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  2. lVlajesty: did i tell you about the time i made a wrong turn on a roadtrip
  3. Originate: sheesh
  4. DukeAlexForce: *I got
  5. DukeAlexForce: No
  6. UNDlSPUTED: no
  7. lVlajesty: and was almost eaten by cannibals
  8. lVlajesty: ok so
  9. lVlajesty: i was going to Oklahoma
  10. Originate: tf
  11. Originate: z
  12. DukeAlexForce: Already a bad start
  13. lVlajesty: to visit my cousin at langston university
  14. lVlajesty: and bring her back to TN
  15. lVlajesty: I had gone by myself despite my mother worrying about me traveling alone
  16. lVlajesty: my dad had just passed away and my brother was m.i.a and wasn't responding to our messages
  17. lVlajesty: and I am too hard headed to wait
  18. lVlajesty: so I took my gun, a boxcutter, a map, and some basics
  19. DukeAlexForce: Sorry, what year was this?
  20. lVlajesty: anyway i had made it through tornado valley which was a story in and of itself
  21. lVlajesty: 2012 i believe
  22. UNDlSPUTED: how old were you?
  23. lVlajesty: possibly earlier . it was within five years of my dad dying
  24. lVlajesty: so this had to be 2011-2012
  25. DukeAlexForce: Alrighty
  26. lVlajesty: i was 17 or 18
  27. UNDlSPUTED: damn
  28. lVlajesty: Too young to be traveling alone
  29. UNDlSPUTED: fr
  30. lVlajesty: But I had gone on the trip before to langston
  31. lVlajesty: i just hadn't driven
  32. lVlajesty: So most of the trip i was good
  33. lVlajesty: the tornado valley part was an exception
  34. lVlajesty: and that's a story in itself
  35. lVlajesty: but for the most part i was good
  36. lVlajesty: i had my gun. so I felt like my dad was with me
  37. lVlajesty: i had my dave matthews and my stevie nicks
  38. lVlajesty: and I had my cappuccinos
  39. lVlajesty: to stay awake
  40. lVlajesty: about maybe 10 or 15 miles away
  41. lVlajesty: i was running out of gas
  42. UNDlSPUTED: oh no
  43. lVlajesty: and maverick (my old 2001 honda accord)
  44. lVlajesty: needed some fuel
  45. lVlajesty: i saw this lil house up ahead
  46. lVlajesty: with one gas pump outside
  47. lVlajesty: people be thinking i'm lying about this part because it's so obvious
  48. lVlajesty: but I was young and naive
  49. lVlajesty: so naturally i pull over to the old ass gas pump outside the old creepy shack-like house
  50. lVlajesty: it was early in afternoon
  51. lVlajesty: hot and sunny so maybe that was why i wasn't like
  52. lVlajesty: idk. scared
  53. DukeAlexForce: And then came the chainsaw
  54. lVlajesty: there was one older guy sitting on the porch
  55. lVlajesty: no but seriously alex it was like that
  56. lVlajesty: anyway
  57. lVlajesty: the old guy was dressed in like these clothes that looked all baggy and dirty
  58. lVlajesty: and he was skinny af
  59. lVlajesty: sick looking
  60. lVlajesty: i didn't even see him rocking there until I had looked up after trying to figure out how the pump worked
  61. lVlajesty: it was old af
  62. lVlajesty: he had been looking at me the whole time ig so I was kinda annoyed like .....really? not going to help
  63. DukeAlexForce: Man, my Spidey Senses woulda had me make like a tree and get the fuck out of there
  64. lVlajesty: but I smiled and waved and called out for help
  65. lVlajesty: he just kept sitting there and i remember holding my hand over my eyes
