What does victory look like

Oct 12th, 2011
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  1. re: #OWS ....
  3. "What does victory look like?"
  5. Ideal situation:
  7. 1.Overturn Citizens United vs. FEC.
  8. 2. Stop the flow of money from corporations, unions, lobbyists, and PACs to political candidates to stem undue influence on legislation.
  9. 4. Regulate the influence politicians can have on legislation that impacts corporations to which they are significantly connected.
  10. 5. Impose stricter limits on military action without congressional approval.
  11. 6. Ban all outsourcing of of defense/military operations to private operators due to lack of oversight and accountability.
  12. 7. Provide a process by which whistleblowers can anonymously release classified information in order to report wrongdoings within the government.
  13. 8. Require warrants for all domestic wiretapping (wiretapping,data-preservation requests, and all forms of surveillance).
  14. 9. Insider trading in washington has to stop. Beltway politicians are currently exempt from laws on insider trading to some extent and in looking at their % of gains year to year, it's very clear that they have an advantage over the market in trading. (source)
  15. We need to have the STOCK act passed.
  18. think about more
  19. ===============
  21. 5. We need laws in place ensuring the "revolving door" can't happen. You can't work for industry you once regulated. We've seen too often how these former officials continue to rub elbows with their former government colleagues to curry favor for their new companies.
  22. 5. A restriction on arms exports. The United States is the biggest exporter of war.
  23. 9. Hold judges accountable for the warrant approval without reasonable evidence.
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