Anselm, Parliament and the Tau

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  1. [00:12] <antoine> Anselm makes it about 15 floors up where he slams into a small window, smashing it and landing inside a kitchen of some kind.
  2. 06[00:12] * Anselm snorts, and storms through to try and find some sort of lift upwards.
  3. [00:13] <antoine> [Can I have a navigate roll please]
  4. [00:16] <antoine> You stalk the corridors outside the kitchen but stumble into an upper parapet in a huge opera house. An orchestra practices mournful tunes below.
  5. 06[00:18] * Anselm storms in, swords in-hand. "Where are the Ministers?!" he shouts to the practicing performers.
  6. [00:21] <antoine> The orchestra stops mid note as you storm in, everyone flees except for one man. A string player shouts out "Take the elevator out there" he points to an exit to your left. "Ministers are on the 71st floor"
  7. 06[00:23] * Anselm follows his directions, and goes through to the left.
  8. [00:24] <antoine> As the man stated through an exit there is an elevator.
  9. 06[00:25] * Anselm calmly approaches the elevator, and presses the button to bring it to his current level.
  10. [00:26] <antoine> After a short wait the elevator comes up to your level and opens to reveal an empty interior.
  11. [00:26] <antoine> [lunch brb]
  12. 01[00:26] <Anselm> [Alrighty.]
  13. [00:29] <antoine> [back]
  14. 01[00:29] <Anselm> [Very well then.]
  15. 06[00:30] * Anselm forces himself to fit into the platform, and then sets it to head for the 71st floor.
  16. [00:32] <antoine> At the 54th floor the elevator stops. The doors open, a sweaty and portly merchant man stands there for a moment before bolting, screaming for his life.
  17. 06[00:33] * Anselm makes nothing of it, and waits for the platform to continue on.
  18. [00:34] <antoine> The doors close and continue their way up to the 71st floor. The doors open to reveal a lobby filled with PDF, all of them covering the entrance with their lasguns.
  19. 06[00:34] * Anselm laughs sardonically. "You honestly think you can harm me?! Just lie down and surrender."
  20. 01[00:34] <Anselm> [Rolling for Intimidate.]
  21. 01[00:39] <Anselm> "Kneel before Anselm, kneel before the Emperor's might."
  22. [00:39] <antoine> The men flee, most dropping their guns, a few kneel (including the junior officer in charge).
  23. 06[00:41] * Anselm approaches the officer, sheathing his power sword, and puts a palm to his head. "You will take me to Markov, Ronhaus, and Perrithos, and you might just live, mortal."
  24. 01[00:44] <Anselm> [Nowhere near as intimidating as elaborating properly that I was putting my palm to the poor sap's head.]
  25. [00:45] <antoine> The officer dutifully turns and leads you to a pair of doors, inputting a code on a wall mounted device he then pushes open the doors to reveal a mass of bodies shouting at each other from seats surrounding a central platform. Like an arena the middle platform is low and the seated masses sit in concentric circles surrounding the middle. The further out from the center the higher they sit so...
  26. [00:45] <antoine> ...everyone can see and hear the center speaker.
  27. 06[00:46] * Anselm looks down at the officer. "Lock down this floor. Try to double-cross me and I will put you on a spike."
  28. 01[00:46] <Anselm> [More Intimidate?]
  29. [00:46] <antoine> [no need]
  30. 06[00:46] * Anselm looks back at the presumed Parliament. He unholsters his bolt pistol and fires into the ceiling.
  31. [00:47] <antoine> The shouts of ministers is silenced by the deafening roar of the bolt pistol.
  32. 01[00:48] <Anselm> "Ministers Ronhaus! Perrithos! Markov! You will all make yourselves known now!" the blood-drenched Knight-Brother barks.
  33. [00:50] <antoine> No one speaks up but then a minister on one side of the room stands and points at three men on the other side of the room. "It's them you want" From the presumably 'pro-tau' side comes boos and hisses with shouts of condemnation for the man who spoke up.
  34. 06[00:51] * Anselm aims and fires off a semi-auto burst into that man.
  35. [00:52] <antoine> (Shooting the man who pointed out the three ministers?)
  36. 01[00:52] <Anselm> [To demonstrate a point, yes. It will be elaborated on in a moment.]
  37. [00:52] <antoine> (roll to hit)
  38. [00:54] <antoine> You shoot the man in the head while the other two rounds hit other ministers below him. Cries of panic erupt and the ministers starts getting out of their seats to run for an exit.
