Classroom of the elite vol 11.5 (C3 part 1)

Dec 28th, 2019
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  1. Part 1
  3. As April approaches, the temperature begins to warm up.
  5. After 9:30 in the morning. Even though the weather is sunny now, we decided to come to the meeting time early because the expected heavy rains were informed at noon. We should be able to finish it before noon.
  7. Because there is free time, I decided to come to Keyaki Mall casually, then take the elevator. Especially on holidays, I passed various students outside.
  9. Classmates of course, And also the second year students in other classes.
  11. I, who even have only a few acquaintances, just walking for a while ... Can see familiar faces.
  13. However, the presence of graduates is decreasing day by day, and I almost never see him again. On April 1, there won't be more than second year students, so in a few days it will be a little lonely as it seems.
  15. When I thought so, I met a female student, I knew in the elevator, she is in the same school year.
  17. ".. You're again..."
  19. It was Ibuki from class D the first year who took the distance from me to the limit with an unpleasant voice.
  21. I always feel that the way I take a long detour is no different from Ibuki. She must also think the same thing. Especially because it is inside the elevator, you could say this is a closed space.
  23. "Today is a holiday. It's not strange to meet by chance."
  25. "That's true ... But I don't want to get involved with you anymore."
  27. "I know..."
  29. She seemed to hate it when the last time she came to my room, If Ishizaki didn't bring it by force, she might never come to visit.
  31. Even though she hates me, Ibuki is willing to take off her skin for Ryuuen's sake.
  33. (Tln: kiyo uses the term that means to help / succumb to the context of stubbornness)
  35. That was proof that Ryuen's whereabouts were indispensable for his class. Since there was no choice to go up, I entered the elevator in which Ibuki was waiting.
  37. "It won't stop anymore right ...?"
  39. "Come to think of it, Come to think of it has happened before."
  41. Is it summer vacation? When me and Ibuki were stuck together in the elevator? We are aware of the same situation, but of course such a coincidence will never happen twice.
  43. When I arrived at the lobby on the first floor, Ibuki decided to get out of the elevator immediately.
  45. It seems that Ibuki is heading in the same direction to Keyaki Mall.
  47. "Is it okay at the same pace as me?"
  49. I told her to be able to go away from me immediately but ...
  51. "Why should I ? Why don't you leave quickly ?"
  53. Although she doesn't want to stay together, But it seems she can't stand to leave by herself.
  55. I felt that part of it was really like Ibuki, who couldn't hold back the feeling of strong defeat. Even if you say so, it would seem strange if I quickly went away.
  57. Besides, this isn't a big problem even if Ibuki is by my side, besides that if I come to Keyaki Mall sooner than scheduled. Then it will only waste my energy.
  59. In the end she didn't give up, and we both proceeded at the same speed. The distance is about 5 minutes from the hostel. Will definitely split up soon after that.
  61. "That's good, Ryuuen can come back."
  63. "It's noisy ... Shut up. Don't talk to me."
  65. An atmosphere that does not allow even the slightest chat. I'd better stop saying anything more than this.
  67. I was not afraid of silence, so I decided to close my mouth just like Ibuki.
  69. Somehow I walk in a tense atmosphere somewhere ...
  71. "Yo ... Ibuki ... Wait a minute."
  73. I who walk in such an atmosphere, heard a loud voice from behind.
  75. The voice that I heard was the voice of Ishizaki from C class of the first year.
  77. One person who is close to Ryuuen and often acts together with Ibuki. Is this unexpectedly because I have been involved with so many people lately? He is one of the people who I can talk to recently. Ibuki did not look back and continued walking without changing her expression. There's no way she didn't hear that.
  79. "Hey.. Wait ... Hey..."
  81. "It's noisy ... Don't shout near me."
  83. "That's because you didn't respond right ... Ho? Are you with Ayanokouji? Are you guys possibly ... Dating?"
  85. When Ishizaki who had run over said something like that, Ibuki immediately kicked under his knee.
  87. "Aw ... It hurts... ... What are you doing?"
  89. "You know the reason why you were kicked right ...? It's hot ... Stay away from me...!"
  91. "What the heck ... Is that okay? Besides, we have plans to meet after this ...!"
