Aug 25th, 2014
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  1. Name: Luke Warm
  2. Gender: M
  3. Race: Unicorn
  4. Class: Hermit
  5. Age: 24
  6. Era: present time/show time
  7. Deity: T. Gondi
  8. Alignment: True Neutral
  10. Racials:
  11. --Unicorn Catalyst: passive; a unicorn’s horn counts as a catalyst for spellcasting.
  12. --Unicorn Telekinesis: spell; manipulate objects through sheer force of will. Complex tasks and heavier objects may require more focus.
  13. --Dowsing: spell; Find Alcohol
  15. Skills:
  16. --Innocent: passive; appear unimportant, uninteresting and generally like a forgettable bystander. Unless you are caught doing something illegal, you will at most be escorted outside, but more likely you'll just be ignored by guards and the like
  17. --Stealth: become hidden. Enemies cannot attack you until you reveal yourself. An attack used in stealth Autocrits. Can be used at DC8 in combat.
  18. --Natural Remedy: recharge 1, ranged; Use an unpredictable tincture to fully restore a target’s hits to full and restore one wound, or removes status effects. Crit on 9+ restores 2 wounds, but crit fail on 2- deals a wound of damage.
  19. Child of Gaia: passive; you gain a +1 bonus to rolls when fighting in natural environs (forests, natural caves, Bars etc.)
  20. Necklace of Persistence: Instant, Automatic: Recharge 2, on a failed action (including critfail), you can give up 3 hits to make the action automatic.
  21. >Animal Mastery: spell; You can talk to and understand animals, and wild animals obey your orders. For recharge 3 after effect ends, you can instead summon an animal minion of large size or smaller that obeys your orders for 5 turns.
  22. Word of Power: In combat, forces an enemy to miss their next attack and renders them helpless on a crit. Outside combat, can extract information on a success.
  23. Solar Chaos Mode: recharge 8; automatic/instant, spell. Every turn you must roll 1d10 as an instant action. This 1d10 cannot be modified by bonuses or penalties. You gain a penalty or bonus ranging from -5 to +5 on all rolls that turn based on the result. You may also count your unarmed strikes/Unicorn telekinesis as any weapon tag when you attack with them, but may only use one tag at a time. You may end this ability at any time as an automatic/instant action.
  24. Mob Mentality; passive: Lukewarm gains another action per turn. There can be now be any number of Lukewarms in play at once [up to the maximum], collectively sharing original Lukewarm's HW [except for the Luke summoned by Brotherhood]. In addition, All Lukes on feild can use original Luke's skills but share the same Recharge.
  26. CutieMark: His flank features a refreshing glass of water. Perfect Mix: instead of healing an extra wound, on crit Natural Remedy gives a single immunity to going helpless.
  28. Inventory:
  29. (Equipped)
  30. Track jersery
  31. Chain necklace with letter L soldiered onto it
  32. Laser Rifle [ranged weapon]
  33. Baseball Bat [single weapon]
  34. Black and two white striped Drawstring bag
  35. (Within bag)
  36. Zippo Lighter
  37. Jerky
  38. Cocktail mixer
  39. Miscellanious juices
  40. Miscellanious alcoholic beverages
  41. A picture of Lavender Current
  42. A medium cup full of Arsenic
  43. Diamond Tiara toy
  44. Gaven's Shield
  46. Name: Jean
  47. Gender: M
  48. Race: Calico tabby
  49. Deity: T. Gondii
  50. Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  51. 5/3 hits, wounds
  52. claws: dual wield attack
  53. Whisker Sleuth: may roll to track vibrations (Including sound) she can find to its origin.
  54. Distraction: Automatic instant when a character is helpless: the character that just went down cannot be attacked again until Duke is helpless as well. Can only apply to one enemy at a time
  55. Maul: passive, a target downed by Jean is further grabbed by her teeth and claws in a wild frenzy of feline nature, target must roll a DC 8 to escape (Jean cannot take any other action during this)
  57. Appearance:
  58. Wearing a dark green jersey a daydreamy pony unicorn bats out some balls at the pitcher's rink. He was born with a light grey coat and a messy brown mane. His green eyes look a bit annoyed. A person's first impression of this guy wouldn't be that friendly. Even so theres something curious about the guy. Just the way he is. It looks like hes waiting for something.
