Growing Up (Part 2)

Jan 25th, 2014
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  1. >"Good you're here come in we have much to discuss" Silver's mom said. before turning an walking away.
  2. >You slowly make your way through the open door and keep pace with her.
  3. >You see the in interior is as lavish as the out side.
  4. >The walls are adorned in long tapestries of red silk.
  5. >Even the rugs beneath your feet was smooth as silk.
  6. >Although there were no overhead chandeliers, long pikes jutting out of the ground which were lining the rug path were affixed with candles on top.
  7. >The glow from said candle bath the entire hall in a orange glow.
  8. >The whole place looked...Gothic to you.
  9. >Further adding to your astonishment.
  10. >You follow Silver's mom up through this grand hall and up a spiral staircase on the far end.
  11. >Soon enough you both are in a empty room
  12. >She instructs you to sit which in a lone chair sitting in the middle of the room.
  13. >Before dispersing through the door you came in.
  14. >So here you are in this empty room.
  15. >You start slapping the palms against your knees in an attempt to cut through the silence.
  16. >Luckily you dont have to wait long.
  17. >Through the door you can hear Silver Spoon and her mother bickering.
  18. >About what you cant be sure but you have your ideas
  19. >Then the door slams open as Silver's mother struts in triumphed.
  20. >Followed by her less enthused daughter.
  21. >They take their positions in front of you and Sliver's mother begins to speak.
  22. >"Now Anon i'm sure you are wondering why i've decided to adopt you."
  23. >You nod silently.
  24. >"Well" Silver's mom takes off her glasses."Make no mistake.I didn't do this out of the kindness of my heart. My adopting you was a business venture."
  25. >You almost fall out of your chair at the bluntness of her words
  26. >"Yes Anon you are nothing more than a employee to me.
  27. >You stand up and sling your bag over shoulder and turn to leave.
  28. >"Now hold on Anon at least hear my terms before you walk out in a huff.I'm sure you're find them more than favorable. Silver's mom shouts
  29. > You sigh, turn around and plop down into the chair with your arms crossed.
  30. >You will humor the mare.
  31. >"Good, now as I was saying if you are to stay here than there are several conditions you must satisfy daily.Failure to do so will result in your expulsion from the Spoon Manor They are as follows. 1st you are to accompany my daughter to and from school every day. 2nd you will help her in any homework she needs to be done.3rd you are to maintian your appearance at ALL times.Meaning those rags will be removed from your person and you will be giving something befitting a Spoon's station. And lastly If Silver Spoon is going out you are to accompany her. YOU are her new bodyguard."
  32. >Then Siliver's mom glares down at the down and finishes with "NOT HER SLAVE"
  33. >Silver Spoon pout worsens into a full scowl.
  34. >"Other than that you may do as you please...within reason of course.Oh and before I forget you will receive an allowance each week as long as all conditions are satisfied. Is this acceptable?" Silver's mom finishes
  35. >You pretend to think it over but inside you are ecstatic.
  36. >This is a cake walk!
  37. >The mare is paying you to nothing.
  38. >So after stalling a while longer you agree.
  39. >Don't want to seem to desperate right?
  40. >Silver's mom smile and stomps her hoof.
  41. >The door behind you burst open as several worker ponies bring in different pieces of furniture.
  42. >Soon enough the room is out fitted to be a bedroom
  43. >"This shall be your chambers. Breakfast is served at 7am if you like breakfast in bed please notify any of the maids that are found around the Manor. Goodnight Anon I hope you will prove to be a valuable asset to the Spoon empire.
  44. >And with that mother daughter and worker ponies take their leave.
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