  93. Apparently, Ibuki planned to meet with Ishizaki at the Keyaki Mall.
  95. "Will Ryuuen also come?"
  97. "Yes ... That's right. Eh ... No ... That's ..."
  99. When I just heard that, Ishizaki closed his mouth like it was accidental.
  101. "Idiot ..."
  103. Apparently, because of various circumstances, the two of them were supposed to meet at the Keyaki Mall individually. It's not hard to imagine, because of the overreaction to the name Ryuuen. It seems they will meet in secret.
  105. "Well ... It's ok right?? It's also useless to hide it to Ayanokouji anyway." Ishizaki was seen open while Ibuki who remained did not change the stern expression on her face.
  107. "What's okay ...? Besides, if we can't defeat him, we can't go up in the upper classes."
  109. "Yes ... That is true."
  111. Shouldn't you talking like that when I'm not around?
  113. There are still a few doubts about Ryuuen's return, but after seeing this it seems unmistakably. The reason why they met secretly was probably because he had not officially returned.
  115. Ryuuen once stepped down from his chair. Of course, classmates can't easily admit it. There was also a dilemma about Ishizaki being appointed as the man who had defeated Ryuuen
  117. "Ayanokouji ..."
  119. "Hmm?"
  121. When I was thinking about such a thing in my head, Ishizaki called out to me.
  123. "Just now I was thinking about the strongest way to get to class A, want to hear?" Because it was too sudden, I was confused about how to answer it.
  125. "At least I'll hear, what's your strongest method?"
  127. Oo ... Don ... (sfx). Ishizaki hit his chest and said proudly.
  129. "That's you, come to our class, then we can go to class A with certainty right ...?"
  131. "Huh ...? What are you suddenly saying?"
  133. "If Ryuuen-san and Ayanokouji collaborate, then we will be the strongest right ... Even Sakayanagi and Ichinose can be defeated." Apparently, that was the strongest method Ishizaki invented.
  135. No, it's impossible, absolutely impossible... The word Ibuki denies it.
  137. But ... Working with Ryuuen huh ...
  139. "I don't think that's bad."
  141. "Are you serious...?"
  143. Ibuki looked at me with a disgusted feeling.
  145. "Yeah, right ...? If you become a partner, we will gladly welcome you, Ryuuen-san and Ayanokouji unexpectedly suit each other, even Albert was very happy with you, at that time when Ayanokouji became our topic of conversation, he became very excited. "
  147. (TLN LOL: OMG Albert ......)
  149. I just heard that Yamada Albert likes me. Is it okay to interpret if he likes me? We are almost not involved with each other, except the involvement of the roofing incident.
  151. Fighting each other, is that something you normally like to do? If there was ... Shouldn't he hold grudges against me?
  153. "It wasn't him himself who said it clearly right?" Said Ibuki who was doubtful and asked Ishizaki.
  155. "A man can feel it ... That's intuition, intuition you know ...!"
  157. That is intuition that you cannot rely on.
  159. If I'm serious about joining Ryuuen's class, there's a chance I'll be beaten. Ishizaki, Someone who is thinking about ideas and someone who is passionate about it.
  161. I'm grateful for the invitation ..., but I decided to answer it seriously.
  163. "It's impossible to make it happen, based on the premise, what about 20 million points for being able to switch classes?"
  165. Even though they won against Class B in the year-end special exams, that was not the amount that could be collected.
  167. "In that case ... Somehow Ryuuen-san will do something about it..."
  169. "That can't be done somehow ..."
  171. "Is that right? I think if Ayanokouji become a partner Ryuuen-san will definitely help."
  173. "I don't think he will help you."
  175. I agree with Ibuki about that. He is not a man who thinks such a friendly thing. He couldn't possibly cooperate with me just to get to class A.
  177. His pride as a man won't admit it.
  179. No, he is not a man who would think to admit it.
  181. "Instead of cooperating, it's better to be an enemy ... Because it's more fun for me too. Thank you for inviting me, but I will reject it." This is more important before the issue of personal points.
  183. "I see ... Damn ..., even though I thought it was a very good way."