  60. REBIRTH Appearance:
  61. After being baptised in fire in Luke's bar fight scene with Chitus, appearance changes have been made to our young hero. His flesh has been singed to a crisp and he is entirely wrapped in bandages, save the mouth and whats left of his disheveled hair. His tail has been burnt into a scuff of crisp hair and he wears a quality cape over his shoulders. The cape is crimson and hemmed with brown fur along its collar. The recognizing feature of Luke left is his necklace.
  63. Biography:
  64. Lukewarm is an often relaxed person, or at least he tries to be. It is easy to pull him away from his comfort zone. In this way he is somewhat grateful for the monotony of his life despite openly despising.
  65. Lukewarm dreams about saving money to open a bar. Get a bartender license even, he enjoys mixing drinks as a hobby, and to work a place where friends could hangout, get drunk and put away their frustrations to have some good fun and watch the game sounds like the dream to him. He often daydreams about what'd be like to be the late night barkeep consoling a washed up soul through the night. Mixing drinks takes his mind off things too, often times his drinks aren't even alcholic, he just likes to experiment. The practice keeps him distracted from the debt and obligations of everyday life, its that, television and his cat Jean that keeps him from contemplating running away into the woods to live a cabin life. Which in his mind wouldn't be all that bad. He often times goes camping with the small group of friends he has.
  66. Lukewarm has a tough time getting by. He lives in the crummy parts of manehatten, just by the ghetto. In a crummy apartment. Working a crummy job as a pizza delivery boy. At least its the longest hes kept, going a year strong. Often times luke is fired from his jobs being unable to keep with his schedules. He has to give ridee to his disabled cousin who lives with his uncle in manehatten, on top of that Luke attends a community college purely to reap the financial aid for personal causes. Hes down on debt having been in a carriage crash not too long ago and investing unwisely into the stock market. And many many other strikes of just bad luck. It holds the kid from keeping a comfy life. Thankfully at least, he doesn't work retail anymore, he hates dealing with the people who frequent those stores.
  67. Thats Manehatten life though. Right now Luke is bouncing back from a break up. It wasn't mutual. His darling Lavender Current, He was crazy about her, still is. But those are bad memories Luke tries not to think about it and tries to just relax. His friends often come by trying to pull him from the cat and drinks to go spend the night. But Luke is the corner of the couch type of guy the party though. Really, he'd just like to be left home to watch cartoons
  69. As of late, Luke's parents have been badgering him to come back home to Ponyville. But being suffocated by his parents is the last thing he wants right now. Ponyville is just another sullen memory anyways. Its why he left.
  72. NOTES:
  74. Get revenge on LemonFlank
  76. Shima: 1) Does Business Luke have his own party like Dukem did? His own Nero/Onyxia/Honey, etc?
  77. Shima: or did he not meet them in his timeline of successfulness that Dukem stole him from?
  78. Shima: 2) If he did have his own party, was there a particular reason he left them?
  79. VErbadoo: yes, I wanna say all Versions of Luke eventually went on the TQ adventure meeting the party. Duke visited Business Luke after BLuke arrived from the medieval era.
  80. VErbadoo: shit I said wrong i think
  81. VErbadoo: I mean grownup BLuke not the child. He visited the child early, then zipped back forward into the future to visit himself in manehatten but then discovered Business Luke
  82. VErbadoo: business Luke didn't necesarrily leave. He'd likely have struck a partnership with his version of Ug. The reason he left was that he knew Duke wasn't pleased with how he turned out and figured he was gonna go back to retcon his existence
  83. VErbadoo: So he followed him into the past to stop him
  84. VErbadoo: but never found him. Instead Business Luke saw his childself in that alleyway and Duke never showed up so he took it upon himself to ensure his existence
  85. Shima: Okay, though there is one thing to try and sort out: So, BLuke leaves his own version of the party behind after he follows behind Dukem to stop him from retconning his current state (which, however, wouldn't quite work that way: after passing through a time portal, you become immunte to continuity shifts like that, though while he would have been fine everything he worked for would be gone however so the motivation still makes sense). Then he comes back, but it's not HIS party anymore, lost to another instance of time to continue on their own path that he can never get back to, correct?