  39. 06[00:55] * Anselm fires off yet another burst into the ceiling. "Attempt to flee and I will kill each and every one of you in-turn! You will show me these Ministers or I will end all of you!"
  40. [00:56] <antoine> The crowd stops in its tracks, they point out the same three men the first man did.
  41. 01[00:57] <Anselm> "Step forward, you lot."
  42. [00:58] <antoine> They are more pushed and shoved by the other ministers down into center podium.
  43. 06[00:58] * Anselm glares down at one of them. "What is your name, traitor?"
  44. [00:59] <antoine> "Perrithos" he stammers out.
  45. 01[01:00] <Anselm> "And you're sure that's truly your name?"
  46. <Anselm> [A question inviting lies, I suppose.]
  47. <antoine> "Yes" he mumbles out
  48. * Anselm Anselm nods in approval. "How convenient."
  49. <Anselm> [Derp.]
  50. <antoine> [The man on the right has a digital weapon on his finger]
  51. <Anselm> [Right. Rolling for Grapple, then.]
  52. <Anselm> [On our Digi-weapon fellow.]
  53. <Anselm> [Best Grappel ever.]
  54. <Anselm> [Might I go ahead and fluff that, then?]
  55. <antoine> [fluff it how you want, can count as a disarm with a roll like that]
  56. <antoine> [go for it]
  57. * Anselm notes the ring on the hand of the man at the far right, and quickly lunges for the man, putting him in a grip by his neck with a swipe with enough force and speed to daze him.
  58. * Anselm lifts the man off the ground.
  59. <Anselm> [Time to constrict. Rolling Unarmed Damage, if I may?]
  60. <antoine> The man grips at your ceremite clad fingers, desperately trying to remove them [sure]
  61. * Anselm tightens his grip quickly, as though it were a high-pressure hydraulic.
  62. <antoine> The man's neck is pulverised in front of his fellows the body going limp with the occasional twitch jerking a limb. The man on the left grabs his robes and runs for the exit.
  63. * Anselm drops the body, then immediately re-draws his bolt pistol and fires at the fleeing traitor.
  64. <Anselm> [Semi-auto, as always.]
  65. <antoine> The shots ring out in the parliament, a flash of blue erupts around the man but the bolt brushes the resistance aside. His body is detonated throwing gore up onto the two gnarled wooden doors at the exit.
  66. * Anselm holsters his bolt pistol again, and stares down at the man. "I trust you won't be foolish enough to try to run."
  67. <antoine> The man shakes his head
  68. <Anselm> "Good." The Knight-Brother looks up at the rest of Parliament.
  69. 01[19:23] <Anselm> "I am Anselm, Knight Teutonic, Lord of Silen, and the doom oF Hive Fleet Dagon," he announces, stepping a few paces to the side. "You do not likely know of my Chapter. We are distant, largely unimportant in the scheme of things in the Ultima Segmentum. But we are not at all tolerable of treason, or of failure."
  70. 06[19:24] * Anselm looks over the mob of men. "And that is precisely what I see here: a den of failures and traitors! Disgusting filth which suckle from the Imperial teat then bite at its hand when their due is asked for."
  71. 06[19:25] * Anselm points into the crowd. "If I were to demand to know what possessed the lot of you to cooperate with these disgusting xenos, I know it would be rhetorical - for no matter what answer you gave me, the truth is..."
  72. 06[19:26] * Anselm lifts his arms to indicate the whole of them. "You're all cowards! Pathetic, weak! Insignificant! Each and every one of you is a coward, and whether you call yourselves loyal or not," he motions to Perrithos, "for not putting these deviants down on the spot is treachery enough!"
  73. 01[19:29] <Anselm> The Knight-Brother places a hand atop the remaining traitor's head, then looks again to the rest of Parliament. "Whichever of you would name himself the most loyal servant of the Emperor, step down beside me."
  74. [19:31] <antoine> The men and women mostly hand their heads in shame. One man in the most voluminous and expensive robes comes forward.
  75. 01[19:32] <Anselm> "And what, then, is your name?"
  76. [19:34] <antoine> Verithos Gorge.
  77. [19:34] <antoine> " "
  78. 01[19:36] <Anselm> "Tell me, Gorge, is your faith so great that you will do whatever the Emperor demands of you? For the good of this planet?"
  79. [19:36] <antoine> A vent in the wall above an exit suddenly flies off and a ragged looking man in a tattered black uniform of some kind leaps out of it. He charges towards the man next to you while brandishing a combat knife.
