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  1. Layton Super NOVA Team Tournament
  3. Mission Packet
  4. Contained within this packet are the rules modified from the 2012 NOVA Open Warhammer 40,000 Trios Team Tournament. Games are played at 1000 each player to combine to a team of 2000 points.
  6. Sportsmanship & Conduct
  7. Speaking on Sportsmanship and what constitutes a true winner, Jesse Owens once said:
  8. "[Winning] starts with complete command of the fundamentals. Then it takes desire, determination, discipline, and self-sacrifice. And finally, it takes a great deal of love, fairness and respect for your fellow man. Put all these together, and even if you don't win, how can you lose?"
  10. It is understand that not every player will become best friends over a game of Warhammer. However, we do ask that you treat your fellow competitors with the respect you would accord a peer while you are here. A Layton Super-NOVA event organizer would prefer that you restrict your battles to the tabletop and that every game end with a hearty handshake!
  12. Please let us know immediately if a major personal issue arises and you need to leave the event early. Otherwise, we ask that you play to the end of the tournament. Quitting is not only unsportsmanlike; it creates problems for event organizers in terms of managing brackets, match-ups and other things.
  14. And don’t forget that staying in the tournament means that you are eligible for prize drawings
  15. That will be given out at the end of the tournament, so you wouldn’t want to miss your shot at free stuff!
  17. Quit Policy and FAQ
  18. Please be aware that quitting during a Layton Super-NOVA event without properly notifying the event organizers will put you at risk of being barred from attending any future NOVA Open events.
  20. You are responsible for knowing the Games Workshop released FAQs.
  22. Golden Rules
  23. Please remember to have fun. Respect your peers, the tournament organizers, and the game.
  24. Terrain at the Super-NOVA
  26. Fairness / Terrain Abstractions
  27. Our application of Terrain Rules may in some cases seem abstract; this is done purely to ensure FAIRNESS across all tables, and no punishments or advantages as a result of aesthetically pleasing terrain design.
  29. Impassable / Levels
  30. No terrain at the NOVA Open is Impassable. This may occasionally result in oddities such as Land Raiders on rooftops, and Infantry walking through walls. Except for items marked below as Ruins, no terrain requires vertical movement distances (i.e. there is no vertical distance considered when moving up/down tiers of a hill).
  32. ALL Terrain is AREA, Including Hills (Rulebook Page 91).
  33. The Hills additionally follow the rules for Ridegline / Hill Crests (Page 105).
  34. The Ruins additionally follow the rules for Ruins/Ruins With Bases (Pages 98-101).
  39. Your Table should roughly match this approximation; at least a rhino hull should roughly fit between terrain pieces through any/all areas of separation. If something looks off, contact a judge pre-game.
  40. Doubles Format
  42. The Trios Team Tournament combines record and % of goals accomplished to determine winners.
  43. This event utilizes random pairings to determine Round 1. Thereafter, pairings are based on each team’s net competitive score.
  45. In each round, two team members will play a team game against the opposing team per player, using a restricted force organization chart (see below).
  47. Trios Tournament Scoring
  48. Competitive Rating—Your Competitive Rating is a combination of:
  50. • The Percentage of Objectives, Quarters and Tiebreakers you’ve scored
  51. PLUS
  52. • Your Win Rate*10
  55. Best Overall Team:  The Best Overall Team is the team with the highest Competitive Rating at the end of 3 games. This score is primarily based upon Win Rate, with ties broken by percentage of Objectives, Quarters and Tiebreakers scored.
  57. Best Team Appearance:  The Best Team Appearance follows the NOVA’s standardized scoring format for appearance. (Judged via Painting Judge)
  59. Baby Seal Club:  When a team loses a round, they receive a raffle ticket; a number of tickets will be drawn at the end of the tournament to receive a prize from the prize pool.
  61. Restricted Force Organization Chart
  62. This list follows the rules for an Allied Detachment according to the Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition Rulebook, with three exceptions:
  63. •You may convert either the 0-1 Elite, 0-1 Heavy, or 0-1 Fast Attack slot into 0-1 Fortifications.
  64. •You may select a Third Troops option, instead of being restricted to only 2.
  65. •The two doubles lists are either Battle Brothers or Allies of Convenience; if they are not Battle Brothers per page 113 of the 40k 6th Edition Rulebook, they are Allies of Convenience instead.
  67. Printed Army Lists:  Make your printed Army List as legible as possible. You must bring at least 4 printed copies of your Army List, One for each of your 3 opponents, and one for the tournament staff.
  69. General Mission Rules
  71. Mysterious Objectives:  Are NOT in play unless identified in the Round-Specific Rules
  73. Points/Victory Points:  For purposes of understanding how to score NOVA Open 2012 Missions, ignore the 6th Edition Eternal War definition of Victory Points. In all cases, Victory Points and Points reference the points value of individual models and units, their value when destroyed, and their value toward controlling Table Quarters.
