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  1. After a lot of effort, the speedrun survey analysis is essentially complete. The responses were incredible- many respondents offered very detailed and thorough answers for topics & issues that were important for them to discuss. There was a lot to digest and synthesize, but it was an interesting and worthwhile endeavor to put together. Doing some visual edits and last minute reviews to make sure it's fully ready.
  3. For it's release, I'll put on a stream. The idea will be to go by question, where I'll read the analysis for the question topic, then allot some time for anyone who is in chat and wants to talk through the topic, then move on to the next. I'd like to have this recording in audio format (so people can listen to a recording instead of read the document if they'd like), and simultaneously promote some discussion, so I think a stream is for the best.
  5. Planning on Sunday October 22nd, 6PM EDT. See you there if you're interested~
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