  185. "You're also a strange man, You even said that you are happy with that kind of guy?"
  187. Ibuki who laughed, didn't even look at me.
  189. "Well ... I'll look forward to what you will do to me."
  191. I honestly answered, making Ibuki look very dislike and her faced look like she wanted to throw up. I don't want to do a flashy battle, but if it's Ryuuen, I don't mind having a rematch with him.
  193. But to be able to do that, he must develop even more.
  195. It was necessary for him to fight Horikita, Ichinose, and Sakayanagi then show me he was able to win against them. Soon the Keyaki Mall is getting closer.
  197. "Sorry, Ayanokouji. Until here, you'll also be in troubled right, ... If you are seen with both of us."
  199. I don't know where they will gather, but it's a good thing that we exchange opinions. I honestly accept such considerations as it was not Ishizaki style.
  201. I parted ways with Ishizaki and Ibuki near the entrance and decided to enter the mall from another entrance.
  203. When I met him, I never dreamed I could have a conversation with Ishizaki.
  205. Even though I felt that my relationship with Ibuki had receded from the start, that could also be said to be a change.
  207. "One year has passed.."
  209. The environment around me has changed drastically over the past year.
  211. I can even talk to someone from another class, like Ryuuen and Sakayanagi from the front. And there are still many other students. Only one year. Although one year.
  212. This is proof that time continues to flow.
  214. Now I can understand the flow of time that I didn't know when I was little. By the way, it reminds me of what happened a year ago.
  216. That was the moment before the entrance ceremony at High School, so as to prevent anyone from discovering my situation I spend the time quietly day by day. I meant to do nothing. Especially regarding that guy ... I don't want to give him encouragement. Because I know it's hard to get rid of it when it's caught by his eyes. I was saved by various factors. If he's always close to me, then he wouldn't let me off easily.
  218. But .., from the beginning the man was busy with his work and rarely went home. Although there were guards standing by to watch, but in that year 70 to 80% he always stayed in hotels. I myself, although I have stayed at home, I am not very familiar with my home. For me, who spent most of my life in Whiteroom, it was only a temporary home that I spent almost a year. That is no different than a hotel.
  220. "Whiteroom, huh..."
  222. The man still hasn't given up.
  224. No ... The resistance is even stronger.
  226. In one year that I didn't know, But I'm sure they would have restarted their activities. As long as Whiteroom is still needed, then I will definitely return to that place. This problem will come soon, which is about two years later.
  228. If I could spend two years in this school ... But, it would be a pity if I think about it too much now.
  230. In short, this is a situation that I could not have imagined one year ago. And also certainly it was engraved as an irreplaceable memory for me. Shortly I arrived near the north entrance of Keyaki Mall.
  232. The door will open at 10 o'clock on a regular holiday, but some stores will open from 9 o'clock during long vacations.
  234. After that, I will go to the agreed second-floor cafe, which is one of the shops that open at 9 o'clock.
  236. "It's really enjoyable."
  238. Acting however you want, living the school life freely. Exchange words with my classmates via cell phone, then have a brief meeting with them.
  240. Somewhere, I still think, these are unreal days. It is deceiving to say that it is not substantial.
  242. Of course, there are many problems in school life.
  244. Compared to a few months ago and now, a lot has changed. I also began to accept the existence of a girl who was close to me.
  246. Yes ... [On the surface] I look like someone else.
  248. I Stop thinking about it once and move on to something completely different. Now ... It's better to focus on the discussion that will occur next.
  250. "You came very early huh .., even though there are still 20 minutes until the specified time. Your time is free huh?
  252. Of course, Horikita who came in ordinary clothes, bothered saying it while looking at the screen of her cell phone.
  254. "You also arrived 20 minutes early, isn't that the same ..."
  256. That is proof that we both have no plans for spring break.
  258. Without anything else special, we went straight to the meeting place on the second floor.
  260. "You seem to know what today's discussion is ..."
  262. It seems she made such a judgment because I didn't confirm it.
  264. That's true, but should I fool her a little?
  266. "What do you mean?"
  268. "Do you intend to take additional steps even when you already know that?"
