was still angry with, sometimes Lucifer found himself seething at the very thought of it. The expression on his face currently was somewhat neutral, but there was an underlying tone of <C>
  81. DirectorBarton : "Personal huh? You did do it to me, so I'd say it was personal for me too" Her eyes moved to him as she laughed softly, her body aching and she coughed slightly. She shook her head lightly before she looked over the city once more. "Eh, it's the price one must pay to keep this place safe, though I wonder if it's worth it sometimes." She shrugged her shoulders. She questioned things all the time, but she did her job and she did it well. Her eyes moved to him as he asked her if>
  83. DirectorBarton : she wanted him to escort her to medical staff until he continued before she coiuld answer. Her brow rose as he held out his hand for her. It took a moment before the gloved hand of the small Director rested in his. She didn't know why she trusted him, he could easily kill her but he didn't, he had the chance the other night. Instead he had treated her to dinner, tasted her blood and let her go. She ran her tongue over her bottom lip as her hand rested in him.~
  85. Mσгηıηgsταг : .: anger. So much so that the wine glass he was holding in his hand was suddenly crushed. The shards of glass stuck into his flesh, the red wine ran down his hand and wrist. This startled his niece from a dead sleep, she jumped up and looked at him with wide eyes. He did not seem to be phased by it either way, but he did allow her to remove the glass and clean the wine away. She didn't ask him what was wrong, but she didn't need too, he knew what she was thinking. <C>
  87. Mσгηıηgsταг : .: //Don't concern yourself with me. You should go to bed.// he told her. She'd fallen asleep on the couch, and he had been sitting there. Ariel pushed him into a moral grey area, as much as he tried to resist her he couldnt. :.
  89. SιlεηтSριdϵя : .: Lee nodded and then followed Serenity to her office, she wasn't entirely sure about any of this but she wasn't getting any weird feelings. So once they were inside the Silent Spider sat down on the couch and looked towards the coffee cups. Her eyes looking down to the coffee cups and then her head tilted when she heard that the Doctor had been an alley to masked heroes before. It was hard to tell under the mask, so she actually lifted it up a little, enough to show <C>
  93. SιlεηтSριdϵя : .: her mouth, and she smiled at those words. Still, she probably wouldn't unmask herself just yet, but who knows in the future! She had a pair of snake bite piercings in the corners of her mouth. Fortunately they didn't catch the cloth of the mask when she put it on or took it off. There had to be a better way to communicate, maybe she should go back to therapy and try to get help. Did she really want to speak again? Actually, yes she kind of does. Her eyes looking to <C>
  95. SιlεηтSριdϵя : .: Serenity when she asked what she wanted to drink. After a moment she walked over to the cups of coffee and pointed at one and then gave a thumbs up. *Of course she drinks coffee, she cant fight crime all night without being hopped up on expresso!* She would take the other cup if it was offered. Black, but with sugar, thats how she liked her coffee. -- Just like a goth punk kid. :.
  97. Mσгηıηgsταг : .: Morningstar remembered everything that had happened over the course of his long life, he'd lead an army to protect the world against the demon, and then after that he used that army to lead a rebellion against his father. He is not sorry for it, the only thing he was sorry about was the fact he had to spend centuries, millions of years in hell. All because he was throwing a tantrum, he was jealous and felt that the humans hadn't be worthy of the love of god <C>
  99. Serenity : Smiling at her a moment when she lifted her mask enough to see her smiling. "I"m not asking you to unmask, just asking that you trust me , which I know won't be easy." Her eyes moved to her once more as she brought her own coffee to her lips. Her eyes lingered on the young girl as she leaned down against her desk. Her office looked like she lived there with a little private bathroom and some clothes resting on the back of the door on a hook. She sighed softly as she watched her take her coffee. She didn't mind that she drank it. She yawned a bit. "You seemed like you needed something to do" ~
  101. Mσгηıηgsταг : .: he resented them. After all, Lucifer was the favorite son, and then the lord created the monkeys and that all went down the drain. He was getting better, slowly reforming, slowly losing his 'devil face.' He wasn't actively fighting it, but he was making sure to take his time. After his defeat at the hands of the Ghostrider, he was returned to hell and was only released again by a careless act from a warlock. That warlock was sending his father to hell. In the process,<C>
  105. Mσгηıηgsταг : .: he was allowed to escape. He had to be summoned, he had to be called. At this point? He is still resentful, however, he doesn't wish to expend the effort or energy in breaking God's toys. No, he could do that all by himself. He was quick to anger, and his patience was short, but with Ariel he wasn't as short tempered. -- He tried not to be though, but sometimes the devil comes out. :.