  80. 01[19:37] <Anselm> [Well. That's interesting.]
  81. [19:38] <antoine> [haha]
  82. 06[19:39] * Anselm turns his head to this man and glares.
  83. 01[19:39] <Anselm> [Rolling to Intimidate.]
  84. 01[19:39] <Anselm> [Also, he going after Perrithos or Mister Fancyclothes here?]
  85. [19:39] <antoine> [fancy clothes]
  86. 01[19:53] <Anselm> [Well. I'm not sure what to make of this.]
  87. [19:54] <antoine> [Thats why I did it :P]
  88. 01[19:54] <Anselm> Dammit!
  89. 01[19:55] <Anselm> [Er.]
  90. 01[19:55] <Anselm> [Dammit!]
  91. 01[19:55] <Anselm> [First you make me suspicious of the Watch Captain, now I can't even trust any mortal!]
  92. 01[20:03] <Anselm> [I'll wait until I hear back on this dude before I respond to Belle.]
  93. [20:09] <antoine> The man stops dead in his tracks when he sees you, knife still up raised he is frozen in place, the look of terror on his face is pure and undiluted by the apparent anger on his face a second ago. His entire body trembles under your sight.
  94. 01[20:09] <Anselm> "Kneel, mortal."
  95. 01[20:10] <Anselm> [Oh wait I'm supposed to be pissy at Bellerophon. I can't speak to him.]
  96. [20:12] <antoine> The man falls to his knees.
  97. [20:12] <antoine> The knife falls fro, his hands and clatters on the floor.
  98. [20:12] <antoine> from*
  99. 06[20:12] * Anselm looks to Gorge, then back down at the man.
  100. 01[20:12] <Anselm> [Rolling... er... Awareness, I guess... to try and perceive any sort of details on him about where he's from.]
  101. [20:14] <antoine> [sure]
  102. 01[20:14] <Anselm> [So I guess I have no idea what this guy's alignment is, then]
  103. [20:15] <antoine> [ragged and black uniform is all you have to work with]
  104. 01[20:15] <Anselm> "Where do you hail from, mortal? Why did you plan to kill this man?"
  105. [20:17] <antoine> "I do not know, I am an orphan" the man responds, his pupils dilated as far as they can naturally go.
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  114. 01[20:18] <Anselm> "Then what was your intention, mortal?"
  115. [20:18] <antoine> "Kill the traitor"
  116. 06[20:19] * Anselm turns back to Gorge. "Traitor? This man?"
  117. [20:19] <antoine> "Yes, betrayed us."
  118. 06[20:20] * Anselm looks back at the newcomer. "And where do your loyalties lie?"
  119. [20:20] <antoine> Gorge pipes up at this accusation, "This man is obviously insane, look at the state of him." he says incredulously.
  120. [20:20] <antoine> The newcomer replies "With Him on Terra."
  121. 06[20:21] * Anselm nods slowly.
  122. 01[20:22] <Anselm> "Minister Gorge... that is your title, yes? I have already told you..."
  123. 06[20:22] * Anselm , in one motion, draws his personal sword and swings it at Gorge.
  124. 01[20:22] <Anselm> [Rolling attack.]
  125. [20:23] <antoine> [Bold move]
  126. 01[20:23] <Anselm> [No patience for mortals.]
  127. [20:24] <antoine> [You can fluff his death as you wish]
  128. 06[20:25] * Anselm cuts through the Minister's chest, tearing him open and spitting gore along the arc of his blade. He tips Gorge over with the point of his sword, before sheathing it again.
  129. 01[20:25] <Anselm> "I have no tolerance for traitors and cowards."
  130. 06[20:26] * Anselm looks out to the Parliament. "So let that be a lesson to the lot of you. Pray to the God-Emperor for mercy."
  131. 06[20:26] * Anselm unfastens a frag grenade from his belt and looks down at the assassin. "So you say you are loyal. I commend your bravery in coming up here, but let us see just how loyal you are..."
  132. 06[20:28] * Anselm unlatches the pin and hands the assassin the grenade.
  133. 01[20:28] <Anselm> "Go ahead, toss it at them."
  134. [20:30] <antoine> The man is obviously a soldier, he grabs the grenade and tosses it effortlessly up into one of the piers, the ministers on that side run for cover as the crump of the explosion slays and mutilates more of the high born.
  135. 01[20:32] <Anselm> [What kind of surviving numbers am I looking at?]
