SaiKano ep13 ending transcript

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  1. That day, we made love again and again.
  2. When we were spent, we slept...
  3. our bodies pressed together as if we were one.
  4. That was a part of love...
  5. It was everything,
  6. and also its end.
  7. First Time Memorial Chise * Shuji
  8. 202 BC: The Battle of Zama
  9. 73 BC: Spartacus' Revolt
  10. 66 BC...
  11. Chise...
  12. 'Morning.
  13. What is it?
  14. Shuji, do you remember,
  15. all those ancient prophecies about the end of the world,
  16. and the people who predicted it?
  17. When I was little I really believed them.
  18. I used to go off by myself and cry...
  19. thinking I would die as a teenager.
  20. I wish I could go back in time and tell that little girl,
  21. that the world would be fine...
  22. and lie.
  23. Chise...
  24. Then I wouldn't have had to cry so much,
  25. and be so scared.
  26. 9 AD: The Battle of Teutoburg
  27. Again Chise started reciting the events
  28. of the world's history,
  29. as if she were singing...
  30. its death song.
  31. The timeline of history, the one subject she was good at.
  32. Shuji, I didn't really want to remember you.
  33. It's true.
  34. It's true.
  35. Chise...
  36. If I'd stayed a weapon, and never became human again,
  37. I wouldn't have had to suffer and feel sad.
  38. And even if I were the only one left,
  39. I wouldn't have felt lonely at all.
  40. They're coming.
  41. Chise!
  42. You know, Shuji,
  43. I wanted to die
  44. with you watching over me.
  45. Dummy! It can be helped!
  46. Damn it!
  47. Cut it out!
  48. Shuji, I was hoping...
  49. that love would save me finally.
  50. But it didn't...
  51. make me feel better at all.
  52. I know you're there!
  53. She's alive.
  54. Chise's still alive.
  55. She's alive.
  56. You showed me ecstasy. You told me to live, and fight
  57. and love 'till the end.
  58. Chise.
  59. You're the one who told me to live.
  60. That's why...
  61. I want you by my side when the end comes.
  62. Chise...
  63. I'm sorry, Shuji. We're together at last...
  64. and it's all over.
  65. Over?
  66. I'm sorry, Shuji. It's too late. The world is ending.
  67. I know it's kind of a shock for you, all this,
  68. but it's the truth.
  69. Here in this town you wouldn't know it,
  70. but the other side of the world is completely destroyed.
  71. The people and the planet itself.
  72. And soon, this town will be too.
  73. Chise!
  74. The people coming care only about their own nation's survival.
  75. There's no stopping them.
  76. They know I'm here.
  77. But they're fools. The world's finished, no matter what happens to me.
  78. It's so stupid.
  79. They'll fight 'till the end.
  80. They just can't help it.
  81. Next will come an earthquake that will shake the whole planet.
  82. Shuji, I'm sorry.
  83. No matter what I do,
  84. it's almost over. The end is coming soon.
  85. It can't be helped.
  86. Humanity made its choice.
  87. I've known this for a while now. So have the people in charge.
  88. They struggled with it.
  89. There's no hope for anyone now.
  90. So I was thinking,
  91. I should kill you,
  92. and everyone else in this town, everyone I love,
  93. quickly, just before the end,
  94. so you wouldn't have to suffer.
  95. That's the one thing I can do for you.
  96. But you... but you made me...
  97. Now what will I do, Shuji?
  98. Chise...
  99. I'll stay and watch over you.
  100. I won't go anywhere. I won't leave you alone.
  101. So please don't say...
  102. don't say...
  103. that it's over...
  104. until the very end!
  105. All right. I'll defend this town and its people.
  106. I'll keep them alive until the very end!
  107. But, I'm a weapon.
  108. All I can do is fight.
  109. I might end up killing you, too.
  110. If that happens...
  111. Dummy!
  112. Shuji...
  113. I'll be waiting here.
  114. I'm off...
  115. Dad...
  116. Mom...
  117. Everyone, I'm sorry!
  118. Dad! Mom!
  119. I'm sorry Everyone, I'm sorry
  120. Chise!
  121. A tsunami...
  122. No more!
  123. No more!
  124. Shuji, I'm sorry!
  125. Chise!
  126. I can't protect you!
  127. Shuji, sorry!
  128. Shuji!
  129. I can't stand it!
  130. I don't want you to suffer!
  131. Chise...
  132. Let me put you at peace!
  133. Chise... Chise!
  134. I don't want to die! No one does!
  135. Dad! Mom!
  136. Akemi!
  137. Fools!
  138. We were born to live!
  139. Chise!
  140. Is anyone there?
  141. Hey!
  142. A dream?
  143. Is this a dream?
  144. I don't like this at all.
  145. Why is it only me?
  146. There's no one here.
  147. No one left...
  148. Nothing left!
  149. Nothing!
  150. We left this here as proof.
  151. We were here for sure.
  152. Small, silly, insignificant, precious evidence we existed.
  153. Chise...
  154. Chise!
  155. Sorry, you did well.
  156. Was it hard?
  157. You must've been lonely.
  158. It's alright now.
  159. It's alright now.
  160. I kept my promise, though.
  161. I finally kept a promise to you.
  162. Say, Chise...
  163. We're lovers to the end, aren't we?
  164. Even after all that's happened...
  165. You see?
  166. I'm still choked up over you!
  167. Listen, Chise!
  168. Are you calling to me, Chise?
  169. Are you?
  170. Is that why you said I should stay?
  171. But what's the use saving only me?
  172. Am I to live in a world all alone?
  173. That's right, Chise, I said...
  174. I'll stay with you.
  175. I said that.
  176. I told you to live.
  177. I understand.
  178. Let's live, then.
  179. Shuji,
  180. I heard your heart...
  181. It went, "thump, thump".
  182. Shuji, sorry.
  183. I'm only alive inside you now.
  184. Even that takes all I've got.
  185. I was able to save you...
  186. but we can't even kiss.
  187. We can't touch, or make love anymore.
  188. Sorry, Shuji.
  189. Shuji, what's the matter?
  190. Dummy! You don't have to apologize.
  191. We're together now.
  192. I'm glad I met you. I'm so happy.
  193. I'm happy we're together like this.
  194. Shuji, I'm sorry.
  195. Stop apologizing, I said!
  196. This is Chise.
  197. Wha?
  198. But, I'm inside you...
  199. Chise...
  200. Am I existing in your heart like this?
  201. Can you see me?
  202. Yeah. I see you.
  203. Shuji!
  204. You're my girlfriend.
  205. Shuji! Shuji!
  206. Shuji! Shuji!
  207. Chise!
  208. Sorry!
  209. Dummy.
  210. Shuji.
  211. Chise.
  212. Your heart! I can feel it beating.
  213. It feels so good!
  214. There's so much of me left inside you!
  215. All of this!
  216. Remembering all we did, carrying our sins with us,
  217. we will live in atonement until death,
  218. because I'm her's, and she's mine,
  219. even if our time together seems like just a moment,
  220. we'll be together, we'll live.
  221. Chise is cute...
  222. But slow.
  223. And small. And timid.
  224. Clumsy, too.
  225. Her grades are below average, except in history.
  226. She always says, "I'm sorry."
  227. Her motto is, "I want to be strong."
  228. My girlfriend.
  229. Say, Chise, has the world really, you know...
  230. Yeah, it's over. You're the only one left.
  231. I see.
  232. Sorry.
  233. Dummy.
  234. The sound of the end of the world, I heard it as Chise's heartbeat.
  235. Our voices, and that of the world, raised in its final...
  236. Love song.
  237. We will love.
  238. We will live.
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