Dec 30th, 2021
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  1. "First though, I'm going to need to scry for a few more people, I have... a theory about one of the Masters, so... I need to see Olga Marie Animusphere."
  3. "Animusphere?" You can hear Aoko question your use of the name. Of course, seeing as Marisbury is a lord of the Clocktower, the name is quite a renowned one. You don't answer her, and instead continue focusing on the crystal... which stubbornly refuses to show any image at all.
  5. "Medea?" You ask the woman who is looking at the crystal ball with a vexed expression, clearly she doesn't know just why it's not possible to find the location of the girl either. Just how could this have happened?
  7. "I can only imagine that she's in the presence of a magus talented enough to somehow block my magic." She really does not sound pleased about that, and Morgan happily intervenes in the conversation in order to give her thoughts on the matter.
  9. "That would be Merlin, then. He was always happy to gloat about how his magecraft transcends even the magic wielded in the Age of Gods, even if he sputters out his incantations like a rank amateur, it could only be him blocking your magecraft."
  11. Part 20
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