  66. lVlajesty: it was so sunny
  67. lVlajesty: i called out again asking for gas
  68. lVlajesty: he never answered just sat there rocking staring at me
  69. lVlajesty: like kinda grumpy
  70. DukeAlexForce: And that's when you bolted, yeah?
  71. lVlajesty: so I just walked to the house
  72. UNDlSPUTED: jesus fuck
  73. lVlajesty: no i needed gas
  74. UNDlSPUTED: you white people
  75. lVlajesty: so I asked him if i could go in when I got to the porch
  76. lVlajesty: he was staring at my car
  77. lVlajesty: i was kinda offended like he was ignoring me
  78. lVlajesty: wlc
  79. BBullGod: thanks
  80. lVlajesty: so I walked into the house which was like a lil shop
  81. lVlajesty: dirty
  82. lVlajesty: dark
  83. BBullGod: hows it goin
  84. lVlajesty: like DARK
  85. lVlajesty: it was sunny af outside and barely any light inside which was odd
  86. lVlajesty: i still wasn't scared tho but I do remember being surprised at how cluttered and dusty the house was
  87. lVlajesty: so I called out saying i needed gas
  88. lVlajesty: could someone give me gas. i could pay
  89. lVlajesty: and I remember walking into the kitchen and there was an older woman at the sink
  90. lVlajesty: looked like she was washing dishes
  91. lVlajesty: i was relieved to find a woman
  92. lVlajesty: and I repeated myself while checking her out from behind
  93. lVlajesty: her clothes were so dirty
  94. BBullGod: sounds eerie
  95. lVlajesty: they looked brown or grsy
  96. lVlajesty: like you could tell the dress was supposed to be white
  97. lVlajesty: but anyway she turned around
  98. lVlajesty: and that's when
  99. lVlajesty: finally
  100. lVlajesty: my dumb ass knew something was wrong
  101. lVlajesty: she was holding a dirty plate and wiping it with a dry dirty tattered
  102. lVlajesty: no water
  103. lVlajesty: no soap
  104. lVlajesty: she was just rubbing it against the plate
  105. BBullGod: wtf
  106. lVlajesty: and when I looked up she was just sraring at me but it was her smile
  107. lVlajesty: ugh it still makes me
  108. lVlajesty: ...idk
  109. lVlajesty: but when she smiled
  110. lVlajesty: her teeth were like
  111. lVlajesty: sharp?
  112. UNDlSPUTED: jesus christ
  113. lVlajesty: idk how to describe it
  114. lVlajesty: it was like
  115. lVlajesty: just ......idk
  116. lVlajesty: ugh
  117. BBullGod: were you far from home?
  118. lVlajesty: but it was like unusually sharp
  119. lVlajesty: pointy
  120. UNDlSPUTED: thats fuckin wild
  121. lVlajesty: and I remember trying to like
  122. lVlajesty: ....
  123. lVlajesty: stall?
  124. lVlajesty: i was like "ma' you have any gas?"
