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Pure Marae route, Part 3.5 - Handholding v2

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Mar 20th, 2018
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  1. Marae leads you along the shore, still standing on grass. Here, the shine of Marae's root path is at its dimmest. As you tread, your senses slowly sharpen. The water, the air, the trees, soil and stone...they have history. You always knew, but in Marae's company it feels different.
  3. After a long time walking in silence, you stop waiting on Marae to speak or lead you somewhere, and instead focus on the journey. You hear the lakewater lapping with low sounds by the shore; you imagine the rain washing over this land and the creatures who drink from it. You hear the wind tickling your ears and brushing past the flower leaves; you think of the seeds and soils it has carried, from one plain to the next, and the many mothers and fathers it has helped. Your eyes drift to the many flowers and plants closer to the mainland, some in full bloom; your mind sees the generations that they have stood for, the life that they have given and have yet to give.
  5. "[Player Name]."
  7. You stand still. Marae has stopped too, and now her eyes fix yours intently.
  9. Neither of you make a sound. Nature does. While you wait intently for the goddess to speak, your ears don't lose their focus. Her iris flickers up to them, seeing your senses at work, and her lips curve slightly upward. Then she looks back to you.
  11. Slowly, Marae raises her right arm.
  13. "Hold my hand."
  15. This time you know what to expect. You want it to last. With a deep breath, you brace yourself as much as you can, then reach out. Your fingertips brush each other as your fingers lock together. As they do, you feel the sensations rush from your fingertips all over your body. You close your eyes and open them again, trying to regain focus. You focus on Marae's hand, and how pure her skin suddenly seems. It's incandescent. You follow the arm to the rest of her body, and soon you're taking it in like every part is a miracle of beauty. Her emerald locks waver around her head, the wind caressing them with fervent grace. Her chest is so shapely that you are flushed with admiration; you think if you held a hand around that slim waist, you could never let it go. Maybe just to stroke her hips, strong and firm like a goddess bears the world. Or her breasts, so naturally rounded and carved. You squint, and through the holy glow you see nipples protruding, over delicate areolae. Perky. Rounded. Full of nature's vigour. You lift your head up to her face, and your eyes trace her smooth, soft lips. How many people have seen this face as clearly as you do now? Or held their lips against hers? If every woman in the world looked like this, you would be lovestruck by each one. Now your eyes are locked with hers; the girl's eyes are pure rubies, glistening deeply with the light of day. Her irises focus on you in turn, and you take comfort knowing she
  17. You take in everything about her for as long as you can. She brings a smile to your face. Finally, you realise you're reaching your limit.
  19. "That will do for now."
  21. Marae suddenly lets go of your hand.
  23. You stumble backwards, almost onto your knees. Your ears are ringing with some soft sound you cannot name. Only now do you realise how heavy your breathing has been, or how fired up your heart is. But you take some comfort; it is not as severe as last time. You still have your vision. And you use it to lift your head up, and eye Marae again.
  25. Still, in your eyes, her form flickers between two worlds; her marionette and her true form. A disappointment. But nothing worth doing came quickly. The thought is shaking your libido, almost uncontrollably.
  27. "Well done. You're improving." Marae smiles. "Can you make your way home from here?"
  29. [Yes] [Go Again]
  31. [Yes]
  33. You nod, feeling confident in that, grinning with the buzz still inside you. It's a slug back to your boat, but Marae walks alongside you there. When out on the lake, you manage a hearty wave as you depart.
  35. [Go Again]
  37. Frankly, you'd like to push it further. With how good you feel around her, it's no contest.
  39. "I don't know." Her lips curve slightly upward. "But, if you're so sure, maybe this would work..."
  41. The white-skinned woman approaches you, bends down so you're on eye level with each other, and leans in close. She plants a kiss on your forehead.
  43. ---
  45. When your vision comes to next, it's back at the camp, still with the feeling from before.
  47. Drat.
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