  270. "No, I really don't understand what you're saying. What exactly Ichinose is going to talk about?" By forcing her, I thought I could fool Horikita who doubted me, but ...
  272. "Do you really not understand? If you know it, but instead pretend not to understand, I won't forgive you..."
  274. "Yes, calm down ..."
  276. I was stared at by Horikita who seemed to want to bite me, so I decided to stop deceiving her immediately.
  278. "Somehow, I guess ... That's not something hard to think about right ..."
  280. "Because it's not too difficult, so I want to know if you cannot try to always fool me?"
  282. Excessive reply came to me. Does that mean it's useless trying to find out what Horikita thought this way?
  284. "I understand that ... Are you testing me?"
  286. "You think too much about it ..."
  288. "Is that true...?"
  290. She became sharper ... No, maybe I should say that she could understand my way. Looks like I can no longer manipulate Horikita easily.
  292. I will get hurt if I continue more than this, so I decided to run away.
  294. "Rather than that, let's go ..."
  296. Because Ichinose was seen waiting at the cafe entrance, I changed the subject. There are still 10 minutes from the promised time, but Ichinose seems to have arrived earlier.
  298. "Ichinose might also have free time on spring break just like us."
  300. I don't think she just arrived. How long did she wait ?
  302. "There's no way she's the same as us. In this case, that's just her honesty or should I say she did too well. I think she just doesn't want to keep others waiting."
  304. Maybe it's like Horikita said.
  306. "Your evaluation of Ichinose turned out like that huh ..."
  308. "At first, I thought she was a hypocrite who behaved like a good person."
  310. Too much, you throw your mind directly to the point.
  312. "But yes ... One year has passed, I have changed my mind too, she is truly a genuinely kind person."
  314. Even if there are many people who pretend to be good people, really good people cannot be found. Mostly there are many poisons in a person's heart.
  316. There is no doubt that one of those valuable good people is Ichinose.
  318. "I want to know ... A lifestyle that can make a good person like her." That's the only thing that I can't guess.
  320. "Being a good person is a weapon and her weaknesses too ..."
  322. Saying that, somewhere she praised her and sighed and then started approaching her.
  324. Really good people ... Can be used by bad people.
  326. "Do you think it's okay not to be a good person?"
  328. "If you live in a mountain surrounded by forests, then that's fine. But to survive in a competitive society, I think you have to throw away being a really good person."
  330. "I see..."
  332. "But in her case, I'm sure she will continue to be a good person until the end."
  334. Horikita said Ichinose would continue to be a good person, even though it would harm her.
  336. "Ichinose also knows the difference between good and evil. I think she is ready to do anything, if there is something dangerous for her classmates."
  338. "Yeah, I hope so. Let's end this silly chat."
  340. To face the discussion that was about to occur, Horikita's gaze turned serious.
  342. I also ended the conversation and immediately made contact with Ichinose.
  344. "Ichinose-san is quick too, I wonder if we made you wait."
  346. "Good morning Horikita-san, Ayanokouji-kun. No ... I just came a while ago too ... "
  348. That's the usual formal sentence. But when was the 'real time'?
  350. We were welcomed by Ichinose in her casual clothes and with a smile that did not change from her.
  352. "As expected, in the morning we can easily get a seat huh ..."
  354. The students are still rarely seen ... So we can choose where to sit.
  356. "Come on, come on, just order what you like. I'll treat you."
  358. Don ... (sfx) She herself tapped her chest with her fist and asked us to leave payment to her.
  360. "You won't make it a bargain materials, right ...?"
  362. Horikita was alerted for a moment because she had once tried to do the same thing by cooking me her homemade food.
  364. "She is not like you, you know ...!"
  366. "I don't like the way you talk ... But yeah, you're right."
  368. As Horikita herself said, the person in question was Ichinose.
  370. I don't think she would take advantage of something like this.
  372. Even if she came to take advantage of it, Horikita would definitely do a lot to restore it.
  374. "Then, can I be spoiled by your words?"
  376. "Of course, please don't hesitate. Let's start ordering."
  378. Thus Ichinose urged Horikita to order it first.
  380. There was one thing that worried me, so I tried speaking in a low voice to Ichinose. Although it's a bit vague, but today I don't smell orange.