  136. [20:33] <antoine> [probably around 30 ministers]
  137. 01[20:33] <Anselm> [Choppa time.]
  138. 06[20:34] * Anselm draws both his blades and charges into the midst of the Parliament.
  139. 01[20:34] <Anselm> [Nothing like murdering old men in suits.]
  140. [20:35] <antoine> The men flee from your wrath, scattering for various exits
  141. 01[20:38] <Anselm> "Come, boy!" the Knight-Brother shouts to the assassin. "Purge these scum!"
  142. 01[20:48] <Anselm> [So you ruled against the full weapon damage Righteous Fury?]
  143. [20:50] <antoine> The assassin picks up his blade and attacks any he can get his hands as you cut men to ribbons. The junior officer bursts into the room you originally entered from his face full of worry as he holds a vox set.
  144. 01[20:50] <Anselm> "Start slaying! All must die!" Anselm shouts as he continues swinging.
  145. 01[20:50] <Anselm> [More attack rolls?]
  146. 01[21:06] <Anselm> [A bit overtaxed?]
  147. [21:06] <antoine> [sorry, just dealing with important plot elements with other players. response inbound]
  148. 01[21:06] <Anselm> [No problem. Just wasn't sure if you were expecting something from me.]
  149. [21:07] <antoine> The man with the vox set shout "The Tau are entering the city proper, gunships, transports, drones.... They are sending a battlegroup towards the spire!"
  150. 06[21:08] * Anselm stops, and looks over at the officer. "Then show me to their most likely boarding point. Have any men who are loyal execute the rest of the Parliament - tell them I have ordered it if you must."
  151. 06[21:09] * Anselm steps up to him. "Try to leave Perrithos alive, however, and secured. I will have use for him..."
  152. 06[21:10] * Anselm looks for the assassin. "Boy! Come here, mortal!"
  153. [21:10] <antoine> The junior lieutenant gulps, "They are headed directly to the parliament."
  154. [21:10] <antoine> The assassin moves over to your side, his hands slick with gore.
  155. 06[21:10] * Anselm grunts, and taps on his vox.
  156. 01[21:11] <Anselm> [I AM in range, right?]
  157. [21:12] <antoine> [yes]
  158. [21:12] <antoine> [I am pretty loose and fast when it comes to vox msgs unless it is getting unreasonable]
  159. [21:12] <antoine> [worse case the vox operator could have relayed]
  160. 06[21:14] * Anselm sighs, and looks again to the Lieutenant. "See to it that Parliament is handled. I will deal with the xenos."
  161. 06[21:14] * Anselm looks down at the assassin. "What is your name, boy?"
  162. [21:14] <antoine> "Joffery"
  163. 01[21:17] <Anselm> "Joffery," Anselm echoes as he gets off the vox. "Joffery, now begins your chance to serve the God-Emperor of Mankind in the most glorious of positions. Amongst my Chapter it is common for a Knight to take serfs and crusade against lesser villainy - and you have, through your ingenuity, proven yourself brave enough to be worthy. Will you fight on my order, and will you fight for the good of mankind?"
  164. [21:22] <antoine> "I am sworn to defend and enforce the Emperors law upon this world. I will serve you but I cannot leave it until a Judge relieves me."
  165. 01[21:23] <Anselm> [Oh shit. SO THEY LIVED]
  166. [21:23] <antoine> [haha, one of them lived.]
  167. 06[21:26] * Anselm shakes his head, doubting any Arbites Judges remain. "Very well. But there are greater things at hand. For now you will make yourself safe, because the xenos will cut you down with their cowardly weapons." The Knight-Brother moves to the corpse of the digi weapon-armed traitor, and takes the ring from his hand, knowing his Brother Sinbad would appreciate it. "Once I have dealt with them, I will call for you - and we will decide how to approach things from there."
  168. 01[21:26] <Anselm> [No need to roll Command, hopefully, yes?]
  169. [21:26] <antoine> "Very well" he bows
  170. 01[21:27] <Anselm> [Good. Nothing would ever get done if I had to do Fellowship Tests.]
  171. 06[21:28] * Anselm puts the ring away in a pouch before readying his blades once more. "These xenos shall know fear!"
  172. 01[21:29] <Anselm> [So, what, do I just stand and wait for a Devilfish to come crashing through the wall?]
  173. [21:31] <antoine> [doing a scene for Sinbad and then we can start the festivities]
  174. 01[21:31] <Anselm> [This'll be interesting. Looking forward to hearing of Sinbad's shenanigans.]