  125. lVlajesty: and she wasn't responding just smiling and I kinda backed out? like i remember really not wanting to turn my back
  126. lVlajesty: but i got scared af
  127. lVlajesty: i still don't know why
  128. UNDlSPUTED: cuz this bitch had fangs
  129. lVlajesty: like she was a frail skinny woman and her teeth were pointy but
  130. BBullGod: sounded like a trap
  131. lVlajesty: idk i just remember
  132. lVlajesty: feeling
  133. lVlajesty: wrong
  134. lVlajesty: like something was wrong
  135. lVlajesty: so I got outside and it was a shit ton of kids on the porch
  136. lVlajesty: like
  137. lVlajesty: idk where tf they came from
  138. lVlajesty: and there were more coming from around the corners of the house
  139. lVlajesty: and I remember like hurrying to my car
  140. lVlajesty: they were all looking at me
  141. lVlajesty: some smiling
  142. lVlajesty: most just staring
  143. lVlajesty: and I remember feeling scared for my life
  144. lVlajesty: i actually silently started praying to myself and I remember fumbling with my keys
  145. BBullGod: damn
  146. BBullGod: that sounds like the hills have eyes
  147. BBullGod: where was this
  148. lVlajesty: and this huge 18 wheeler pulled up outta nowhere
  149. lVlajesty: a big black guy got out
  150. lVlajesty: friendly
  151. lVlajesty: smiling
  152. lVlajesty: and the kids ran back to wherever they came from
  153. lVlajesty: he said hey to me
  154. lVlajesty: said he was getting some gas, was on his way to oklahoma
  155. lVlajesty: and I remember stuttering out that I needed gas too
  156. lVlajesty: and he walked up to the old guy
  157. lVlajesty: asked for gas
  158. lVlajesty: the old man said something i couldn't make out
  159. lVlajesty: the black guy went in the house and brought out some red cartons of gas
  160. lVlajesty: filled me up 1st
  161. lVlajesty: then went back in
  162. lVlajesty: filled him up
  163. lVlajesty: he was talking the whole time and being friendly
  164. lVlajesty: but I was so scared i didn't really say much and I was surprised he was able to get gas
  165. lVlajesty: like .... they hadn't said anything to me
  166. lVlajesty: and he offered to tail me the rest of the way to oklahoma
  167. lVlajesty: but get this
  168. lVlajesty: when we pulled out
  169. lVlajesty: he was behind me for a mile or two
  170. lVlajesty: but I looked in my rearview mirror the 3rd time
  171. lVlajesty: he was gone
  172. lVlajesty: that big 18 wheeler
  173. lVlajesty: it was a 2 lane road
  174. lVlajesty: no other place he could have pulled over to
  175. UNDlSPUTED: guardian angl
  176. UNDlSPUTED: angel
  177. lVlajesty: and flat land on either side
  178. lVlajesty: i would have seen him
  179. lVlajesty: i remember crying . idk why . i was confused and glad to be away from that house ig
  180. BBullGod: damn
  181. lVlajesty: but I remember breaking down and not stopping again
  182. UNDlSPUTED: jesus christ Carm
  183. lVlajesty: i told my mom that and my cousin
  184. UNDlSPUTED: that sounded horrible
  185. lVlajesty: my mom said it was an angel . she's religious . my cousin thought it was a lie
  186. lVlajesty: idk
  187. lVlajesty: but yeah i don't stop at places like that anymore when traveling
  188. BBullGod: shit no kidding
  189. BBullGod: sounded like you were in danger
  190. lVlajesty: i have never felt that feeling i felt in that house
  191. BBullGod: and the homie rescued you
  192. lVlajesty: i can't describe it
  193. UNDlSPUTED: no wonder you like black guys so much
  194. lVlajesty: it was like
  195. lVlajesty: heavy
  196. lVlajesty: like .... i just felt heavy
  197. lVlajesty: and I remember knowing something was about to go down
  198. lVlajesty: lmfao
  199. UNDlSPUTED: you woulda been lunch
  200. BBullGod: haha
  201. lVlajesty: i didn't really have anything happen that would explain that feeling tho
  202. lVlajesty: i mean sure
  203. lVlajesty: the teeth thing was creepy
  204. lVlajesty: but I just remember that feeling scaring me most
  205. lVlajesty: like ugh. anyway . when people say they had an jnkling that something is wrong with a person or place
  206. UNDlSPUTED: that was the feeling of pure evil