  75. Warlord Traits:
  76. •First, nominate 1 of the available HQ’s in your combined force to be the warlord.  Mark this on the army lists.
  77. •If you select the Legendary Fighter Personal trait, you earn 50 Points toward your Tiebreaker Score for every enemy character slain by your Warlord in a challenge.
  80. Every Mission Rules
  82. Goal Tiering
  83. • During each round of the tournament, the following Goals will be set as Primary, Secondary, or Tertiary.
  84. • If you win the Primary, you win the Round. If you tie the Primary, determine winner via the Secondary, and so on toward the Tertiary. If you tie all three goals, use the Tiebreaker.
  85. o   Note: In some missions, the Objectives and Quarters goals may be modified by Round-Specific Rules.
  87. Goal: Objectives
  88. • There are FIVE Objectives on the table. One is placed in the center of each Table Quarter, and one is placed in the board center. These are controlled with Scoring Units, contested with Denial Units.
  90. Goal: Quarters
  91. • Each of the playing surface’s 4 Table Quarters can be captured. They are captured by a Points preponderance.  ONLY Scoring and Denial Units count for Points in this fashion. See Points below. If a unit straddles multiple quarters, consider it in the Quarter containing the majority of the unit. If this unit is only a single model, randomize between the Quarters it straddles at the end of the game.
  93. Goal: Modified Kill Points
  94. • Every enemy unit completely destroyed awards 1 Kill Point. In order to win this goal, you must score 3 more Kill Points than your opponent. If you table your opponent, you win this Goal automatically.
  97. Every Mission Rules (Continued)
  99. Tiebreaker Score
  100. The number of Points of your opponent’s army you destroy determine the Tiebreaker Score, and also contribute to your Competitive Rating. You must record them at the end of each round. Note: You may never score more than 1,750 Points for purposes of recording your score at the end of the game. You may score more than 1,750 Points for purposes of determining a winner on Tiebreaker.
  102. Points
  103. For purposes of capturing Quarters, units are worth their full Points as long as they are above half strength. Once reduced to or below half strength, units are worth half their starting Points.
  105. For purposes of scoring points for destroying units,
  106. • A unit is worth its full Points if destroyed
  107. • A vehicle is worth half Points if it is brought to or below half Hull Points
  108. • A vehicle Squadron is worth half Points if the unit’s total Hull Points are brought to or below half; Squadrons are scored in this fashion even if they are divided by Immobilization results
  109. • A multi-wound single model unit (such as an Independent Character or Monstrous Creature) is worth half Points if it is brought to or below half its starting Wounds characteristic
  111. Tiebreaker Modifiers
  112. The following are each worth an additional 50 Points toward your Tiebreaker Score:
  113. • Slay the Warlord: If, at the end of the game, the enemy’s Warlord has been slain, you score an additional 50 Points.
  114. • First Blood: The first unit, of any kind, to be removed as a casualty during the game is worth 50 Points to the opposing player at the end of the game.
  115. • Linebreaker: If, at the end of the game, you have at least one model from one or more scoring or denial units in the enemy’s deployment zone, you score 50 Points.
  116. Additional Tiebreaker Modifiers: Note that in missions where Heavy Support or Fast Attack units count as Scoring for the purposes of the Quarters Goal, they will also be worth additional Points that apply to the Tiebreaker Score. Read each Round’s Specific Rules carefully.
  118. Round-Specific Rules
  120. Several Rounds will include changes to how each Goal is accomplished. Read each Round’s specific rules carefully. These changes will generally reflect the new mission types from the 6th Edition Rulebook Eternal War section.
  122. Scoring Unit Clarifications
  123. In missions where the Round-Specific Rules make Heavy Support or Fast Attack scoring for the purposes of the “Quarters” Goal:
  124. • This never applies to Dedicated Transports.
  125. • This does apply to Vehicles, Swarms, and other units that would not normally count as Scoring, with only the above exception.
  126. • Vehicle squadrons that are divided into multiple units as a result of Immobilizations are counted as separate units worth their constituent Points.
  127. • They do NOT also count for Scoring/Denial for purposes of Objectives (unless they already did as a result of a rule such as Grand Strategy).
  128. • Units inside transports do not count for scoring/denial ever, even if their Transport vehicle is itself a scoring or denial unit.
  130. Tabling Your Opponent
  131. The following two things are considered Tabling as of 6th Edition:
  132. • Destroying your opponent’s entire army
  133. • Per p.122 of the 6th Edition Rulebook, if at the end of any game turn, one player has no models on the battlefield
  134. No matter what, if you Table your opponent, you will win the Round. That said, you must continue to play it through as if the game was still ongoing for purposes of determining how many Goals you are able to complete. Note that Tabling automatically earns you a win for the Modified Kill Points goal.
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