  382. "Ichinose ... Is your personal point okay?"
  384. I'm grateful she wants to treat us, but class B should now only have 0 points for using it to prevent the expulsion of her classmates.
  386. Although as a party to the invitation, it is normal to treat guests to this extent, but I'm worried about her financial condition.
  388. "Yes ... Even after I pay it here, there will be around 3000 points left ..., it's fine, it's fine ..."
  390. April is coming Soon. With that much money left over, it doesn't seem to matter.
  392. However, But her personal points should have become zero for a while. Ichinose, who felt doubt from me provided additional information.
  394. "I thought it was unavoidable, I sold my hair dryer to Nishikawa-san from class A and she bought it. Other kids also worked hard the same way."
  396. Even if the system regulates students can live for free, there are cases where capital is also very necessary.
  398. It's cheaper than buying it at the store, it's natural if the buying and selling negotiation is successful.
  400. "Because of that, Ayanokouji-kun also don't hold back. Just order ... Order..." Ichinose, who turned around gently patted my back and said like that.
  402. Certainly ... Ichinose won't be happy if only I hold myself back.
  404. When Horikita finished her order, then I ordered coffee.
  406. Then, after the three of us received the order, we brought it to the table in the corner of the cafe.
  408. It seemed that those two thoughts were unified in this regard, there were only a few students who came. Soon Horikita began the discussion.
  410. "I want to know if you called us to talk about the special exams before or about class policy in April?"
  412. It seems Horikita can predict what Ichinose wants to discuss without having to have a previous meeting with her.
  414. "Aha ... Ha, ha, you can guess. That's right ..." Ichinose admitted with a laugh, but her eyes remained serious.
  416. This is proof that the discussion this time is not easy.
  418. "Does it bother you ...?"
  420. "No ... I am thinking about discussing it with you in the near future. I'm helped that Ichinose-san himself called us. Since you are a popular person, it will be difficult for you to make time."
  422. "That's not true ... I'm free enough for this spring break, don't hesitate to call me anytime ..."
  424. In response, Ichinose gave a small smile. It seems, the situation is rather heartbreaking somewhere.
  426. There were many who invited her, but she refused... Maybe like that. And the cause is, of course, something Horikita can tell.
  428. "It was a difficult fight ... Special end-year exam." It might not be appropriate to discuss it now, but I talk like that with Ichinose.
  430. Even if we try to stay away without touching the wound, sooner or later the wound will be touched by itself.
  432. If that's the case, then you just have to feel the pain from the start and recover faster. Horikita showed a stiff expression for a moment, Maybe she didn't want to discuss it?
  434. But when she found out I was discussing it, so she listened.
  436. "Yes ... Um ... I lost ..., I feel really defeated by Ryuuen-kun's strategy." Emphasizing that, she took a deep breath and shook her head left and right. Did she start to remember it? Ichinose, who felt frustrated somewhere, sighed repeatedly at herself.
  438. "I don't know the details. What caused the defeat?"
  440. "The reason is clear. It's because I didn't do well." Ichinose did not blame her defeat to her opponents or classmates.
  442. Without hesitation, she answered. Of course, because she herself was the commander.
  444. "Not that I saw the exam directly, but I think you will be less likely to make mistakes."
  446. "You are overdoing it ... I really was in a continuous panic at that time."
  448. Horikita who tried to praise her, was humbly denied by Ichinose. No, I don't think it's wrong if there was panic at that moment.
  450. The confusion was already seen when Ryuuen appeared, And as a result affected the exam later?
  452. "The commander has been decided that it is Kaneda. And that is the first thing that destroys its gears."
  454. (Tln: destroy its gear word meaning all that is thought {mean strategy} to have been wrong or destroyed.)
  456. "Yes, obviously, he once stepped down as class leader. Besides that, everyone thought so the students who don't have protect points will not be a commander, I think Ryuuen-kun saw that"
  458. It is true. Even Sakayanagi and I didn't think that Ryuuen would appear there. From Ichinose's side who would fight him, it's impossible not to be surprised.
  460. If you lose, you will drop out. No one except Ryuuen could conduct such a self-destructive operation.
  462. "Until the end, I could not adjust my feelings, therefore, I'm responsible for these things. This will not change."
