I'm not gay (BlitzxAnon, homo lust, teasing) to do

Aug 19th, 2017
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  1. "Yeah yeah, suck my dick!"
  2. >"W-what?!"
  3. >You blink
  4. >His face tells you that this expression isn't used here
  5. "I was joking, Blitz, I'm not asking you to suck on my cock,"
  6. >You smirk when you think of what to add
  7. "What are you, gay or something?!"
  8. >You guffaw as he blurts and mutters insults under his breath
  9. >"I'm not gay!"
  10. "I mean, hey, I have no problem with that, it's totally fine to want to suck on cocks, hell, if you were gay I'd totally be okay with getting on my knees and sucking your cock dry,"
  11. "And if you want me to pin you down and fuck your tight little ponut raw you could just ask, you could just say no homo as my warm cum is oozing out of you and it'd be like nothing ever happened!"
  12. >"R-really?"
  14. "Well, yeah, that's how it works in the human world, everyone knows that! Isn't it the same here?"
  15. >You can't stop your smirk from widening even more as you see the cogs of his little birdbrain turning
  16. >"Uh, yeah, totally, that's one hundred percent how it works here too, haha!"
  17. >Silly straight(gay) horse
  18. >"So, huh..."
  19. >His eyes fidgets around for a while, his mouth opens a couple times but no words come out
  20. >hnngh
  21. >He's so easy to fluster, he's just too cute!
  22. >And this is enough to send junior the wake up call
  23. "What?"
  24. >You do your best to stay neutral, but there's eagerness in there
  25. >"D'you think, maybe, we could... y'know?"
  26. >Holy shit, this is actually happening!
  27. >You came here expecting the usual friday night between bros, but he's actually suggesting something more!
  28. "We could what?"
  29. >"W-well, you know..."
  30. >You shake your head
  31. "Well I won't know unless you say what's on your mind,"
  32. >You can't let an occasion like that go by tho, you gotta see how far you can push him and how red he can get
  33. >And he groans in frustration
  34. >"Oh come on! You know!"
  35. "Maybe, maybe not."
  36. >It takes him a good ten seconds to steel himself enough to keep going
  37. >"Maybe we could try that n-no homo thing...?"
  38. >His wings shifts around as the dirty words leave his mouth
  39. >His chest is puffed up to try and look manly, as he often do, but his eyes have a really hard time locking on yours
  40. >You feel your half mast give a quick throb in reply
  41. >You need to tease him more!
  42. "Ehhhhhh... I don't know, I mean, there's a lot of rules and shit to respect if you don't want it to be gay, dude, and both partners need to really trust each other, it's not something you can do with anyone, you know?"
  43. >His proud smile turns upside down and anxiety takes hold of his face, so you decide to keep going before you lose him
  44. "But I guess we could try with something simple like a blowjob,"
  45. >His wings flutter some more against his sides
  46. "Do you trust me, Rainbow?"
  48. >You tug on the crotch of your pants to give your member some room, and take great care in making a show of it, making sure that he sees it all
  49. >And sure enough, his eyes aren't on yours anymore but stuck on your lower half
  50. "So?"
  51. >You press on
  52. >As much as you want to keep teasing him without actually getting into it, your libido and boner makes it hard for your mind to sail straight
  53. >He opens his mouth and no words come out, once again
  54. >But he nods weakly
  55. "Really? Because you don't really seem to be too into it, I don't want to force you into anything you're not comfortable with,"
  56. >"N-no, I really want it, I mean, I-huh..."
  57. "You really want 'what', Blitzy?"
  58. >You expect to at least see him frown at that, but he completely ignores the pet name
  59. >His eyes keep exploring every inches of your bulge as he chews on his cheek, his pride and lust obviously fighting for control
  60. >He's always been a pony of action, anyway, he works better under stress
  61. >So let's do this
  63. >You get up from the sofa, and your hands shoot to your side, thumbs quickly slipping under the edge of your pants and boxers, and you push them down
  64. >Your now free member bounces up and down a couple times and you grin when you see the little stallion's eyes locked onto your crown, seemingly hypnotized by it
  65. >And you sit back down, grabbing your length with one hand and giving it a few strokes
  66. "Here's what I'm going to do, I'll just stay like this, close my eyes and count to five, and if I don't feel your lips on my cock by the end of it, I'll just consider that you don't really want it, put my pants back on and we'll never talk about this ever again, okay?"
  67. >His eyes shoot up from your dick to find yours and they tell you he wasn't ready for this
  68. >All according to keikaku
  69. >"Wait!--"
  70. "One,"
  71. >"Y-you can't just--!"
  72. "Two..."
  73. >"Ugh!"
  74. "Three,"
  75. >You give your shaft another stroke, much slower this time
  76. "Four~,"
  77. >Come on Rainbow, don't leave me hanging!
  78. "Fiiiii~oh shit!"
  79. >Your free hand finds his scalp and you groan as he swallows your entire cock at once
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