  109. SιlεηтSριdϵя : .: She sipped the coffee, and then set it down on the desk, it was good for a spark of energy. Lee wasn't tired though, she'd only been out for a few hours and so far she'd only managed to stop an armed robber, but not before the victim was shot. For this time, she too studied the Doctor, a smile was still present on her lips and her body seemed to wiggle a little. It was nice, the coffee, and for some reason this interaction helped her feel better. There had always been <C>
  111. DetectiveHightower Was there a reason? Sure, just because you don't know it doesn't mean there isn't one. Perhaps there isn't one. Questions that boggle the mind if spent too long on a particular subject. After the day; the homicide detective investigated a double murder that was linked to gang violence. She was called to a home where the husband shot and killed his wife and two children, then himself. Now, the serial rapists that had been on the loose was spotted outside of Moonlight. -c
  113. Count Dracula : -: He took her hand and he brought it to his lips and he kissed it gently before he said "This may hurt" he lifted her up into his arms and he seemed to carry her weight effortlessly, likes she weighed next to nothing. He headed down the buildings fire escape with surprising speed and grace with the director barely feeling herself be jostled around at all and never touching a single piece of metal as he moved. Soon they would find themselves on the ground floor and he sat her down onto>
  115. Count Dracula : her feet gingerly. "Forgive me, but I do not know the way to your medical facilities, unless you want me to take you to the nearest hospital." He smirked as if he knew exactly where that was. :-
  117. DetectiveHightower Obvious place for him to be, a nightclub that harbored dozens of men and women every night having their fill of alcohol. Conscious enough of her situation, she knew she could not enter looking like the detective she was. Thus, she applied her womanly whiles upon herself, cleaning up quite nice. The form fitting dress wore more like a gown accentuating the natural curves of the woman. A split down the left leg offered an eye full of thigh with each step. This wasn't her -c
  119. SιlεηтSριdϵя : .: something missing. Her father wasn't much of a ladies man, he never brought female companions home. He was obsessed with his work, Lee had first hand accounts of that. At this point she was looking for a mini dry erase board and a magic marker, that would likely be the easiest way to communicate. < I will be your friend, any friend to heroes is a friend to me. > she told the Doctor who mixture of sign and lip syncing. < Oh, yes, I'm always looking for things to do. > <C>
  121. DirectorBarton : Feeling him kiss her hand, she looked up at him, her cheeks pink as he told her that this might hurt, he pulled her into his arms as if she weighed nothing. She clung to his shoulder as he moved, her head buried against his neck. He felt good, it was weird for her, his body cool against hers. She felt her cheeks flush even more as they got to the bottom. Once he set her on her feet, she pressed her hand to her side once more. "No hospitals, no medical teams..." She could do>
  123. SιlεηтSριdϵя : .: at this point, she grinned and rubbed the back of her head. The hood was lowered but the mask remained there. :.