  464. Ryuuen appeared where I thought it was Kaneda. It was a situation where I felt sympathy for her.
  466. What the commander can do is limited.
  468. However, in the exam there is freedom of speech, Ryuuen can use conversational skills to completely push Ichinose into a corner.
  470. "Ayanokouji-kun and the others have a good fight against class A opponents huh ..." To return the discussion, Ichinose praised us.
  472. The problem here is that I asked Ichinose to let us fight the A class.
  474. Horikita did not know about this fact. Horikita had instructed me to fight class D. And the consequences of losing to the draw, that could not be true.
  476. Depending on how this discussion goes on, it can be a little complicated if there are contradictions.
  478. This would be a good conversation if I had a meeting with Ichinose before, but the problem is, Horikita will know that I who want a fight against Class A. Ichinose thinks that the desire to fight class A is an order from Horikita.
  480. Whereas Horikita thought that I lost the draw and there was no choice but to fight Class A.
  482. Both are not aware of this truth. It's not that I can't push forward so they don't pay attention.
  484. If it were me who arrange this discussion, I would make the arrangements needed to be able to avoid it without problems. Or take temporary measures to deal with emergencies without anyone paying attention. With a little consideration, I decided not to do it.
  486. And the reason why nothing has been done so far ... To see how far Horikita has progressed.
  488. "Losing still loses. Until I have struggled to ask you to surrender the right to fight class A. If class B is fighting, the results might be different."
  490. I said it casually, for a moment Horikita's gaze was directed at me. Of course, there was no need to think about the intent of her gaze.
  492. [What does it mean from asking yourself to fight Class A? ] That was the meaning of her gaze.
  494. But because I talked about it smoothly, Horikita let it pass. Her momentary stare was so natural and subtle that Ichinose did not doubt it.
  496. That was proof that she understood when she heard that it was not something to be questioned now.
  498. If it was the previous Horikita, she would definitely say [What does that mean ...? ] And Ichinose will doubt that. Even if it didn't reach that point, it would definitely instill strange anxiety in Ichinose.
  500. Her understanding and evaluation have improved. No ... Or should I say the skills. If Horikita is able to survive here, then only the fact that [Horikita decides it] is left in Ichinose.
  502. "Because of my request, as a result, Ichinose-san and the others were forced to fight hard in a difficult battle huh ..." Horikita apologized to Ichinose for matching the aggressive steps I was trying to do.
  504. "This is my personal responsibility. Horikita-san doesn't need to apologize for it. "
  506. The battle with class D, whose compatibility is easily revealed, results in 2 wins and 5 losses in class B.
  508. As a result, class B loses its class points at once.
  510. "Everything is over, after all Kaneda-san from class D won the lottery in the first place. And because of that he nominated class B, so it doesn't matter anyway ..."
  512. Of course ... If you only see the results, then that's how it is.
  514. The battle between class B and class D is inevitable even without laying the foundation.
  516. "There's no need for Horikita-san and the others to worry about it ... I should have ... I could fight it by devising a better strategy to win. I really pondered over it."
  518. Even though it was a positive statement, the extent to which she could always be like that was another matter.
  520. "If you allow it, can you tell me what kind of battle you are doing and at any event? Of course ... As a substitute, I will tell you more about our part." Horikita must have heard about the story through rumors outstanding.
  522. But ... What actually happened between the commanders was something only the related parties knew. Towards that proposal, Ichinose nodded.
  524. The program chosen by Ichinose and others, also the event chosen by Ryuen and others.
  526. In what order, which program do you choose? Like what Ryuuen set it.
  528. Which part is the loser and which part wins, including the reason they lost. Ichinose talked about everything. Ryuuen and other class D students, chose to use winning method by including events related to martial arts. That was a very fatal event for class B.
  530. "I have to say ... It's really as expected. A battle that utilizes skills from oneself."
  532. "We won't even be able to compete."
  534. "That's right ... For men, maybe only Sudo-kun is able to take the victory ... no, if his opponent is Yamada-kun, there's absolutely no guarantee he can win."