  175. [21:32] <antoine> [They are pretty epic, and some funny parts as well.]
  176. 01[21:41] <Anselm> [So I hear. Remind me to ask about the donuts later.]
  177. [21:43] <antoine> You hear the sound of a hydra firing as you stand in the doorway leading to the parliament. A missile barrage smashes away the wall in front of you, destroying priceless historical artifacts of this Carthoga and filling the room with choking dust.
  178. 06[21:45] * Anselm stands ready.
  179. 01[21:46] <Anselm> "Gloria Imperialis! My faith be my shield, my fury be my sword!"
  180. [21:46] <antoine> The dust clears as the lumbering dropship turns around to place its rear against the hole in the building.
  181. 06[21:47] * Anselm charges forward towards the craft, bellowing a warcry.
  182. 01[21:47] <Anselm> [... Would that be Pilot or attack?]
  183. [21:47] <antoine> The ramp lowers to reveal a crouched Tau walker as you charge
  184. [21:48] <antoine> [initiative]
  185. 01[21:51] <Anselm> [Let's see this damnable Tau's mettle!]
  186. [21:51] <antoine> [your turn]
  187. 01[21:51] <Anselm> [Already announced my Charge, so I'll go ahead and do that.]
  188. 01[21:51] <Anselm> [Or will I need to roll Pilot to get up aboard?]
  189. [21:52] <antoine> [no pilot needed]
  190. [21:53] <antoine> [right up against the building]
  191. 01[21:57] <Anselm> [Let's see if I can do this before they get smashed by Ruinous Powers.]
  192. [21:58] <antoine> [You made a good guess about chaos being on this world several weeks ago]
  193. [21:58] <antoine> [total dmg?]
  194. [21:58] <antoine> [herp 29
  195. 01[21:59] <Anselm> [Alas, not much.]
  196. 01[21:59] <Anselm> [It was painfully meta, nevertheless.]
  197. [22:00] <antoine> You cut a great gouge out of the frontal armour of the battlesuit, knocking it back into its fellows further inside.
  198. 01[22:00] <Anselm> [>fellows]
  199. 01[22:00] <Anselm> [What kind of fellows...]
  200. [22:01] <antoine> [more battlesuits]
  201. [22:01] <antoine> [you can see them]
  202. 01[22:01] <Anselm> [I see. That must be very uncomfortable.]
  203. 01[22:01] <Anselm> ["Friends! Shas'Vre has fallen on top me!" "Move out of the way!" "I can't!"]
  204. [22:02] <antoine> The suit fires a ball of plasma at you which misses before it leaps out past you (free attack since it did not disengage)
  205. 01[22:02] <Anselm> [Just one or can I use Lightning Attack?]
  206. [22:02] <antoine> [uh, I will have to check the book]
  207. 01[22:03] <Anselm> [Yeah, that always irked me too.]
  208. 01[22:03] <Anselm> [You might say I was subtly trying to get a second opinion.]
  209. [22:04] <antoine> [I am going to say just one attack]
  210. 01[22:05] <Anselm> [Fair enough. Rolled for that already.]
  211. [22:06] <antoine> As it leaps past, you thrust your powersword into its path. It's own momentum impales the suit and the pilot, you retract the thrust quickly as the suit hits the ground with a crash.
  212. [22:06] <antoine> [your turn]
  213. 06[22:07] * Anselm howls, and goes after the next suit.
  214. 01[22:07] <Anselm> [I suppose I need to close the gap and can only do one attack?]
  215. 01[22:07] <Anselm> [Or is it tight enough I can do Lightning Attack?]
  216. [22:09] <antoine> [Lightning is ok]
  217. [22:24] <antoine> [You can fluff the kill how you like if you want, 2 more walkers after this guy]
  218. 06[22:26] * Anselm tears into the chassis of the mech with his power sword, destroying the armor before sinking his personal blade in deep with a single stab, drawing it back and finding it covered in xeno-ichor. The Knight-Brother laughs in contentment.
  219. [22:35] <antoine> The other walkers have moved while you fought the first two. One has its arm raised to fire at you and misses while the other which wields a sword and shield begins making chopping motions at you.
  220. 06[22:36] * Anselm brings up his power sword against the xeno's combat weapon. "Not... worthy!
  221. [22:36] <antoine> [your turn]
  222. 06[22:41] * Anselm immediately reacts as the suit pulls back from the failed blow with a fast swipe of his power sword before once laying into it with a storm of cutting swipes.