  86. VErbadoo: yes
  87. VErbadoo: also i just remembered the continuity shift immunity but wasn't cuz glitch put a spell on everyone that made them immune to it?
  88. Shima: I also applies to anyone and everyone who happens to walk through a time portal: Remember, Boo and Screech shouldn't even exist right now since their time was wiped out
  89. VErbadoo: also inbetween BLuke leaving his timeline and resuming things in the Hero Lukewarm's timeline there is a lot of unmentioned shenanigans of Duke, BLuke, and any Lukes that are determined enough to try and set their timelines back the way they were.
  90. VErbadoo: We can say that any alt lukes trying to set things back eventually gave up because it just got too complicated and that Duke settled for the Hero Lukewarm's timeline because it was the closest to his own
  91. Shima: In the shenanigans taking place here, all of which take place BEFORE the date Luke was taken to the future, on the first day of the Festival?
  92. VErbadoo: yes, excluding moments altLukes and Duke had to go back to present to check if things were fixed
  93. VErbadoo: as a plot device I wanna use Business Luke to describe the horrible repercussions Duke created from bouncing around the timeline. Like how there are now many displaced Alt Lukes with a timewatch now (possible Threat) or how our Hero LukeWarm is actually an alt luke. duke being the real original and Luke being a version of Duke that had gotten cancer because Duke accidentally made his mom an alcoholic. Thus making Luke genetically predisposed to be an alcoholic and more likely to get cancer from it.
  94. VErbadoo: there is one more alt Luke that I'd like to include for plot reasons with Luke's story, with permission of course. after this every other iteration of Luke included in game will just be for fun and not important to Luke's story
  95. Shima: Hmmm, it's alright. It's a little tricky to work with, but it's an interesting idea I want to let you run with. I especially like the twist that DUKEM is the original version, and not Luke, that would be abit of a mind fuck.
  96. Shima: There's still a few holes in the logic from how timetravel has worked so far in the sessions is that, everyone started time travel 8 days ago real time as they went throughouth the time stream. The portals drop you off with the correct amount of days offset, whereas this watch doesn't seem to. Which, raises the question of how Dukem's been doing it for over a month then if he was supposed to get his start on the adventure at the same time. But, there is a bit that i haven't introduced yet to the party (still want to keep it hush) that could justify how he's been at it for so long and how he's created so many alternate Lukes.
  97. VErbadoo: is that Duke is from the time after the present era arch was finished, wedding settled, bosses defeated, and everything. And we know that because he had spent the time afterward getting buff and starring in movies from UgCorp. So when he goes back to check on things he could of set the watch to send to when He just arrived back in manehatten from the 8days TQ adventure
  98. Shima: Another question: How many different points in time did all the lukes muck around in, besides luke when he was 9, and when he's 24? Too many to count? A finite number?
  99. VErbadoo: I wanna too many to count because i don't wanna limit my creativity early on
  100. VErbadoo: still need to rp this shiz and leave it open to humor
  101. Shima: Alright. The only thing that sort of concerns me on this particular use of it is, while it's great for this self-contained story, the way time travel has worked so far prevents the party from doing something like, say, go back a day to stop Chitus from eating Lavender's heart in the first place before the wedding. When Dukem's watch can tune into any date, that's ripe for exploitation. I would like to come up with some sort of excuse for when asked by the party, 'Hey can we use your watch to go back in time a few hours and stop x', there's a logical reason for saying 'No we can't'
  102. VErbadoo: ah, okay then the times Duke went back and forward through time are primarily to check on the present, to when Luke was a child, before Luke was born (likely by accident)
  103. Shima: Just as a notice, I'm not saying that we can't give it the ability to go anywhere in time: I just need a reason to say why the party can't do it on a whim
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