  536. If Koenji is serious, then he counts ... But yeah... Horikita won't mention it. As for girls, it is doubtful how far students besides Horikita can fight.
  538. "If Ryuuen-kun fights ... He may win against Class A..."
  540. "I also think the same."
  542. Fully lucky lottery. If you can get a little luck like Ryuuen, there is a chance you will win against any of those classes. However, overall the highest win rate was when fighting class B. That was proof that he planned it fully from the start.
  544. "However, even though there are so many events selected by Class B, why only two events can be won?" Ryuuen's strategy is strong, but it depends on whether he can get the draw. Ichinose also has a number of wins from the fact that, four events were chosen from class B.
  546. "Umm ..."
  548. Horikita still doesn't know anything yet. Naturally, I would also listen to the story with the premise that I knew nothing.
  550. The strategy made by Ryuuen. What does it look like? Continuously shadowing and giving suffering to students without doing anything.
  552. Make contact by force and exert pressure. And on the appointed day, their physical condition suddenly deteriorated. Because of this there are some students who cannot show their abilities.
  554. However, after speaking to the end, Ichinose added:
  556. "I have lost the event I chose, this is the mistake of the commander that cannot respond to that opportunity." She clearly stated that it was not Ryuuen's fault but that it was her responsibility.
  558. "Some people suffer from stomach aches and feel mentally uncomfortable... That means." Of course, Horikita understood that this was the strategy Ryuuen had used.
  560. "There's no mistaking it, I think it was Ryuuen-kun's trap. I've talked to my classmates whose physical condition has suddenly worsened. Before the test, they were called by Ishizaki-kun and the others to the karaoke place."
  562. Karaoke is ... It's one of the few places where students don't need to be watched.
  564. There they made some tricks with drugs. That is a very risky step.
  566. "Shouldn't you file a complaint with the school?" One week has passed since the last special exam. Food and drinks used by students naturally will be disposed of. Even if you can find proof of drug purchase at the pharmacy, it will be debated whether it is really used in grade B.
  568. "It's not a bad thing to file a complaint. Even if it doesn't happen this time, it will be a checkup next time. Of course, if they repeat something exaggerated like that, school assessments will become tighter.
  570. If that is true, this is a serious matter, and there is a possibility that the school will take action.
  572. "Maybe ... But anyway, I won't report anything about this problem." Ichinose encouraged such statements. One week has passed since the special exam ended.
  574. Often during that time, her classmates would have suggested filing complaints. But still not moving huh ...
  576. "Why? You didn't fully submit? This is a big case ... Even a little omission they missed... Can reverse the results of the exam." Horikita said that evidence did not have to appear.
  578. In some situations, it is possible to get more than just eviction.
  580. Over time, it will be very difficult to file a complaint.
  582. "If you don't mind, I don't mind cooperating."
  584. If it's Horikita, she won't give up. That's why she wants to persuade Ichinose.
  586. "Thank you Horikita-san, but still I won't file a complaint. Besides the absence of clear evidence, I want to make this a strong warning."
  588. "Warning? What do you mean?"
  590. Ichinose shook her head at Horikita's persuasion.
  592. "I guess ... I'm lucky."
  594. Moments ago Ichinose had a sinking facial expression, but now even though a little energy returned to her eyes.
  596. Like a broken machine struggling desperately to turn on again.
  598. "For example ... Special exams like this happen at the end of the second or the third school year, who knows how many will be complaining. But it's still okay now."
  600. Ann... Ichinose nodded, and looked at us with all the strength in her eyes. Maybe I'm the only one who is aware of this sparkling moment.
  602. "Defeat this time ... All my classmates decided to accept it. Then use this for the next one."
  604. "Well ... Then there's no need for me from the other classes to say anything too much."
  606. "It is true."
  608. This is where the discussion about Class B and Class D ends. We have heard the Ichinose versus Ryuuen special exams, now it is our turn. Horikita looked at me with eyes that were checking something.
  610. 'The commander is you, so speak' .... She conveys this to me with her eyes.
  612. Just like Ichinose, I report on any program we attend, including the results. And also the contents of the program, neither dangerous nor too offensive.
