Rhea and Willis

Feb 19th, 2015
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  1. "Oi! Gidup!"
  2. A kick to his side threw Willis around. He found himself lying wrapped in an unusually large cloak, naked. His body ached all over and he had trouble getting his eyes open. For a while he thought he was still with the other deserters, but then he remembered the impossibility of it. He had been alone when he finally stumbled on a fire and then collapsed. Where were his clothes? Whose fire had it been?
  3. Turning around to the side the kick had come from, he opened his eyes. First he saw the fire, almost a pyre. He felt the heat from it, yet he was cold. Must've been his fever.
  4. And then he moved his eyes to the one who had kicked him, and shut his eyes tightly. Such a thing did not exist.
  5. A woman no less than nine feet tall, her skin an unnatural shade of green, horns on her head, fangs in her mouth, her clothes rough cloth and worn leather. Many a horror story he had heard in his life of Ogres, but surely they were not real. This was merely a fever dream. He was not about to be raped and roasted and eaten, his bones would not be made into flour and his eyes into paste and his cock into a charm to be worn around her neck...
  6. "I sed gidup!" she repeated, directing another kick to his midriff. Her voice was deep, but soft. A woman's voice, coming from a beast. The kick was real enough. No. NO!
  7. "Aah, don't be so hard on him, Ceil. Little guy probably hasn't eaten in days" said the voice of another woman.
  8. "Doesn't have no meat on its bones, that's for sure" came a third.
  9. "Asn'f I care fer its meat! The cock don't get no thinner from not eating, now does it?"
  10. "Oh don't be crass!"
  11. "She's right Rhea. What say we give it some clam to eat, eh?"
  12. "Surely we haven't been away from civilization for so long as to require raping the first man we come across!"
  13. "Then you don't have to take part"
  14. "Haha! Singed the Dragon there, Kaylee"
  15. Paralyzed with fear as a rabbit, Willis opened his eyes again to verify with his own eyes what he had just heard. Not only an Ogre, but a Dragon too?
  16. He couldn't see the Dragon. What he could see was the owner of the third voice, the one the Ogre had called Kaylee. She was green too, but a more natural green. The kind that might help her hide in the bushes. Her clothing was more scarce, and looked to be dyed with the earthy colours of brown, green and black. But her body... she was a far more monstrous apparition than the Ogre had been. She had... claws... or scythes, on her forearms, not weapons, but part of her body, looking every bit as lethal and dangerous as the weapons Willis had seen on the battlefield, no, maybe even more so! And heard head had, oh God no, she had antennae like an insect growing out from her red head of hair!
  17. Finally Willis understood. This wasn't a mere nightmare of some delirium. This was Hell itself, the fire and the demons all made sense now. He had died, and since he had deserted from the army, he was now in Hell. God had abandoned him to eternal torment for his transgressions, for abandoning his country in its hour of need. But... did he deserve this?
  19. "Will we take turns or go at the same time?" asked this Kaylee, regarding him with her cold, blue eyes.
  20. "Neither. You two need to let him rest. Look at him! He won't live through two rounds with either of you!" protested the voice of the Dragon. If she was a Dragon. Willis pondered if she might've been his guardian angel, defending him from these demons. He still couldn't see her.
  21. "Giddad stick outta yer ass, Torchie, ain't no loss if it dies so long as we git our fun!" the Ogre said, tossing aside the cloak Willis had been wrapped in.
  22. "So we'll go at once then?" Kaylee asked to confirm.
  23. "Yah, maybe. If it can use its tongue. Go on, ya take its mouth, see how bad it wants to breathe"
  24. Kaylee's pants were down in her ankles before Ceil had finished talking, and Willis was treated to the closest look at a woman's privates in his life since he was born. So neatly shaved, too... the ones he'd seen while peeking had been all hairy on girls as old as this one.
  25. "You lick and you breathe, you don't lick and you don't breathe" she said, sitting on his face.
  26. It had been some time since she had last washed down there.
  28. Willis was very much a virgin. He had dreamed of many a woman, all of them human. But he had never been able to offer them anything in return for their affections, so he had been unable to attain them.
  29. He had also been taught that such a thing was a dreadful sin when not married to the woman in question.
  30. He had ALSO been taught that any man who lies with a Monster was worse than a murderer, for in this they betrayed their very race.
