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  1. I was playing The Naalu Collective. A secretive telepathic race of snake people.
  2. 6 player game, everyone agrees at start to roleplay as their race, and that text messages can be used for private communications.
  3. At the center of the galaxy lies Mecatol Rex, the old Imperial World.
  4. I started on the southern edge of the galaxy. With the trader lions to my right and the peaceful turtlefolk to my left.
  5. Up north was the Nekro Virus, a mechanical scourge who needed to attack and destroy ships to steal technology. While to each side of them was the Research academy lead by my boss and hungry for power, and the primitive but peaceful Yssil Tribes.
  7. Early on via secret text message I forged an alliance with the lions. While publicly declaring that the Naalu wished for peace in the galaxy. Which the peaceful turtlefolk agreed with.
  8. I also sent a secret message to the Yssil tribes, saying they could steal an action card from me with their race ability in exchange for a later favor, I roleplay this as the victim to gain further support from the turtlefolk.
  10. We each begin our expansions
  11. an early verbal agreement with the turtlefolk on our borders is broken, them taking a planet I claimed, distracting from that I'm racing towards Mecatol Rex
  12. but it ends in my favor and I get the planet back with no hostilities and giving a cease fire card to the turtles as a sign of goodwill
  13. The Nekro Virus up north is beginning to build dreadnoughts, creating a lot of worry of possible hostilities soon
  14. while they where very far away, there is a wormhole directly between myself and the trade lions to my right that leads to the heart of Nekro space
  15. We both agree to together crush any incursion through this wormhole
  17. The Research Academy person (Jol Nar? I forget) has a minor skirmish with the turtlefolk, then uses a speed boost to claim Mecatol Rex! Gaining the first victory point
  18. This draws condemnation (coordinated by me) from every other player except the Nekro (who seems to have an alliance with the Academy.)
  19. With this and the upcoming vote which we could of used to hobble the Academy with the 4 of us, we force them to abdicate or have their small fleet destroyed by my adjacent fleet
  20. They agree and remove their fleet allowing me to claim the council chambers in the name of galactive harmony
  21. without me having to fire a shot
  22. The Nekro also begin their aggression, striking a lone Trade Lion cruiser blockading the wormhole as well as taking a planet from the Yssil Tribes.
  23. Thankfully a nebular sits between Rex and the Nekro, meaning they are essentially boxxed out of any aggression against me
  24. except through the wormhole
  25. I am also able to score some tech and secret objectives, leaving me tied for first with the Academy
  26. The Nekro are beaten back by my space lion ally, he makes a small overextension into Nekro space however as the Nekro Flagship can allow infantry to act as fighter craft
  27. so a planned bombardment turns into a retreat
  29. For a small time a stability is reached except for skirmishes between the tribes and the Nekro. I claim the Imperial strategy and achieve a secret victory of having 5 dreadnoughts, which sit on both Mecatol Rex and the nebular, both threatening red from overextending, but also not able to be easily defeated due to the defence bonus of the nebular
  30. The Academy however is building up a largish fleet at my borders and is obviously allied with Nekro and possibly the Turtlefolk too.
  31. With the next round of agendas we have to elect a player to hold the Crown of Emphedia
  32. Which gives a whole victory point! but if someone takes your homeworld, they get the crown
  33. The turtlefolk have the least victory points, and the crown is given to them. A reward for their peace efforts
  34. While I claim Mecatol Rex, I'm still neck and neck with the Academy in victory points due to them claiming secret and public objectives and they have a strong economy even if they only have a small amount of territory.
  35. I manage to upgrade to my race specific space fighter craft
  36. which can move without a carrier, and can act as infintry for ground assaults
  37. Nekro and I have a huge battle in the nebular, which I lose to simply overwhelming numbers despite my defence bonus, I retreat a decent chunk of army to Mecatol Rex as well as deal a decent about of damage
  38. However on the same round the yellow Turtlefolk betray me!
  39. Claiming back the lightly guarded planet from earlier!
  40. Also the fleets at Mecatol Rex stare off against the equally huge fleet of the academy. Its obvious he will make a play soon at the throne. This turtle attack is likely a distraction to draw my forces away
  41. However! I have a plan
  42. When the turtles attack I use my telepathic forsight ability to flee from the incoming turtle invasion, moving my small but fast defence fleet to an adjacent hex of empty space, leaving my planet undefended except for some infantry.
  43. However when they attempt to invade, I use a Parley action card, forcing their infantry to return to space and come to the negotiating table (delaying by an entire round.)
  44. I then use my fast fleet that I moved away with Foresight to go after the real prize....
  45. The Crown!
  47. The turtle player with the ungenerous border with me and their roleplaying of peace didn't have a big military
  48. so I moved my fast force two spaces directly to their homeworld!
  49. With my flagship in tow to allow my fighters to act as ground troops as well, claiming the crown, putting me at 9 victory points!
  51. I gave my space lion ally my Support the Crown card to give them an entire victory point as long as they didn't attack me. As I didn't think they could catch up to me.
  52. And I needed them to send a huge fleet through the wormhole to attack Nekro and the University
  53. However everyone knew now was the final moments
  55. The battle for Mecatol Rex began
  56. If I held, I'd be able to claim imperium and win the game, If the University defeated me it was likely they could bridge the gap and win
  57. I had 2 defence cannons, 4 Dreadnaughts, and a smattering of other craft and infintry\
  58. My opponent had their flagship, 3 Dreadnaughts, a carrier and a wing of fighters
  59. all my fighters were either claiming the crown or had died to the Nekro upgraded anti-fighter barrages
  60. The battle was spectated by everyone closely...
  61. I claimed an early victory, using an action card to destroy a dreadnaught in a system with a planet I control
  62. They used a defence boost to shrug off some early attacks
  63. I damaged their flagship, using a direct hit card to turn it into a fatality!
  64. It was a long battle, eventually however my fleet was defeated, leaving them with just a carrier, a damaged dreadnaught and 1 cruiser
  65. their carrier begun the invasion
  66. The Defence cannons blasted, scoring lucky hits killing 2 infantry, my remaining 3 infinity fought hard, losing 1 squad before driving back the invasion
  67. I lost the space battle
  68. but won the war, and with it, the galaxy
  69. My turn I activated Imperium, and because I still controlled Mecatol Rex and the imperial throne I gained a VP and got to 10 VP
  71. GG!
  72. Ended with:
  73. Naalu: 10vp
  74. Academy: 8vp
  75. Space Lions: 7vp
  76. Nekro Virus: 7vp
  77. Syllix Tribes: 5vp
  78. Peace Turtles: 2vp
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