  125. DirectorBarton : this herself. "I just need a mirror and some needle and thread" Her eyes moved to him. Ifshe went to medical or the hospital, they would give her medical reason to sit out and she didn't want to sit out. She was too busy to be benched.~
  127. DetectiveHightower comfort style of attire, but it allowed her to fit in, even stand out a bit. If she could lure the man to her, that was even better. Around her right thigh rested a thin piece of fabric, much like a garner belt, though it held against her thigh the small knife she used for protection when she wasn't armed. Holding a small purse, though nothing was in it but a single picture and her badge, she stepped into the nightclub. A flash of the badge to the door man gave her access rather -c
  129. DetectiveHightower quickly. Also, a quick flash of the picture to him; though the doorman gave no inclination of having seen somebody of that description. Tonight was going to be a long night; there wouldn't be any trouble in having a few drinks. She started toward the bar.-f
  131. Serenity : Looking at her a moment, she reached for a pad of paper even though she understood basically what the girl was saying as she watched her a moment. She handed her the paper and pen then she smiled at her as she moved around to sit behind her desk. "I'm Doctor Kavanaugh" Her voice was clearly accented, her simply brown eyes moved to the girl once more as she smiled slightly. "Well I'm glad that e can be friends. I sometimes open a clinic in hell's kitchen for mutants and the like free of charge, perhaps if you need help yu can find me there" She smiled at her before she brought her drink to her lips. She looked tired as she worked through a headache. "How old are you?" She was curious, she didn't look that old she looked like a child.~
  133. Mσгηıηgsταг : .: Moonlight wasn't a typical nightclub, it was primarily a night oriented place, but sometimes there was activity during the day. It wasn't high class, but it was a classier sort of place to be. People dressed casually, but still nice; with the exception of Lucifer he always wears a suit. Still, there was classical or instrumental music playing, there wasn't a live band at the moment, more or less it was just ambiance. The bar any manner drink that she could want. <C>
  136. Mσгηıηgsταг : .: Sometimes, very rarely he might allow other types of music. More or less classic rock or the like. Sometimes blues or Jazz, it really depended on what the DJ felt like. He watched from the upper balcony and turned his head towards Ariel who still hadn't gone to bed like he asked, instead she'd walked up to the balcony with him. //What did I say?// he asked her. Of course, he wasn't going to force her, but he wasn't going to not work either. Where is is bartender? <C>
  140. Mσгηıηgsταг : .: No matter, he went down the stairs and approached the bar, the odd eyed man walked around it when he got there, looking to the Detective. //What can I get for you?// Josh must have taken the night off and Lucifer just forgot. His eyes were blue-green, but one pupil was permanently dilated which gave the illusion that he had mismatched eyes. :.
  144. Count Dracula : -: He turned his head as if wondering something. He would not object to her actions. She would need to take care of herself when he was not here. But seeing as he was here he decided this might be a fair time to be of use and put the Director a bit in his debt. "Then please, tell me where you wish to go. Do you have these things at your house?" He inquired, as if he didn't know where she lived or at least had an idea. :-
  146. DirectorBarton : "Not far from here" She stood a bit unsteady as she reached for his arm. She gave him a soft look before she told him the address, she know she would owe him but she didn't care at the moment. The address she gave him, when he brought her there was a small apartment inside a large apartment building, it was a one bedroom with a kitchen/eating area, a living area, a bathroom and a bedroom. It almost looked like a man could live there with the beer bottles, empty wiskey bottles>
  148. DirectorBarton : and the pizza boxes... she didn't do much cooking.~
  150. Serenity : thank you)
  152. DetectiveHightower Eleanor immediately pressed the small of her back against the bar counter when she reached it. Those blue eyes scanning over the few people she did see looking for the face of the man she was after. When the smooth baritone of a voice emerged behind her, Eleanor's head pivoted causing shoulder length hair to dance against her face until it settles back into place. Though slightly unkempt, it was her look, even in the resoundingly splendid gown she felt so uncomfortable in.-c
  154. DetectiveHightower Turning fully to meet his gaze, the black and white purse which matched the gown, opened so that she could pulled from it a picture. Setting it on the counter between them, she pushed it closer for him to inspect if he so desired. "Anything strong after the day I've had." After a moment of thought, she concluded, "Whiskey." Her fingernail tapping on the picture, making sure to keep his face in her view. "Have you seen this man?"-f
  156. Mσгηıηgsταг : .: The Morningstar reached up and grabbed the bottle of his strongest whiskey. He pulled down a glass too and then opened the bottle to pour the strong liquor in. He passed it to her, his eyes then lowered to the picture. For a moment he seemed to be concentrating, he did recall a similar looking fellow in the club before. //Yes, If I recall correctly, he might have been here the other night. It was busy, but there was a commotion and he was the center of it. // He <C>
  158. Mσгηıηgsταг : .: informed. He detests any sort of ruckus in here, especially ruckus that could have escalated into a fight. //He had a lot to drink, the bouncer threw him out when he got too rough with one of the female patrons.// He wasn't sure if The Dectective was aware of who the club catered too, there was no way to be sure of that. In short, he acts as a sanctuary for mutants and other beings who are not human. Even villains, provided they behave themselves. :.