  31. And yet, blood rushed to his crotch when the salty taste and fish-like smell assailed his senses. His lips parted and his tongue slid in as if it were the most natural thing in the world. As he clumsily sought out the bean he had heard some more experienced men talk about, Kaylee lifted herself a little so she wasn't putting her weight on his nose, to let him breathe.
  32. "It seems to be eager to live" she said.
  33. "Its got some life down below, too" said the Ogre, giving a laugh and poking at the base of his cock with the sharp nail of one of her fingers. The pain did nothing to deter him.
  34. "Heeh, I'mma rape it good!"
  35. "That's enough already" the Dragon snapped.
  36. "Eeh? You havin' a giggle there Rhea? I ain't even gotten started yet!"
  37. "Nor will you. You rape him and he dies. So just stop it"
  38. "Who done died and made you queen? I ain't takin' no orders from you just 'cuz you a Dragon. Breathe fire, do you? You's still weaker'n me!"
  39. "I don't want to fight you, Ceil. Just lay off. Wait for Kaylee to finish up, then let him lick you too. That's enough"
  40. "Hoo? You tellin' me whatta do? I'll club you!"
  41. Willis had a very poor view of what happened immediately after this, but he could deduce that the Ogre did good on her promise and swung her club. The next thing he saw was the Ogre's body flung through the pyre, sending burning wood everywhere.
  42. "Watch it!" Kaylee snapped, jumping off of Willis and using her scythes to block the ones coming in her direction. Her movements were too quick to follow for a man as worn out as he was.
  44. Ceil the Ogre got up easily enough.
  45. "That one hurt" she said, rubbing her stomach.
  46. "Just a little though"
  48. The Ogress cracked her knuckles and neck, grinning menacingly. Her fangs could have torn bites off of a live boar.
  49. "Ya have to do better 'n that, lizard" she said.
  50. "Why, I just might bruise yer pretty littl-"
  51. Her sentence was interrupted when a flash of black flew at her, punching her stomach. The black blur took form, planting clawed feet firmly in the ground as it sent an uppercut to the Ogre's jaw. Willis saw clearly now the spiny tail and the massive wings of the Dragon, her hair a dark, greyish blue, her clothes an even deeper, almost black, blue...
  52. The Dragon had gotten the Ogre off balance and delivered another blow to her mid-section, blocking a poorly aimed blow from the side.
  53. Ceil did not give up on her attack, grabbing the wrist of the arm that had blocked her blow, and using the Dragon's strength to support herself as she delivered a kick to her side. It was poorly aimed and lacked strength, but caught her between the ribs and her hip bones, making her lose focus long enough for the Ogre to jump back and grab a burning log. Ignoring the fire, she swung it at the Dragon, stepped aside and tackled her. Ceil rolled with the fall, ending up standing and threw the burning log at the Dragon as hard as she could.
  54. Rhea spat some kind of liquid at it, and the log disappeared with a hiss.
  56. Willis found he was experiencing a shortness of breath while watching the fight. He wanted the Dragon to win. But... what would happen to him if she did? Dragons were the most fearsome of all Monsters, weren't they? And this one was black. Black Dragons were the worst. They were, even by the standards of other Monsters and other Dragons, the worst of the worst. Their cruelty, greed and brutality knew no bounds. He swallowed.
  58. The Ogre and the Dragon were now circling one another.
  59. "Using yer acid, are we?"
  60. "Roasting you would take too long"
  61. "Aye, that it would. Tell me lizard, is it true ya bests got jewels in yer heads? In the brain?"
  62. "Oh, you're thinking of cracking my skull open?"
  63. "Aye"
  64. "Tsk. The jewel must be extracted while I still live. You cannot perform such a feat. Now stand down already, I don't want to hurt you"
  65. The Ogre threw her head back and laughed. As she did, her hands deftly picked removed a smoke bomb from her belt and threw it between her and Rhea.
  66. Rather than using this window of opportunity to attack, Ceil lunged for her club and picked it up. Willis now saw it for the first time, a piece of wood so huge it couldn't have come from any tree he had ever laid his eyes on, with mean looking spikes jutting out of it asymmetrically.
  67. The smoke had dissipated, and Rhea stood where she had been standing, her arms crossed.
  68. "Yer sayin' ye'll fight me without hands when I'm armed, eh?"
  69. "Yes"
  70. "Yer funeral!"
