Yuyu Kankan [Typeset]

Dec 25th, 2016
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  1. Yuyu Kankan Translation
  2. from
  4. >??? #1: What wonderful hot water.
  5. >??? #2: Indeed...
  6. >??? #1: How Peaceful
  7. >??? #2: Indeed...
  8. >[Claaaaack]
  9. >Kako: You two, it's time to sortie.
  10. [Inbanuma Naval District - The Steamy Bath Story]
  12. >Kako: You've been marinating in there for two weeks! The Deployment Order's come down!
  13. >[Kako: This is beyond taking your time!]
  14. >??? #1: Mmm.... | Even if you say that...
  15. >??? #1: Isn't the Event (note: operation may be more apt) over....? Aren't these just everyday assignemnts?
  16. >[bubbles]
  17. >Kako: Well...while that is indeed the case...
  18. >??? #1: We conscientiously object against warmongering...
  19. >??? #1: Prototypes!
  20. >Kako: Are you trying to say Propaganda....?
  21. >??? #1: Yes, that.
  22. >???#1: Speaking of which.... who are you?
  23. >[???#1: Were you an event drop? (literally: are you new?)]
  24. >Kako: What?!
  26. >Kako: I'm Kako!!
  27. >Kako: I've been here since the early days of the Naval District! I've been your Senpai this whole time!
  28. >Kako: Give me some respect! Respect!!
  29. >??? #2: It's like how the old farts in a corporation and the new blood don't get along very well.
  30. >[??? #1: Oh--...?]
  31. >Kako: Now you're just putting salt on the wound!
  32. >??? #1: Oh, I got it! You're the transformer with the eye beam!!
  33. >[Furutaka: Optic Blast! (lmao it's some sentai shit, do I look like I'm from /m/? See The nip name is 外道照身霊波光線)]
  34. >Kako: You sure are taking this seriously... but that person is FURUTAKA! >??? #2: Mm~~ Furutaka-kun~
  35. >[??? #1: Slap]
  36. >??? #1: Ahahahahaha! | I see the resemblance!
  37. >[Kako: Grinding teeth]
  38. >Furuhata Ninzaburo, huh...(note: 古畑任三郎) I'm not like that! Stop it right now, newbies!
  40. >??? #1: Speaking of which, those daily errands or whatever....uhh....
  41. >??? #1: Isn't it better if you go?
  42. >??? #1: Grind some levels and then get back to us.
  43. >Kako: ...these fuckers....
  44. >??? #1: But maybe I could catch the snapping turtles that are growing around the Naval District?
  45. >Kako: What is that? Some kind of limited Inbanuma daily quest? | Stop fucking around and head over to exercises!
  46. >??? #2: If it comes to catching things, isn't Hiei all enthusiastic about it?
  47. >[Hiei: Spirit!]
  48. >[??? #1: nom nom nom]
  49. >??? #1: If that girl eats one of these she's going to attack Kongou again.
  50. >[* It looks kind of tasty, but it's really dangerous]
  51. >Kako: Stop eating.
  52. >Kako: When you're done playing, could you hurry over to Fleet Exercises?
  53. >??? #1: my spirits are rising?
  54. >[shi shi shi shi (note: sound effect, don't know what it indicates)]
  55. >Kako: Okay, now stay like that into the night battle.
  57. >??? #1: Speaking of which, why aren't you going? | You sick or summat?
  58. >Kako: [Teeth grinding]
  59. >Kako: So noisy....The Admiral didn't plan for me to go!
  60. >[*Bursting into tears]
  61. >Kako: I'm done! I'm so done! Let's resign, Furutaka! From this batshit Naval District!
  62. >Kako: Let's get out of here! Let's find somewhere we can live out our lives together peacefully, the two of us!
  63. >Kako: FUrutaka~!!