  160. Mσгηıηgsταг : .: He hasn't missed the painful irony of that. :. ^
  162. Count Dracula : -: The count would not judge her taste in food and beverage. He did find it a little unbecoming for it to be left in this state but given her career it was understandable at the least. He told her "Remove your shirt and jacket." He spoke with authority and matter of fact. He had experience with the physical form so perhaps he might be working to help stitch up her side. But that was not exactly what he had in mind this evening, why waste the time with such primitive methods such>
  164. DetectiveHightower "Thank you." She stated, pulling the picture back to herself before slipping it back into the purse. "He is wanted for questions in connected with a string of rapes happening around the city. Your eye witness of his presence here helps narrow our search pattern." Fingers wrapping around the glass, she upturns the contents and empties the container in one swift motion. Sitting it back down, already feeling a bit better about the day. "If you haven't figured out already, I am a -c
  166. Count Dracula : as that. He would turn his back to give her time to remove said clothing, they carried the heavy scent of blood and he would have to inform her that the scent would never go away, not without many many washings. :-
  168. DirectorBarton : She wasn't expecting company and especially not company of his caliber. Her eyes moved to him when he told her to remove her jacket and her shirt. She did what he asked when he turned away from her. SHe would need to get it fixed or have a new one made. She looked to him a moment, to his back. She nibbled on her bottom lip, her heart actually slamming her chest as she looked him over. "Okay.." She was in a red bra and the leather pants, scars rested on her body, one on her>
  170. DetectiveHightower Police officer." Extending her hand out toward him, "Detective Eleanor Hightower, pleased to meet you." After the hand shake, whether he took her hand or not, she would push the shot glass closer to him. "One more please, to calm the nerves. I..." she started, before stopping, then deciding to continue. "I didn't get your name, Mr.?"-f
  172. DirectorBarton : left shoulder that went through to the other side, a matching one, above her heart, she was lucky she wasn't dead, and one more on her abdomen, another wound that looked like she was lucky to survive. She looked at him as she shifted, she felt shy as her cheeks turned pink once more. She had never just stood naked in front of another man without things happening. The wound was on her right side, just under where her bra stopped, it was still bleeding and it needed stitches.~
  174. Mσгηıηgsταг : .: His eyes widened a little, either he was feigning shock or he really was put off by what the Detective told him. It was hard to tell if the old, but former archangel had those types of emotions. //That's ghastly.// he told her. A string of rapes happening around the city? Part of him might have actually been concerned, but not for himself. That can kill business around here, if the patrons found out there was a serial rapist on the loose. The other part of that <C>
  176. Mσгηıηgsταг : .: concern was of course related to Ariel. *That wasn't a thing he'd admit. He was a cold hearted, degenerate creature of darkness, he doesn't have emotions.* In any case, he did a well enough job of masking his real thoughts and feelings, he was one angel that didn't quite display his emotions. He extended his hand and shook the Detective's own. //It nice a pleasure to meet you Detective.// He wondered how she would react to his name if he told her what it was. First <C>
  178. Mσгηıηgsταг : .: he poured her another drink after they finished the handshake. He doesn't have an alias, sure he tells people his name and they look at him funny, but outside of that there isn't much else to it. His identity as an angel was secret, but his name wasnt. //Lucifer Morningstar.// He paused when he noticed the shock of pink fur on the balcony, he saw Ariel heading to his office. Good enough, she could sleep on the couch. //My bouncer, Bruce should be available to speak to <C>