  71. Ceil charged, swinging her massive club. Rhea twisted her ankles to turn in place, leaned backwards and used her feet and tail to push herself off the ground while making a single stroke with her wings. This smooth movement not only sent her gliding away from the spot the club hit, but as Ceil was off-balance from her attack, the gust of air made her fall over.
  72. Rhea planted her feet firmly in the ground again, and jumped back to where she'd come from, grabbing Ceil by the back of her shirt with a clawed foor and tossing her in the air. While she was in the air, Rhea squatted down and pusher her tail as flat against the ground as she could, lifting her wings as high as she could, and the jumped up into the air to send herself into the sky. As she passed Ceil, she grabbed her again.
  73. That single bound had sent her higher than the tallest treetops, and when her ascent stopped, she firmly placed both of her clawed feet around Ceil's midsection as a bird would a fish, and so they began their descent.
  74. The impact left a deep imprint on the ground, with the Ogre inside it, and the Dragon standing on top of her, arms still folded, wings spread, and for the first time Willis had a good view of her face. Her mouth was in a smile that revealed fangs quite as fearsome but less grotesque than those in Ceil's mouth, but it was her eyes that caught his attention. A mix of emerald green and predatory yellow, they were fixed on him, and him alone, as if she were greedily devouring him with her eyes, enjoying her prize.
  76. Rhea stepped off of the Ogre, who was still alive, and apparently mostly unharmed, as she groaned with irritation rather than pain. Ignoring her, the Dragon marched up to Willis and knelt beside him. She had a fragrance to her, not a sweet one, or one of sweat, or even the sulphur Willis had been taught to expect from Dragons, but one of... he couldn't quite place it. It was the smell of danger, for certain.
  77. Her clawed hand reached for him, and he flinched away, shutting his eyes and going into a fetal position.
  78. The cloak was wrapped around him again, more tightly than before.
  79. "Don't want you getting any worse for wear now do we" she whispered to him, and the voice sent shivers down his spine. Here was a beast alright.
  81. "You can wait a little while, can't you?" she asked, presumably of the Mantis.
  82. "I guess"
  83. "Wonderful! Now what say you we get a new fire going?"
  84. "Hmm. I'm not picking the firewood"
  85. "Oh, we'll let the hothead do it. Abusing the woods should calm her right down"
  86. "I heard ye!"
  87. "Then set to it!"
  88. The Ogre cursed and left, making a great deal of noise.
  90. Willis felt a weight on his shoulder.
  91. "I know you're awake, boy. You can't just curl up and disappear"
  92. He forced himself to open his eyes and to look at the monstrosity now leaning over him.
  93. The Dragon was smiling, but the predatory look was gone. Her face had the warmth of a person, a woman nursing a child, or maybe a brother. She didn't appear all that old.
  94. "Hmh. If you weren't so sickly, you'd be fair enough for me" she said, more to herself than to him.
  95. "Make no mistake here. You're ours now. We're going to use you. You're going to make our fires, even though I am a Dragon and could do it easily myself. You're going to cook our meals. You're going to wash our clothes. And our backs. And you're going to bow and scrape and call us all 'mistress'. And you will sleep with us. We're all horny, and we haven't had a man in a long time"
  96. She paused to let that sink in.
  97. "But that's only after you get better. And if you get too... worn, we'll let you rest. I'll make sure of that. And do you know why?"
  98. Willis managed to shake his head.
  99. "Because I'm a Dragon. If I get my claws on something I want to have, I'm not breaking it. These two will respect that. Until we go back of course, then you won't be mine to keep anymore"
  100. She ran her clawed, scaly finger along his cheek.
  101. "Look forward to it~"
  103. While the fearsome she-beasts set up their pyre again, Willis tried to look around. The burning logs hadn't caused a brushfire because the area they were in had been completely cleared of undergrowth. They had been staying here for a long time.
  104. In one corner of the clearing, there was a shelter of sorts, put together from tent-canvas, with three sets of beddings and assorted gear thrown around here and there. With a little deduction, Willis was able to see which one slept in which pile, as the state of disarray was different in each one.
  105. He noticed he had been shaved. Not just the beard, but his hair was gone, and his body hair, even down below. Why? What was this now?
  106. "H-hey..." he mumbled, and the ears of the insect picked up on it.
  107. "Did you need something? Like, potty?" asked Kaylee, and kneeled next to him.
  108. "M-m-m-mah hare..."
  109. "You want rabbit?"
  110. "Hair!"
