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  1. How did you find out about Anubis RP?
  2. Word of mouth.
  3. Which country are you from?
  4. NA
  5. How old are you?
  6. 38
  7. Which type role are you applying for? example: Police/Civilian/EMS/Lawyer/Gang
  8. possibly all of the above.
  9. What makes you a good roleplayer?
  10. RP=Decisions not win/loss
  11. What is your characters short term goal as they get into the city?
  12. Cars always cars/mechanic
  13. What is your characters long term goal?
  14. own a shop and be known to all civs
  15. Which type of characters have you roleplayed before?
  16. MC Prez/PD/Benny's owner/Car dealer/part time medic
  17. What is your primary characters backstory?
  18. no wife or kids nothing to lose, bad attitude and doesn't take disrespect from anyone. however willing to help those that are willing to return the favor, feels like blood is not thicker then water but also wouldn't think twice of punching his best friend in the mouth for disrespect. Loves to meet new people, and find a place to fit in.
  19. What are your characters assets and liabilities?
  20. Assets; very strong willed, likes to talk, very helpful. Liabilities; Will talk shit to anyone (has no fear), short fuse, Not affraid to goto jail.
  21. You are repairing your car and someone pulls up behind you with their gun drawn. They tell you to drop you stuff and handover your keys. What would you say and do in this situation?
  22. put hands up " yo mother fucker I'll give you a ride" as I hand over keys. Maybe even "look man this shit ain't gotta be like this, what you need , can I help you out."
  23. Do you understand acting “salty”, “breaking character” or acting “immature” even when someone appears to have broken rules around you is punishable?
  24. yes
  25. Do you understand not following the rules or exploiting game mechanics may result in a permanent ban in one report?
  26. yes
  27. When is a good time to break character?
  28. never in game, if a discussion is needed wait until RP is over and take it to discord if need be
  29. What should you do if your arrested, but lose connection during being processed?
  30. let the officer know in DM asap/ log back in return and finish
  31. If your robbing a store, how would your character deal with police if your surrounded – or if your police how would you handle the situation?
  32. Verbal judo+ PD try to talk them out of it/ Crim try to talk my way out the door/ Sorry wont give away secrets lul
  33. Do you stream, use youtube or other social media? If so, can you tell us about it?
  34. NOPE
  35. Please pick 3 or more rules and comment on why you agree or disagree with them.
  36. As a player on your server it is my job to follow your rules set forth, whether I agree or disagree it is my understanding that if I choose to play here I accept/agree to Follow them all
  37. Please explain what meta gaming is
  38. outta game knowledge to benifit character also FAIL RP
  39. Are you a Patreon ( or already a whitelisted member of Anubis? (App priority)
  40. no
  41. Can you tell us a joke or interesting fact? Humor and improvisation is important to us
  42. The average talker sprays about 300 microscopic saliva droplets per minute, about 2.5 droplets per word.
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