  180. Mσгηıηgsταг : .: //to you at the end of his shift if you wish. // :.
  182. DetectiveHightower Eleanor didn't give a surprised look, a devious look; nothing of the like. She just stared at him for a few moments in quaint disbelief before going on with the conversation. "You are under no obligation to give me your real name, so Mr. Morningstar it is." With that, she pulled the glass to her lips and kicked back the drink like a pro. Her eyes looked down at the shot glass, then over to where the shot glasses were rested. For a moment, perhaps six seconds or so, -c
  184. DetectiveHightower Eleanor's eyes seemed to unfocus, as if she were staring off into space. Her index finger wrapped around the shot glass while her thumb seemed to be caressing it lightly for the short time. Setting it down in front of him once more, she gave a half-assed smile to him before turning to look at the larger room. Pin pointing the spot where the commotion had happened, she looked around the nightclub. "Does this place have a security system? Cameras?" She asked, her attention-c
  186. DetectiveHightower falling back to him directly. -f
  188. Mσгηıηgsταг : .: Her reaction had amused him enough that a grin tugged at the corners of his lips. Those odd eyes studying the detective a moment, why did this feel familiar to him? Hmm. Oh well, it was mentally shrugged off and he poured her another shot. He would keep doing so until she told him to stop. -- This was how it worked right? He saw how she seemed to staring off but then she seemed to liven up again, and he tilted his head at her question. //It does.// <C>
  190. DirectorBarton is away.
  192. Mσгηıηgsταг : .: Fortunately, she wouldn't have to go into his office, he had a separate surveillance room. He didn't want that much clutter, and he had a guy to watch the cameras anyways. He should have asked her for a warrant, or at least shown some sort of resistance but he had nothing to hide and there was no benefit to him in being difficult. -- Had he been his old self, he might have been a bit difficult. Then again, it was his instinct seeking to punish sinners. Even if that <C>
  194. Mσгηıηgsταг : .: wasn't his role. That sort of became his role later in hell, until he decided he'd had enough of the demonic riff-raff. It was in his nature to rebel, after all. :.
  196. Mσгηıηgsταг : I have to sleep pretty soon, early am start for me T_T)
  198. DetectiveHightower Seeing him having poured another drink, her eyes moved down to it with a slight hesitation. Finally picking up the shot glass, she held it up to her face for a few moments. "There is a special place in hell for those that waste good whiskey..." She stated before kicking back the shot glass and taking another drink. "I think I'm done after that." Reaching up, her fingers delving into the V-neck of the gown, her fingers fishing into a spot just under her right breast to pull out -c
  200. DetectiveHightower a small folded stack of bills. Dropping a twenty dollar bill on the counter, then placing the money into the small purse. "Mr. Morningstar, I am sure you weren't prepared for me to ask for the surveillance footage. I'll come back tomorrow and pick them up? It will take some time to prepare them." Turning to look at the place, "I'm sure there is plenty of stuff that happens here that I don't want to know about." Turning her attention back to him, she gave him an almost genuine -c
  202. DetectiveHightower looking smile. "It was a pleasure to meet you, who ever you are. Perhaps I'll see you tomorrow night?" A moment would pass before she tapped her fingernails on the bar counter and started to make her way back toward the entrance of the nightclub.-f
  204. Mσгηıηgsταг : .: He wasn't sure how rusty his people skills were, but he felt like that went better than he expected. He didn't actually know how much happened, or if it was even her guy. -- But the man in the picture seemed familiar. Her comment about hell had his chuckling a little. //That's is certainly true.// Although his own preference lied more with red wine. He had a limited range of taste when it came to alcohol, he could always be seen with a glass of wine. Except for now, <C>
  206. Mσгηıηgsταг : .: when he wasn't drinking at all. No, he crushed his last glass and decided he didn't wish to waste anymore wine that way. //Very well.// He accepted the twenty and put it away in the cash drawer for now. When he closed out, he'd deal with the finances then. //No, I wasn't, but I will see that my security man has the tapes for you. //Well, there are some odd things that happen every now and then.// There was a small grin on his face. //Oh yes, pleasure to meet you as <C>
  208. Mσгηıηgsταг : .: //well, Detective. I will be around. // :.
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