  111. "Oh. You had cooties, we had to get rid of it. It was gross. We burned your clothes, too. So did you need something?"
  112. Willis shook his head.
  113. "Then stop bugging me"
  114. No clothes, no hair. How did they even shave him so closely? He found himself looking at the mean blades on her forearms. Those might have been able to do it.
  116. They were cooking meat on the pyre and talking about something. Willis' mind was getting all clogged up again and he faded in and out of consciousness, so he couldn't follow their talk. They laughed a lot though. The previous disagreement had passed...
  118. "Wakey-wakey, time to eat!"
  119. There was a weight on him, keeping him from moving. As he opened his eyes, the Dragon was sitting on him, holding the crispy leg of a deer in one hand.
  120. How did she expect him to eat it when she was sitting on him?
  121. Rhea took a large bite out of the leg and chewed. That liquid, the acid, as the Ogre had called it, dripped down the sides of her mouth like saliva, and that smell was in his nostrils again...
  122. "Hohhen uhh!"
  123. Her mouth was full and she held her head back to prevent too much from spilling out when she gave her order, so Willis couldn't understand her.
  124. "Oh hoh huh's hahe!"
  125. She pinched his nose, forcing him to open his mouth to breathe.
  126. And then she kissed him.
  127. Her lips were hot, her breath was hot, the stuff that she pushed into his mouth was all hot. The deer tasted delicious for some reason, the mass of charred grease and meat better than anything he had eaten since he left home. The acid added to it something, not a flavour, but a feeling like taking a bite from a lemon, but not quite so strong.
  128. The deer was all chewed up and molten down into a paste, so he could simply swallow it, without a need to chew himself. He almost gagged a couple of times, but the stuff went down. Rhea didn't pull her lips off of his when their mouths were emptied. She was kissing him!
  129. The Dragon's tongue was not forked as he had been taught. It was huge compared to his, though, and explored the insides of his mouth in a vulgar manner.
  131. "Hoh! It still tastes like Kaylee, does it?" Ceil laughed, and Rhea pulled off of him.
  132. "Ahahaah, very funny" she said, putting her hair behind her ears. Her pointy ears. Did all Monsters have pointy ears?
  133. "It ate her cooch so much, it's gotta taste like 'er!"
  134. "'It' has a name, you know!"
  135. "Oh yeah? An' whassat?"
  136. "I, uhh, you! What's your name!"
  137. "W-Willis"
  138. "See? He's called Willis!"
  139. "Aww, she gave the stray a name!"
  140. Rhea crossed her arms and looked pouty. A Dragon was pouting. After kissing him. Willis was now certain he was hallucinating all of this. He must've eaten some bad mushrooms. He shut his eyes and let sleep overtake him.
  143. "Wakey-wakey, time to go potty!"
  144. Oh no.
  146. His discharge buried, Willis was returned to the relative safety of the cloak he was wrapped in.
  147. "So how long 'til I can use it?" Ceil asked.
  148. "When a human gets sick, they stay sick for weeks, right?" asked Kaylee.
  149. "What are you asking me for?" Rhea snapped.
  150. "It's yer pet, ain't it?"
  151. "Willis is not my pet, Ceil. He is OUR pet. You know the rules!"
  152. "You say that, but you're keeping him away from us and kissing him like nobody's business"
  153. "I AM NOT! I was just feeding him!"
  154. "Suuureee~"
  155. "Don't take that tone with me, Mantis, I'll whack you!"
  156. "Gah! I'd like ta see ya hit 'er!"
  158. The three of them managed to remain friendly to one another despite these scuffles. Willis hoped he'd never get better. The days and nights passed, this he knew, for he woke up from his feverish sleep in light and dark, but he didn't start feeling much better. And this was good. As long as he couldn't do anything, he'd not be raped. The thought frightened him more than being eaten. There was something incredibly vile about it. He was a human being. To be raped by a Monster would make him less than that. The priest had said something about it.
  159. Of course, if he didn't get any better, he wouldn't be able to escape. He'd just die in the woods, even if they didn't catch him.
  160. Willis cried a lot, and the Monsters chalked that up to his fever. All the people he'd been with... the other deserters were probably dead already. He might survive. No, he WOULD survive, the Dragon seemed to insist on that. But was it worth it?