  223. [22:43] <antoine> The battlesuit falls away, you sever each limb with a perfect cut, leaving only a single battlesuit in front of you. The ship ramp begins to close to trap you and it moves beneath you feet, heading away from the spire.
  224. 01[22:44] <Anselm> [Oh please, guys.]
  225. 01[22:44] <Anselm> [Let's see what this guy's tries to do to me. Maybe he'll blow open a hole for me trying to shoot me.]
  226. [22:47] <antoine> The other weapon on the battlesuit is a electro-whip of some kind, the suit flicks it at you.
  227. 06[22:52] * Anselm shrugs off the lash and once again unleashes a hellstorm of swordsmanship against his foe.
  228. [22:54] <antoine> [thats a kill]
  229. 06[22:55] * Anselm lets the Crisis Suit fall over in defeat, and then immediately assaults the wall of the craft with his swords.
  230. 01[22:55] <Anselm> [I'm breakin' out tonight~]
  231. [22:57] <antoine> You hear two jets fire outside of the cargo hull towards the hull before the aircraft starts to lose altitude and you hear two railgun shots fly past the dropship.
  232. [22:59] <antoine> [towards the fore]
  233. 06[22:59] * Anselm immediately begins hacking against vessel's hull, knowing he has little time.
  234. [23:01] <antoine> You manage to cut several gouges in the side of the ship but you won't fit throug them (str to peel back the hull)
  235. 01[23:04] <Anselm> [Caught the 28, right?]
  236. [23:05] <antoine> A railgun round slams into the side of the hull, pitching it over before you are finally able to pull back the metal of the hull and leap from the dying aircraft. Overhead are two hammerheads and six devilfish, below are the burning husks of sevearl hydra batteries and downed enemy skimmers.
  237. 01[23:06] <Anselm> [This is... not good.]
  238. [23:07] <antoine> [the junior officer was worried for a reason]
  239. 01[23:07] <Anselm> [Hm... fight these guys or go support the others...]
  240. 01[23:08] <Anselm> [Also, I trust I am still near the spire because of the Hydras?]
  241. [23:08] <antoine> [You are just outside it in free fall]
  242. 01[23:08] <Anselm> [Pilot Test to control my fall.]
  243. 01[23:09] <Anselm> [I wonder if I can scare them off... or something...]
  244. 01[23:10] <Anselm> [Oh right I have that Tau's head clipped to my belt.]
  245. [23:11] <antoine> As you tumble down you ignite your jump pack and re-asert control over your decent.
  246. 01[23:13] <Anselm> [Okay, how to do this...]
  247. 01[23:13] <Anselm> [BE A MAN, ANSELM! BE A SPACE MARINE!]
  248. 06[23:13] * Anselm fires his thrusters and makes for the closest of the Hammerheads.
  249. 01[23:14] <Anselm> [LOOKS LIKE I'M GOING TO DO IT. What's the range?]
  250. [23:14] <antoine> [within pilot charge range]
  251. 01[23:14] <Anselm> [Cool.]
  252. 01[23:15] <Anselm> [I'll jus tempt them to shoot me. This isn't going to end well.]
  253. [23:15] <antoine> [rofl]
  254. 06[23:18] * Anselm cuts into the vehicle's hull, apparently uncaring for the fact it won't likely do anything.
  255. 01[23:18] <Anselm> [Could I roll for Intimidate now that I'm an angry fly menacing their vehicle?]
  256. [23:19] <antoine> [you can try but it will be difficult]
  257. 01[23:19] <Anselm> [MIGHT AS WELL.]
  258. [23:21] <antoine> [fluff it]
  259. 06[23:21] * Anselm menaces the vehicle, glaring into its pilot-visor and pointing his power sword towards it, marking the Hammerhead as his next kill.
  260. [23:23] <antoine> The pilot freezes in front of you, a look of terror in his eyes visible through the visor.
  261. 01[23:24] <Anselm> [I am... shocked at how effective that is.]
  262. 01[23:25] <Anselm> [Um... does the other Hammerhead want to... uh... attack?]
  263. [23:25] <antoine> [6dos]
  264. [23:25] <antoine> [oh yes it does]
  265. 01[23:29] <Anselm> [What follows is me being even more suicidal than ever.]
  266. [23:31] <antoine> The second hammerhead's two burst cannons send a hail of rounds to pepper the front armour of the vehicle you stand on. One round clipping you in the process.
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