  64. >[Kako: Uwahhhh]
  65. >Kako: BRUTUSSS!! (note: that's what it said in Japanese, but the chinese translator went with TRAITOR. You could go with Et tu, Brute too)
  66. >[* Crack]
  68. >Kako: I can't do this on my own!!
  69. >??? #2: So noisy....
  70. >??? #1: Ah, by the way....
  71. >??? #1: Who are you?
  72. >??? #2: Ohhh! So I didn't say!
  73. >Kako: You've been together for two weeks and you haven't figured out who the other person is! It's a goddamn christmas miracle!
  74. >??? #2: This one is Tone.
  75. >??? #2/Tone: And you are?
  76. >Kako: You don't know either?!
  77. >[Ding~~~]
  78. >??? #1: This one is Nagato.
  79. >Kako: That's not right....That's quite a funny pose.
  81. >Nagato: Well, either way, since we're.....uhh.... | Propagundams, so....uh, we're not going.
  82. >Kako: It's Propaganda.
  83. >Kako: Now stop dragging this out. You're going to have a bad effect on the destroyers. So...could you please come out?
  84. >[Furutaka: Twitch]
  85. >Nagato: This is Sarugetchu! (note: catching monkeys, サルゲッチュ)
  86. >Kako: Are you trying to say Sabotage?
  87. >Tone: Hold on! | Sabotage isn't good! That's an unjustified act devoid of forethought!
  88. >Kako: COming from you?
  89. >Nagato: How about Robocop?
  90. >Tone: Ah
  91. >Tone: That's really cool!
  92. >Kako: Are you planning to paint your face? (note: isn't that Commando?) | I'm guessing what you're trying to say is Boycott.
  93. >Nagato: In that case.... "我愛你"
  94. >[Bubbling]
  95. >Kako: Hold on! Eh! Is this a protest? Does this count as protest?!
  96. >[Kako: Ehhhh-----]
  97. >[Tone: Hearbeat]
  98. >Tone: A love confession?!
  100. >Nagato: Uhh~~....
  101. >[Nagato: (singing) Is a useless dog called a trash hound? (note: I don't know)]
  102. >Kako: As expected, you guys aren't going to go no matter what I say....
  103. >Kako: And in the end the only person Ooyodo will scold is me--
  104. >[Ooyodo: So Kako is that unreliable...]
  105. >Tone: That won't do....So if pushing can't come to shove, why not pull?
  106. >Tone: What if it's your turn?
  107. >Kako: What are you doing?!
  108. >Kako: This isn't right?! This doesn't change anything!
  109. >[Kako: It's coming off!]
  110. >Nagato: Well, come, come.
  111. >Tone: Isn't it great, though~? Come along, Mr. Official~
  112. >Kako: No thanks, I don't want to bathe! Hold on...are there more of you in there?! | Scary!
  113. >Yamashiro: Let's all become fortunate together!
  114. >Goya: I don't want to go to Orel ever again!
  115. >Kako: Furutaka--!!
  116. >Kako: Help me!
  117. >[Water Dipper]
  118. >Kako: Furutaka!
  119. >[Splashing x2]
  120. >[Furutaka: Twitch]
  121. [end]
  123. >Atago: Maya! Choukai! Congratulations on your Kai II!!
  124. >[Atago: Pan Paka Pannnn--!]
  125. >Atago: To celebrate, we're treating you guys to a hot spring/onsen trip! >Takao: Congratulations, guys?
  126. >[Maya: Excited x2]
  127. >Maya: Th...thank you, Nee-sans!]
  128. >Maya: Speaking of which, what kind of warfare is an onsen? (note: the sen 泉in onsen 温泉 can be read as the sen 戰 in sento 戰鬥, warfare. Onsen could thus be read as 温戰, a hot battle.)
  129. >[Maya: You've got my blood boilin'!]
  130. >[Choukai: Maya...did you make a mistake...?]
