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NT10 Cover + Color Illustrations

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  1. NT10
  3. Front flap:
  5. New Testament Toaru Majutsu no Index 10
  7. To save Magic God Othinus, Kamijou Touma has made an enemy of the entire world.
  8. The influential leaders, Level 5s, magicians, and other previously reliable allies all attack him as powerful “enemies”.
  9. This battle seemed to have the least chance of survival and least amount of hope of any in his life.
  10. The world he returned to was the same as one scene from that “hell”.
  11. But he does not give in. He is not alone this time.
  12. To save Othinus from the entire world, her power of as a magic god must be neutralized.
  13. To return her to a human, she must retrieve her eye from Mímir’s Spring in an old Danish castle.
  14. Now, he has an objective.
  15. Kamijou fights to protect the life and smile of a single girl.
  18. Back flap:
  20. Kamachi Kazuma
  22. Something may be under construction because the power cables have this yellow cover. It’s wonderful how merely changing the color makes it feel so different.
  24. Toaru Majutsu no Index 1-22
  25. Toaru Majutsu no Index SS 1-2
  26. New Testament Toaru Majutsu no Index 1-10
  27. Heavy Object Series (8 Books Total)
  28. The Zashiki Warashi of Intellectual Village 1-3
  29. A Simple Survey
  30. A Simple Monitoring
  31. The Circumstances Leading to Waltraute's Marriage
  33. Illustrations: Haimura Kiyotaka
  34. I am slowly drawing in the back country of Hiroshima.
  36. Opening Page:
  38. Mímir’s Spring
  39. According to Othinus, the lake surrounding Egeskov Castle south of Odense on the Danish island of Funen is Mímir’s Spring. The eye she gouged out and sacrificed is there. The ceremonial act of destruction that was gouging out her own eye created a system out of the sacrifice and she ascended from human to magic god. By returning the eye to her eye socket, her specialness as a magic god will vanish.
  40. That is the sole method of returning Magic God Othinus to human.
  42. Color Page
  44. “What?”
  45. Boss girl of the Magic Cabal known as the Dawn-Colored Sunlight – Leivinia Birdway
  47. “Are you upset that your precious big bro was taken from you?”
  48. Member of the potential British Magic Cabal known as New Light – Lessar
  50. “What is this?”
  51. Level 5 of Academy City and Tokiwadai Middle School – Misaka Mikoto
  53. “…”
  54. Nun who has memorized 103,000 grimoires – Index
  57. “This isn’t good.”
  58. President of the United States of America and Commander-in-Chief of the US Military – Roberto Katze
  60. “This does not fit with Kamijou Touma’s previous behavior. Does anyone have any ideas?”
  61. Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church – Krans R. Tsarskiy
  64. “M-min-minus fifteen degrees!?”
  65. Level 0 student of Academy City – Kamijou Touma
  67. “Well, it is cold enough to break a thermometer.”
  68. Former Gremlin member and Magic God – Othinus
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