  161. Every meal he ate was chewed and melted up in Rhea's mouth, and her tongue violated his mouth every single time.
  162. Every time he needed to relieve himself, she carried him to the bushes and gave him no privacy.
  163. After a while Rhea allowed Kaylee and Ceil to squat over his face and make him lick their crotches. He wanted to bite his tongue, but he didn't. Kaylee made quiet humming noises to show her pleasure or displeasure, and he learned to read those. Ceil gave loud, vulgar orders, and required him to use more force. Rhea seemed content to use her tongue on him.
  165. As his fever began to go away, Willis began to notice that the three beasts were not always present at once. They took turns going hunting, bringing back deer or boars or elk, they took turns gathering firewood, and sometimes one of them was gone for hours without coming back with anything but disappointed grumbling and curses. At first he suspected these had been failed attempts at hunting, but later he realized it had to be something else. As his head began to clear up, he started to wonder about something rather obvious.
  166. Why were they here?
  168. More days and nights passed, and Willis began to feel slightly better. He became less light-headed, his appetite grew, his body ached less. He was getting better.
  169. This realization made him frightened. His mind worked fully, and he realized more acutely the threat he was in. The Monsters would rape him as soon as they deemed him fit enough to survive it. That meant he would have to escape before they did so.
  170. Willis faked being worse off than he truly was, hoping he could remain safe long enough to build up some strength.
  171. One night he then got up as the she-beasts slept, wrapped the cloak around himself more tightly and snuck off.
  172. He had no idea where in the world he was or where he should go, but he walked off, his feet bare, carrying no food. He just wanted to get away unmolested.
  173. It didn't take long for him to realize his foolishness. During the uncertain number of days he had spend in the camp, he had always been near the pyre, and the warmth of the ever present fire had kept him from feeling any chills not caused by his fever.
  174. Now he was shivering. The small stones and pine needles on the ground hurt his feet. Tears welled up in his eyes. This was not good. He couldn't make it. He didn't want to die like this, but he didn't want to be raped either.
  175. Willis fell on his ass and huddled up against a tree. He got into a fetal position and wrapped the cloak around himself twice over. What was he supposed to do now? He couldn't get anywhere like this. They'd come and find him, and then he would spend the rest of his life as their slave. He would be defiled in ways he couldn't even imagine.
  176. But if he died... he'd probably go to Hell. Yes, he was a deserter and a sinner, an oathbreaker and a traitor. He'd suffer eternally for what he had done. The longer he'd get to hold on to his life, the better. Even if it meant... what, exactly?
  177. They were going to rape him. But... hadn't they already done so? He had licked their cunts several times a day, and the Dragon had licked the insides of his mouth ravenously. As far as he knew, their insides were no worse than those of a human woman would be. So wouldn't it feel good to put it in them?
  178. That was a horrible thought, one he'd deserve Hell for even if he had remained with his comrades in arms.
  179. But he had never known a woman.
  180. Of course not. It was a sin outside of marriage.
  181. But surely his suffering in Hell wouldn't get any worse if he was already sentenced to eternal suffering.
  182. "Oh Lord, steel me as you would your paladins!" he muttered.
  183. "Of all the gods and goddesses in the world, you had to pray to the one that doesn't even exist?"
  184. Willis started up and rushed ahead, trying to run away. He had recognized Kaylee's voice. His foot was caught by a root and he fell down.
  185. "Alright, alright, calm down"
  186. Kaylee tossed the cloak back on him, wrapped him in it tossed him over her shoulder. How could one so small of frame be so strong?
  187. Willis struggled to free himself.
  188. "Enough of that" she said, squeezing his midsection, hard enough to make the air escape his lungs. Her strength was superhuman.
  190. Back at the campsite, Kaylee dropped him next to the pyre. Willis didn't even try to escape anymore. He knew he had no hope left.
  191. The other two Monsters were up, waiting for them.
  192. "Took ya long enough" Ceil said, marching back to her bedroll. Kaylee likewise went back to sleep.
  193. Rhea marched over to Willis and unfurled the cloak, exposing his naked body.
  194. "You ran away" she said, her voice as flat and emotionless as Kaylee's was.
  195. "Before that, you lied to me. You pretended to be ill when you were already better. To avoid working"
  196. Willis didn't respond in any way.
  197. "Look. At. Me"
  198. Unable to summon the will to resist a direct command, he did.
  199. Rhea had a stern look on her face. The flames of the pyre gleamed in her eyes.
  200. Her hand came to the side of his face.
  201. "I was worried, you know" she whispered, running her fingers along his face.