  131. >Atago: A "sento" is an open-air hot spring? (note: this sento, "錢湯," means hot spring, unlike the sento noted earlier)
  132. >Takao: [Rather than a treat....]
  133. >Takao: [I'm pretty sure Atago just wants to go...]
  134. [Takao Class Hot Springs]
  136. >Choukai: hot springs are so great~
  137. >[Relaxed]
  138. >Choukai: The sacred power of this great land...cleansing remedies removing my seals... (note: I don't know whether this is some ancient poem or some chuuni shit)
  139. >Choukai: Tonight...the seal shall be removed....
  140. >Maya: When did you suddenly get so deep?
  142. >Maya: How's the hot water, Choukai?
  143. >Choukai: the hot springs water is wonderful!
  144. >[Maya; Whew...]
  145. >Maya: It's....
  146. >Maya: Hot, hot, hot!
  147. >Maya: How do you seem so unfazed? (literally: How is your face so unchanged in this temperature?)
  148. >[Maya: That some kinda mask?]
  149. >Choukai: Eh?
  151. >Aoba: Too naive!
  152. >Aoba: What does Kuma plan to do this time?
  153. >Kuma: I'm going to put on a suit and prank 'em good, Kuma!
  154. >[Choukai: This hot spring is quite wonderful.]
  155. >[Maya: Indeed.]
  156. >Aoba: Well then, I shall capture their embarassing expressions as they react to the Kuma shock!
  157. >Aoba: much will they go for?
  158. >[*Heartbeats]
  159. >Kuma: That's quite a scary expression Aoba has there, Kuma.
  160. >[By the way, this is a crime.]
  162. >[Rustle]
  163. >Kuma: Kuma---
  165. >[Choukai: Ah!]
  166. >[Choukai: Shrink]
  167. >Choukai: scary....
  168. >[Choukai: That bear was so scary, right--]
  169. >Aoba: To be able to immediately recognize it as a fake bear and then to kick it with the power of a Heavy Cruiser....what a scary person! [That was deliberate!]
  170. >[Maya: Oh hey, Aoba, fancy running into you here!]
  172. >[Fog][ged]
  173. >[Maya: there's a lot of steam here.]
  174. >Maya: Couldn't you take your glasses off in the hot springs, at least?
  175. >Choukai: Hmm....honestly, my vision's fine, so I don't even need my glasses....
  176. >Maya: Eh?
  177. >Choukai: These are plain glasses!
  178. >[Choukai: It's just to build a character~]
  179. >[Choukai: I'm quite fond of them.]
  180. >[Maya: Shock]
  181. >Maya: Eh?! They're fake?!
  183. >Atago: So, how about it? Could you hang towels on Choukai's rigging? [ufufu]
  184. >[Choukai: I think they're dry now.]
  185. >Atago: Ara ara? Is Maya using her rigging to hang dried persimmons?
  186. >[Maya: They're real tasty~]
  187. >Atago: You can hang so much on those Kai II riggings~
  188. >[Atago: Takao~]
  189. >[Atago: Let's drink a little more!]
  190. >Takao: We finally get to go to a hot spring, and then Atago gets herself too shitfaced to bathe....really...
  192. [Nonco]
  193. >Akashi: Why did Kako have a water dipper?
  194. >Admiral: Didn't you know? It's a way to combat Ship spirits. (note: this is apparently part of Temizu, the way to wash hands at a shinto shrine)
  195. >Ooyodo: I'm pretty sure they'll ask you to give them the dipper.
  196. >Admiral: And if you give it to them, they'll scoop water into themselves and then they'll sink.
  197. >Akashi: Eh, so that's why it's empty...
  198. >Akashi, Ooyodo: SO, why would they take it?
  199. >[well then, until next time]
  200. [Yumi]
  201. [Although I really like the Takao class, I've never drawn them before....when Choukai and Maya got their Kai II, I drew them a little bit.]
  202. >[Well then, good night. I gave it my'm going to sleep...]
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