  614. What do we fight in, how we win ... And how we lose.
  616. Of course, I'm not talking about unnecessary things, like my answer to the last question in flash mental arithmetic.
  618. "I've heard the results but it was a good match."
  620. "However ... Yes... That is. In the seventh event, I was defeated by Sakayanagi in a chess match."
  622. Chess is a game. What I said was that at first I was confident in the program, so there was no need for me to discuss it too deeply. As long as I'm defeated by Sayanagi, it will end with just that.
  624. "It's really a rather confusing thing to say that, but the only good thing is that it's just a loss of 30 points. Because we can't stay away from the upper classes more than this right ... "
  626. "Horikita-san and the others continue to get stable strength. We also won't let our guard down. "To anticipate becoming a rival in the near future, Ichinose honestly praises her.
  628. "Right ... Our class will become stronger." Ichinose nodded slightly at the confidence of Horikita's words and eyes.
  630. "There's something I want to say to Ichinose-san ... Is that okay?"
  632. "Unn ..."
  634. From here, the second round. The real discussion. Not from Ichinose but from Horikita who started the conversation.
  636. "To be honest, I want to eliminate the cooperative relationship starting from the next school year."
  638. The proposal that Horikita said was not unexpected, but Ichinose was also prepared about it.
  640. "Maybe ... I think that such a proposal would appear."
  642. "We really lost to class A and fell to class D in the final grade 1 exam, if we only saw the ranking, we still lost, but we did not lose based on the contents of the event itself. No, I think we can move forward even closer. "
  644. "That's true, considering that the class points were once 0. The class that gets the most class points for this year is Horikita-san's class. Besides that, against Class A, you can win 3 wins and 4 losses."
  646. Easy to understand by counting, but Ichinose was aware of that fact. There is a slight difference in the results, but it's not strange the match turns out well.
  648. Even though there were obstacles from Tsukishiro, it could be said that there was enough chance to win.
  650. "But can we still maintain a good relationship?" Ichinose did not immediately approve Horikita's proposal.
  652. "For example, when class points differ greatly, we can talk once more."
  654. "Thank you for the offer, but I don't think we will continue to work together anymore."
  656. Two conditions are needed to be able to establish a stable cooperative relationship.
  658. First ... The difference in class points is so far that they cannot catch up with each other. And one of them is a class that stands on stable cooperative relations.
  660. Last May, there was a 650 point difference. And Class B has maintained stable points so far this year. That's why there is no problem with fighting together with our class. But right now ... Neither of these things has been fulfilled. While our class scored more than 300 points so far this year, class B ended with a decline in numbers. The difference in magnitude is getting smaller. In other words, neither of the two conditions is fulfilled.
  662. "I want to make sure we will be better than class B next year. And to be able to advance to class A, I will pursue points within reach."
  664. In front of Horikita who set a strong goal, Ichinose seemed to tremble.
  666. "...Um, Yeah"
  668. In other words, that included defeating class B led by Ichinose. That means ... It's no longer possible to mention that it is a cooperative relationship.
  670. Judging that a half-hearted relationship would get in the way, she decided to reject it.
  672. "Are there any objections, Ayanokouji-kun?"
  674. "Yes ..., of course, I will obey you. That was the right decision to go to class A." I nodded at the judgment she made. Closing her eyes once ..., Ichinose took a deep breath.
  676. "I thank Ichinose-san for allowing us to have a cooperative relationship. But ..., even if you hold onto us, then we will become enemies." Ichinose calmly accepts Horikita's determination.
  678. "It doesn't make sense to hate you. From the beginning, we were indeed enemies who were doing temporary armaments. I'm also very grateful for that."
  680. Ichinose who slowly opened her eyes, of course did not seem to have eyes that were hating Horikita or me.
  682. "With this, in grade 2 we will become clear enemies."
  684. "Yes..."
  686. Horikita gripped the hand Ichinose offered.
  688. There should have been some calculations in Horikita's head. Regarding the strengths and weaknesses of class B. How will she defeat them?
  690. Also, Ichinose will definitely tremble at the strength of our class. How will she hold it? She should think about it from now on. With this, our brief discussion ends.
  692. Starting in April, the actual battle with class B will begin.
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