Horizon 5-B

Sep 1st, 2014
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  1. Chapter 27:
  2. Crossdressing Toori stalls for time with Katagiri while Masazumi speaks with Nobuyuki.
  4. Chapter 28:
  5. Masazumi agrees to shelter Nobuyuki in Mito land.
  6. Sanada Masayuki, Nobuyuki's father, shows up and claims the history recreation means Futayo must marry Nobuyuki.
  8. Chapter 29:
  9. Futayo refuses to marry him because she is trying to inherit her father's name and thus (from a history recreation standpoint) is more her father than her father's daughter.
  10. Masazumi takes over the negotiation with Katagiri.
  12. Chapter 30:
  13. Masazumi and then Kimi negotiate with Katagiri as he insists Musashi must take a break from war and complete the academy activities it has been neglecting.
  15. Chapter 31:
  16. Katagiri insists that Musashi must go on a field trip.
  17. Sakai suggests going to Sanada.
  18. A dragon that calls itself the Former Sarutobi Sasuke of the old Sanada Braves says Musashi will have to face it and another dragon of the old Braves if they go to Sanada.
  20. Chapter 32:
  21. Another dragon who is the original Kirigakure Saizou shows up.
  22. Horizon and Futayo attack while "Musashi" uses gravity barriers to keep them from escaping, but the two dragons vanish using some kind of ninja technique.
  24. Chapter 33:
  25. On the Hexagone Francaise front, Nate's mom begins throwing things at the Ten Spears' ship, but Katou Yoshiaki, Wakisaka Yasuharu, and Kiyomasa defend against it.
  27. Chapter 34:
  28. Class Plum gets some rest for the night.
  30. Chapter 35:
  31. Hexagone Francaise attacks the Speers' ship again.
  33. Chapter 36:
  34. Toori urges some of the guys to peep on the girls while they have their measurements taken.
  36. Chapter 37:
  37. After some discussion, Asama and Nate are roped into living with Toori and Horizon on the trip to test out possibly living with them in the future.
  39. Chapter 38:
  40. Exiv prepares for the coming attack on Paris.
  41. Nate worries over the possibility of moving in with Toori.
  42. Kakei Torihide, an earth dragon, arrives at the Musashi.
  44. Chapter 39:
  45. Naomasa, Neshinbara, Mary, Adele, Futayo, Nate, and Muneshige work to stop the dragon.
  47. Chapter 40:
  48. Uqui, Yoshiyasu, and others help in the fight.
  50. Chapter 41:
  51. After more fighting, the dragon is defeated.
  53. Chapter 42:
  54. Class Plum spends the night at Suzu's bathhouse.
  55. Nate finds her house was destroyed in the dragon fight.
  57. Chapter 43:
  58. Katagiri, Fukushima, and Kiyomasa discuss strategy until Hexagone Francaise gods of war attack their ship.
  60. Chapter 44:
  61. Fukushima and Kiyomasa defend against the two gods of war.
  63. Chapter 45:
  64. Fukushima and Kiyomasa continue to fight the two gods of war.
  65. Katou Danzou of Sanada appears before them.
  67. Chapter 46:
  68. Azuma leaves for the field trip.
  70. Chapter 47:
  71. The girls play around in a river.
  73. Chapter 48:
  74. Nate and Asama join Toori, Horizon, and Kimi's tent for the night.
  75. The class discusses the Sanada ruins they plan to visit the following day.
  77. Chapter 49:
  78. Katagiri thinks in the bath.
  80. Chapter 50:
  81. Class Plum splits into three groups while preparing to enter the Sanada ruins.
  82. The Speers prepare to arrive at Paris.
  84. Chapter 51:
  85. One group enters the Sanada ruins and battles dragon Saizou.
  87. Chapter 52:
  88. Futayo and Gin continue on to the other dragon while the others stay behind to fight Saizou.
  90. Chapter 53:
  91. The dragon fights continue.
  93. Chapter 54:
  94. The group battling Saizou sees through his vanishing trick and defeats him.
  96. Chapter 55:
  97. The stress of the battle brings Saizou's lifespan to an end.
  99. Chapter 56:
  100. Futayo and Gin continue their battle against Sasuke.
  102. Chapter 57:
  103. Futayo defeats Sasuke.
  105. Chapter 58:
  106. The others continue on and find what remains of Matsudaira Nobuyasu's laboratory.
  108. Chapter 59:
  109. Inside the lab, they find the remains of some kind of research, a Double Border Crest, and the message "Don't leave me behind".
  111. Chapter 60:
  112. They realize Nobuyasu's supposed suicide was actually a Princess Disappearance.
  113. In Round 2 against Sasuke, Futayo and Gin truly defeat him.
  115. Chapter 61:
  116. As he dies, Sasuke speaks with Horizon and the others and provides them with some new information.
  117. Just as he mentions something about the Speers, an Oda anti-dragon arrow hits him.
  119. Chapter 62:
  120. The arrow was fired by Hirano Nagayasu, a shrine maiden and one of the Speers.
  121. Sasuke dies and the ruins collapse.
  123. Final Chapter:
  124. While the girls are in a hot spring that evening, Nate's mom suddenly shows up.
  125. The Mouri and Houjou forces arrive to carry out a variety of history recreations with Musashi and thus ruin Hashiba's plans.
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