Feb 8th, 2016
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  1. ---== Thought Archive ==---
  2. Circa, Everyday Battles #7
  4. Makoto Kiryoka
  5. "Dammit, why is K so secretive? She's hiding something from me, I just know it..."
  7. Shun Tanakawa
  8. "Yui, we stopped Cinnamon. Why won't you let me change back yet?"
  9. Yui "I just want to take advantage of this unique opportunity, Shun. After all, horses can run very fast. Don't you want to set a new, personal top speed?"
  10. "Ooh, record breaking! Okay, but get offa me and take this stuff off first."
  11. Yui "W-Wait! Um, t-think of this as special training; with a person on your back and these protective elements."
  12. "Uhnh... okay."
  13. Yui "Yesss! Now let me just do your hair~"
  14. "H-Hey, that's tight!"
  16. Yui Oomura
  17. *see Shun*
  19. Aoi Saito
  20. "Um... hi"
  21. Manti "Hai!"
  22. "What does Makoto even expect me to do with you?"
  23. Manti "Aoi has no breast."
  24. "Well yeah, I'm a guy."
  25. Manti "...Should Manti ask Robo to give Aoi breast?"
  26. "NO!"
  28. Umeki Yasuka
  29. "My chest still hurts... but those ears were just so darling~"
  31. Hiroko Shimada
  32. Shizuko "Come on, Shun and Yui took Cinnamon to the nurse's office. We can change back there."
  33. "Aw, right away? I was getting used to these wings."
  34. Shizuko "Well I'm not- they keep getting in the way."
  35. "Hm... so I guess you could say that Cinnamon really-"
  36. Shizuko "Don't you dare."
  37. "...ruffled your feathers~?"
  38. *laughing*
  39. *punch to the gut*
  40. "HOGH!"
  42. Shizuko Kikuro
  43. *see Hiroko*
  45. Yuuki Kiryoka
  46. "Oh no, I slept through the break! Izumi..."
  48. Manti Kiryoka
  49. *see Saito*
  51. Hana Kiryoka
  53. Obadiah Krieger
  55. Momo Yasuka
  56. Izumi "Please-please-PLEASE don't tell anyone I crossdressed!"
  57. "Hm... okay. It's a secret, teehee. But why did you anyway?"
  58. Izumi "I was... trying to meet a girl."
  59. "...I don't think that's how it works."
  60. Izumi "A SPECIFIC GIRL!"
  61. "So you swing 'that' way, huh?"
  63. Izumi Kikuro
  64. * see Momo *
  66. Doctor K
  67. "I wonder how they're faring without me. Please be okay, once this job is over I'll... I'll be back. I promise."
  69. Cinnamon
  70. "I don't even remember swallowing that..."
  72. Ren & Kyo-chan
  73. "A-A collar? Kyo, that's too much."
  74. "Ah, it's fine. I just wanna see what you look like in it. I'll put it right back with mistress Yui's others."
  75. "Hrm... alright, but you have to wear that leather suit."
  76. "Ooh... uh, deal."
  77. *click*
  78. "Hehe, okay, maybe it does look cute."
  79. "See? I told you. This thing is really tight, whew."
  80. "So how do we get them off? The latch seems stuck."
  81. "Oh, you just... um..."
  82. "Kyo?"
  83. "...Ren, we may have a problem."
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