  207. BBullGod: you were in teh middle of no whrre
  208. lVlajesty: and try to describe it
  209. lVlajesty: i usually know exactly what it is
  210. lVlajesty: because it's not really describable
  211. lVlajesty: just felt heavy like imaginary hands pressing in on you
  212. lVlajesty: and yup basically
  213. BBullGod: shit
  214. BBullGod: i never had that happen
  215. BBullGod: but i bet its like you feel evil
  216. BBullGod: you feel it in your bones
  217. lVlajesty: hopefully you never will
  218. lVlajesty: you know what
  219. lVlajesty: if you been on a rollercoaster
  220. lVlajesty: you know how it feel when you start going down
  221. BBullGod: oh damn, your stomach goes up to your chest
  222. lVlajesty: it's like that but not just your stomach
  223. lVlajesty: it's like all over your boy
  224. lVlajesty: *body
  225. lVlajesty: you just feel heavy
  226. lVlajesty: that's the best word for it
  227. lVlajesty: and it's like it's confusing because
  228. lVlajesty: that's normally something you feel when falling
  229. lVlajesty: or on a rollercoaster
  230. lVlajesty: to feel that outta nowhere is creepy af
  231. UNDlSPUTED: i feel you
  232. lVlajesty: but yup
  233. lVlajesty: that's a story for ya
  234. BBullGod: shit
  235. UNDlSPUTED: damn
  236. UNDlSPUTED: thats wild
  237. BBullGod: glad you went unharmed
  238. lVlajesty: alex is shook
  239. lVlajesty: i was too
  240. lVlajesty: especially when the 18 wheeler just
  241. lVlajesty: disappeared
  242. lVlajesty: i still don't know how he could have driven off without me seeing him
  243. UNDlSPUTED: i am shookth
  244. lVlajesty: like there were no hills
  245. lVlajesty: no turning lanes
  246. lVlajesty: just a two lane road
  247. lVlajesty: and empty grass
  248. lVlajesty: on either side
  249. DukeAlexForce: Sorry, had to read the whole story cause I got a call, but that sounds absolutely insane
  250. lVlajesty: hunny if angels are super friendly black truckers
  251. lVlajesty: then
  252. lVlajesty: i'm good with that
  253. BBullGod: heh yea
  254. lVlajesty: and yeah lol
  255. BBullGod: you surrounded by them all the time ;)
  256. lVlajesty: i remember how friendly he was
  257. lVlajesty: like unbothered
  258. lVlajesty: didn't seem scared at all
  259. DukeAlexForce: Almost felt like a dream, right?
  260. lVlajesty: yeah ! i remember looking at him like O.O
  261. DukeAlexForce: One of those moments like, hey, did this actually happen?
  262. lVlajesty: and he was just smiling and talking about the heat
  263. UNDlSPUTED: some higher power spared you that day
  264. lVlajesty: like making small talk
  265. BBullGod: he couodnt let that booty get in danger
  266. lVlajesty: and when I blurted out that I needed gas but didn't think they had any
  267. lVlajesty: he was like dismissive almost like
  268. lVlajesty: "oh no ofc they do "
  269. lVlajesty: but friendly
  270. lVlajesty: and I was like where did he even come from i don't remember seeing anybody behind me
  271. lVlajesty: while driving to the place
  272. lVlajesty: i would have noticed that truck
  273. lVlajesty: have you guys experienced anything weird
  274. lVlajesty: like that ?
  275. BBullGod: cant say i have
  276. lVlajesty: yeah
  277. UNDlSPUTED: nah i keep myself outta shit like that
  278. BBullGod: im sure theres a lot of experiences ive had in my life
  279. lVlajesty: it's one of those things that like you just can't explain
  280. BBullGod: where i felt weird or had a feeling abouts omething
  281. BBullGod: bit nothing like that
  282. lVlajesty: wb
  283. lVlajesty: and yeah
  284. Originate: word to big bird, preciate it
  285. UNDlSPUTED: thats still a wild story
  286. lVlajesty: it was scary
  287. lVlajesty: for sure
  288. lVlajesty: like some texas chainsaw stuff
  289. Originate: sheesh
  290. UNDlSPUTED: like you woulda been some creepy guys dinner
  291. lVlajesty: maybe
  292. BBullGod: yeah like the Hills have Eyes
  293. lVlajesty: their teeth were like
  294. lVlajesty: i mean i have seen some pointy teeth
  295. Originate: i missed story time
  296. lVlajesty: but that shit was sum different
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