  202. "What would I have done had you expired or gotten sick again?" she whispered again, this time closer to his ear.
  203. "I've been ever so frustrated... I feared there had been something wrong in the manner in which I cared for you"
  204. Her breath tickled his ear.
  205. "But now you're here, and you're in full health"
  206. Her lips were touching his ear.
  207. "You will serve me tonight"
  208. She bit his earlobe and grabbed his cock with her other hand while undoing her belt with the other.
  209. Soon enough she was naked and her wings spread out to cover them.
  211. The heat of her body was greater than what reached Willis from the pyre. Against every reasonable thought in his head, against his guilty conscience, his instincts took over and he responded to her touch, his cock getting hard and his hands touching her. At first he merely reached for her hips, uncertain, but as she took hold of his hair and pulled his face in for another one of her deep, lusty kisses, he ran his hands up along her body, confused at the transition of texture between her human skin and scales.
  212. When their lips parted, her acidic saliva fell over his face. Her mouth had been full of it, and now so was his.
  213. "Just put it in already..." she hissed at him.
  214. Willis fumbled as he looked for her slit, but in it went. She was plenty wet.
  215. The moment he went in, Rhea let her hips fall down. As she no longer supported her own weight, Willis found himself quite immobile. She must've weighed more than twice as much as he did.
  216. "Hghhnnh"
  217. The sound escaped his lips as a result of the sensation of her weight, the feel of her saliva inside his mouth as well as outside it, and of course the wet warmth of her insides, many a time more intense than what his tongue had come accustomed to with the other two beasts.
  218. "Mmm, I know" she said, kissing him again.
  220. This was sin, Willis managed to think. This was awful, dreadful sin. This was... pretty nice, actually. What had the priests ever done for him, anyway? Or God and his Angels? Toil and trouble, day in and day out. Here was a Dragon now, and a Black Dragon, at that, granting him what no human woman ever had. Her hips moved slowly, but with great force. Willis felt his body relax. Their tongues were wrestling now.
  221. If this was sin, then he would dive into it until the light of salvation was no longer visible, and then let himself drown.
  222. Suddenly, he discharged. That made him tense up.
  224. As soon as he had finished up, he felt awful. Had he truly thought to turn his back on all that was good for a few moment's pleasure?
  225. "Ooh, that's not fair! I didn't come yet!" the Dragon protested in a tone of voice reminiscent of a little girl being denied a cookie.
  226. She licked his cheek.
  227. "The herbs I took will work all night, so you can come inside as many times as you want. Think you've got more in you?"
  228. "Yes..."
  229. This was sin. He was a sinner. He was the happiest he had ever been.
  231. ***
  233. With some modification, the cloak that had been Willis' bed now became a tunic and some easily removable pants. As he was now in good enough of a shape to do more than just lie around sick, he began to take on the duties the Monsters didn't particularly care for, such as maintaining the fire. He didn't have to obtain the firewood himself, as each of the girls regularly destroyed some trees for sport. The Monsters continued to handle the hunting as well, but left preparing the meals to him, which, as it turned out, improved their diet greatly, since Willis knew enough about this kind of thing to skin the animals and putting pieces of meat on sticks to roast rather than simply tossing the whole carcass into the pyre and letting it char. To the extent he was allowed, he wondered the woods in the vicinity of the camp to look for roots, nuts, berries and mushrooms to diversify the meals with, and this was met with approval. His other duties involved laundry, mending torn clothing, and, of course, sex.
  234. Kaylee would order him to lie down and keep his hands to himself and his eyes closed while she mounted him and churned her hips slowly, letting out quiet sighs every now and again to signify that she was, in fact, enjoying herself. After working up the courage to open up his eyes once, Willis spied that the Mantis blushed heavily during theses sessions, which was... a little out of character for her. Strong emotions were not her strong suite. He could never be quite sure as to whether or not she had actually finished up by the time she lifted herself off of him. He had though. More than once.
  235. Ceil was a different beast altogether. She would lie down lazily on her bedding, put her arms behind her head and tell him to get to work. The first time around he'd been confused, and she kicked him on his back - with surprising finesse and gentleness - and told him she wasn't going to fuck herself. Willis found that quickly undressing the Ogre and feeling her up in all the right places was not so hard as he had thought it would be, and finding all of her sweet spots turned out to be easy as well, as she was not shy about letting him - and the rest of the camp - know just what she thought about his performance. Whether or not she came was never a secret, she let out loud screams and pressed his face in her cleavage every time, locking him in place with her legs and thrusting her own hips up with all her might to get him just a little bit deeper.
