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  1. Have you got any past RP experience on SA-MP or another game? If past RP experience on SA-MP, what server(s) was it and what was your IG name(s)?
  2. Yes, not on SA-MP.
  4. What is our policy on rape, robbing and scamming?
  5. Everyone involved in rape/disgusting roleplay must agree first and if everyone does so, the scenery should not be where others are or where they can potentially come.
  6. If you suddenly feel uncomfortable or want to back out of the roleplay you can by letting everyone involved know. The punishment for violating the rape policy ranges from a temporary to permanent ban depending on the extent of the violation.
  8. You cannot kill someone during or after a robbery or scam unless they show attitude, non-compliance, or disregard for life. Simply bring the killing upon themselves. Scams and robberies shall be done STRICTLY in character. The punishments for violating the robbing and scamming policy can range from an admin jail to a temporary ban depending on the extent.
  10. Everyone involved in a robbery taken place must be level 5 or higher and you cannot specifically target a person under level 5 for robbery or scam but if the person being robbed or scammed is under level 5, their assets may not be taken but they must continue through the roleplay until it is done. If the person abuse the rule protecting them from losing assets they are subjected to a punishment by admin. You cannot rob for over five hundred dollars and can get as many drugs, cargo, and weapons you want from robberies. You cannot rob the same person more than once in a two hour period and you are allowed to rob back things that were taken from you during a robbery or scam. Bank robberies need admin approval and supervision upon taking action and you can get that through a report (/re). When robbing a bank there must be 30 PD and/or SD members online and on duty, admin must be aware of your actions prior to you doing so, no roof access to any banks in Los Santos, and when a gun is revealed a silent alarm goes off and law enforcement gets alerted.
  13. Everyone involved in scams must be level 5 or higher and you cannot scam for over fifty thousand dollars or scam anyone out of a vehicle, house, or business. If you have been given the privilege to design a house you cannot take the property, use it as your own, or to scam others. Legal casinos and betting shops are not allowed to scam others and loaning and illegal gambling is done at your own risk. That means that there is no scam restrictions, money limits, or level requirements. Admin will not help you get back your money if it's lost to gambling or you gave it to someone.
  17. Explain some roleplaying terms, like metagaming and powergaming, and give examples to each.
  18. Metagaming is using ooc information for ic purposes or situations.It includes emoting information that people would not be aware of such as stating /me's + /do's that you can't see, hear, touch, smell, or taste. Examples below.
  19. -Seeing someone name over their head and calling them by it without gaining that knowledge ic'ly during roleplay.
  20. -Sammy PM's Carl and tells him that he needs money and come meet him at the gas station. Eventually the two meet up at the gas station "ic'ly" and progress.
  21. -Using knowledge gained on one character on another one of your characters.
  23. Powergaming is forcing an action upon someone with out giving them a chance to react or... Doing something typically unrealistic or you wouldn't be able to do in real life. It includes driving non-offroad vehicles over terrains, doing stunt jumps with various vehicles, and making up events that didn't actually happen for your own benefit.
  25. -Mason goes super saiyan, throwing a fireball at Terrell attempting to set him on fire.
  26. -/me crashes into a wall at a high speed and quickly gets out the car pacing off before the cops arrive.
  27. -/me punches Andrew in his face and then grabs him by his neck, twisting and breaking it brushing his clothes off afterwards.
  28. -/me ties up Terrell and throws his in the trunk after he resist.
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