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Sep 26th, 2017
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  1. A story of a young farmer who inherited some land from his father in Grapeseed. He was raised and taught how to grow crops but in the back of his mind always had dreams of doing something more — something different to what he's been doing his whole life. He had dreams of becoming a professional pilot but never had the knowledge of how to make that dream come true. His friends, family and mostly everyone in Grapeseed always tried to inspire him by giving him posters with planes and other things such as remote control planes and model planes because they always believed he was unique.
  3. It was a hot but breezy Tuesday and he was starting the day by driving the tractor out, but this day was different as there was a strange droning sound that filled the air, something that had never been heard in Grapeseed before. He was somewhat scared but was also filled with curiousity so decided to investigate. He pulled his tractor over to the side, hopped out without closing the door and looked up and what he saw made him burst with joy. It was a crop duster — the first one that Grapeseed had ever seen before. He knew what it was the instant he saw it, though he was unfamiliar with the sound because he never had a television and the radio he had never played any plane sounds. He went to bed that night filled with glee, and a plan for the next day.
  5. The next day arrived and instead of doing work he got in his tractor and drove over to the area where he saw the plane land. When he got there he was greeted by a large house, a red barn and the plane was sitting on the grass outside of the house, with a small dirt road that was used as a makeshift runway. He knew this house, it was owned by Walton O'Neil — a friend of his late father who he knew when he was younger but when his father passed dropped contact with him. He parked his tractor outside and briefly admired the yellow crop duster sitting outside, though was focused on going to the house to ask more about the plane and if he could potentially fly it.
  6. Hours passed and the two caught up after speaking about what they did over the years of lost contact, they also spoke about his late father and also the crop duster. While he was shy to ask, on his way out he asked Walton if he could give the plane a try, Walton smiled, nodded and then from a small drawer he pulled out a classic flight cap and handed it to him. As he closed the door, he smiled to Walton and did a quick thumbs up before the door closed.
  8. He was outside and after the hours it was sunset, so went to the crop duster in a hurry. He hopped in it, and because of the many plane related books he read over the years knew exactly how everything worked and what everything meant. He started the engine and slowly moved the plane over to the makeshift dirt runway. After this, he did a quick safety check to make sure he would be safe if anything were to go wrong before turning the engines to 100% and flying off with the sunset in view. An hour passed quickly and lightning and rain began to appear so he decided to land, and while his landing was bumpy he did it without causing any damage to the plane. Before leaving, Walton came out of the old house and congratulated him and said he was watching it all. Walton then handed him a leaflet for something called Los Santos Flight School and said "That's where the best pilots in the world go, and I think you've got a shot, kid." Soon after he headed back to his farm and went to bed for the night, still excited from the amazing experience he had.
  10. The next day came and again it was a sunny, beautiful day. He got up out of bed and opened and began reading the leafet Walton gave him, which he left on a table to the side of his bed. As he finished reading it, he looked up with a smile, he was inspired. He searched around for the Grapeseed taxi service number and called for a taxi pickup from a dirt road just outside of the farm. He waited for around 20 minutes before it came but that didn't matter to him because he knew he wouldn't fail.
  12. Hours passed in the taxi, before the driver finally said "We're here" outside Los Santos International Airport and then told him how much the ride costs, it was expensive but worth it considering how life changing being there could be. He got out, and walked up to the Los Santos Flight School building, entered it and at the desk signed up to join.
  14. After months and lots of hard work and learning he did it. He was officially approved to be a pilot and take up flying as a career if he could find a job. The flight school let him use all of their training planes whenever he wished as during the time at flight school he never crashed and never caused a single problem, they said he was one of, if not the best pilot they had ever seen. He didn't take this opportunity for granted however and would use the planes only to further his ability and experience.
  16. During one of the flights he was taking in the flight school's most expensive plane, the Besra, the engine suddenly caught fire and the smoke left a black trail behind the plane. He began losing the ability to effectively maneuver the plane. He called in on the radio asking for permission to land from runways near him and a single response came back. It was from the elusive Fort Zancudo, a military base that is hidden on every map, completely invisible and completely off the radar for the normal citizen. They told him the coordinates and he found it. As he saw it, he did a 50 degree turn towards the runway and dived almost vertical while the plane was spinning. He gained control at the last second, pulled up and hit the runway with force. The landing gears were badly damaged but not broken, though all of the cockpit glass was shattered from the force. He slowed the plane down to a stop, jumped out and walked away as he heard the sirens of firetrucks rushing in to stop the fire.
  18. He was told to meet with the general, which he did after getting a ride from one of the soldiers in a desert camoflage Crusader. After they got there and parked up, he got out and the general greeted him with respect while also in awe at the incredible, death defying landing that happened in his view. The general said to him "We could use someone with your talent around here, we have a job open for a jet pilot if you're looking for professional work." He nodded with a smile and accepted the offer in an instant. The general told him where he should go to get signed on and told him where to get military training.
  20. Weeks of mentally and physically challenging work passed and he did well in them all and was officially approved to be a Fort Zancudo based pilot. After that, they showed him around the base including the location of his own hangar and place to sleep and he was cheerful the whole time. After the tour was over, he decided with curiousity to go inside his hangar rather than only be shown the outside and what he saw put him in a state of euphoria. He saw old planes, new planes and a variety of amazing helicopters, and he was allowed to fly them all. He was at peace with himself. While the work he was given could be demanding, he felt it was all worth it since he finally achieved his dream of becoming a professional pilot. That night before going to bed, he called Walton on a new phone that was provided to him and offered him the land he inherited from his deceased father, Walton declined but said that he would volunteer to look after the land while he was gone. He accepted, though every now and then when he had free time would fly back to his farm to talk to Walton and also occasionally fly the thing that inspired him the most, Walton's crop duster.
  22. Written by Venzee to provide further backstory to the Social Club video. If there are any mistakes please contact me on Social Club via message. Thank you.
  23. 'He' is used to reference the GTA Online protagonist in this piece rather than a specific name deliberately due to the wide variery of Online players.
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