  236. And then there was Rhea, ever the aggressive one, always salivating over him, licking and drooling relentlessly before taking him in. Not only did she do such things to him when it was her turn to spend the night with him - the three rotated every night - she also dragged him to the nearby pond every day he didn't spend his night with her. The water was cold, but she'd spray her acid into it, and with a sizzling noise it'd bubble and froth, and she'd dunk him into it, telling him to keep his eyes closed. And there they'd be, Willis up to his crotch in the cold water, Rhea up to her thighs, with her claw-like fingernails going through his hair, the rough scales on the backs of her hands scrubbing his back, his thighs, his arms, his ass, his feet, his chest, his perineum... she spared nothing. These baths always left him feeling sore, and the longer he spent in the water the more it began to itch and irritate him, but whenever he got out he felt... clean. Cleaner than after any bath he'd taken in his prior life.
  238. So passed the days in that camp. Willis would do whatever menial work he was told to, and spent the rest of his time giving the girls massages or licking them in places or making love to them. As his condition kept improving Ceil and Kaylee began to take him at the same time, taking turns riding him and sitting on his face. Any thoughts of shame or sin left Willis' mind. This was the life.
  239. Rhea never partook in these group activities, and usually wondered off when they were taking place. After a week or two, Willis found himself once again wondering WHY these girls had showed up in the woods in the first place, and as he was no longer scared of them, he simply asked.
  240. "Ma'am?" he said to Rhea while massaging her tail one afternoon, when Ceil had been gone for quite a while.
  241. "Hmm-mm?"
  242. "Why are you here?"
  243. "You've been with us for nearly a month and it only now occurs to you to ask why we're here?" she asked, her voice betraying quite a bit of surprise.
  244. "Well, I've been a little..."
  245. "Preoccupied?"
  246. "Yes'm"
  247. "Oh we'll, better late than never. We're here to hunt Elves"
  248. That was surprising.
  249. "I didn't know there were Elves in these woods..."
  250. "Hoo? Perhaps hoping you'd have run into some of those rather than to us?"
  251. "Ah, n-no ma'am! I know better than to trust an Elf..."
  252. "Just like you know better than to give your body over to be molested by Monsters?"
  253. "Uhh..."
  254. "Oh don't be like that!"
  255. She ruffled his hair.
  256. "You're a real treat, you know that? We'd been away from the main camp for only a week when you showed up, and we were starting to think we should make wooden cocks to keep ourselves sane! Wahahaha! Fancy that!"
  257. That put his mind at ease. Rhea was the most frightening of the three, and to anger her seemed quite an undesirable thing to him. But wait, main camp?
  258. "Then... what is this main camp you spoke of, ma'am?"
  259. "Ooh, that? Did you think us three merry companions were together by chance? We are members of a company of mercenaries, you see my boy"
  260. Monster mercenaries. That much had not been a lie, then, when the preachers and drill instructors had spoken of them.
  261. "Of course, since the war is over, we're in a bit of a quandary when it comes to finances, so the chief sent us out to look for Elves. They sell for quite a bit in the black market, don't you know?"
  262. "I see" Willis mumbled. They worked with slavers, then. That was bad. That mean they might sell HIM.
  263. "Then... when will you be returning?" Willis asked, filled with a dread.
  264. "Hmm? 'You', you say? What's that my boy, think you're going to go free? I'm afraid not, Willis-dear. If we return without the Elves, we'll get a proper spanking, all three of us. Have you ever seen a Dragon get bent over someone's knee and spanked?"
  265. Willis shook his head.
  266. "And you never will, if it's up to me. See, we don't have to return to camp with our claws empty, now do we?"
  267. Willis nodded.
  268. "That's right, boy. You're our consolation prize. Now that I think about it... how about we go back as soon as Ceil comes back? If she doesn't have any Elves with her, we'll find none in these woods tomorrow, either. It's a four-day trek back to the main camp. I bet you're eager to go there... all kinds of girls to serve, all kinds of cute boys to learn new tricks from. You'll love it, you will, oh yes you will!"
  269. She licked his face while cooing, her hot breathe tickling his ear.
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