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  1. “Ask not the human how the dragon soars!” – Atarariziir, unknown era.
  3. Known as: Atarariziir, Queen Atarariziir, Suzerain Atarariziir, The Radiant Prism [Followers]
  4. - Atarariziir (“To call myself the shining stone” ) (?)
  5. *Has not accepted any other name. However, if someone from Soyokari were to name her in Iyoza (Japanese), her name would roughly be “Kagayai ishi” or “Sparkled stone”
  6. *In Suikaitana, it would be Zhenngou Shima or “Sunkissed Stone”
  8. Status: Respected figure, icon, figurehead of the Azuma/Namine nations, and protector.
  9. -Can erect her own army but not declare war on the islands or other nations.
  10. -Cannot go to the Fatherlands (I.E: Ustream, Durasken, Seotara etc)
  11. -Can collect tariffs on airborne trade (Planes, shuttles, dragons) but cannot collect tariffs on Sky Serpents.
  12. -Cannot impose new tariffs or collect them from ground-based commerce/trade or sea.
  13. -Can impose laws on dragons residing in her territory (The islands)
  14. -Cannot impose laws on Sky Serpents, nor demand or command them.
  15. -Has half legal, religious, and social power over humans. The other half belonging to Karaki
  16. -Cannot forcibly draft Sky Serpents or humans to her “military force”. They must be there by free will alone for it to occur.
  17. -Officiates festivals but not important high-caliber holidays. (Can’t create holidays)
  18. -Unless Karaki says otherwise, she is free to address the islands during times of crisis, take charge, and formally coordinate defensive measures to ensure the safety of the inhabitants.
  20. -Is forever known as the Queen of Azuma and the Commonwealth of Namine.
  21. Namesake: The shining stone refers to herself being one who sets herself apart, a radiant creation of nature unlike the regular stones. Unique, beautiful, desired. She’s basically calling herself more important than you.
  22. -Lost to Karaki at an unknown time before SCT, but does not openly admit such loss
  23. *She does respect Karaki, though.
  24. -Possibly has a Sky Serpent mate.
  25. *Mate can possibly be Karaki himself.
  26. -Has a sibling from her clutch presiding over the Rosean island. Mate is a Syel derg.
  27. -She finds humankind in the islands to be “interesting but quite *annoying” [*Their music irritates her]. She tends to keep away from civilization, but observes them when she wants to.
  28. *Admires the people of Azuma/Namine due to their peaceful and progressive nature. They do not choose to destroy and they seem to really esteem her. Vanity is probably the reason why she doesn’t harm them (They stroke her ego, maybe)
  29. *Aside the possible mate, she finds Sky Serpents infuriating. They are as arrogant as she is and often try to provoke her.
  31. -Hailed as an intelligent force in Azuma’s military defense.
  33. *Battle of Vezta Zul: naval ships from an unknown area crossed into Azuman maritime territory during the formation of it’s vulnerable human populace and cities. At the time, Azuma had no established navy and had no way to ward off the multitude of ships. Therefore, Atarariziir gathered a few of her flight and a pit of willing Sky Serpents and stationed the latter on the north-eastern front of Azuma island where the leading fleet of the intruders were approaching. She commanded the pit of Serpents to verbally “set the mood” of fear and hostility. Since Sky Serpents are able to release hellish cries, they did all at once. The cries in unison projected a misleading and downright terrifying sound towards the ships and their members which, in the account of a survivor and POW captured later described as “the sound of many women being brutally skinned alive and screaming out the last of their lives.”
  35. The psychological damage was massive and steered the fleet away from the north-eastern tip and towards the south where they were cornered into Soyokari bay. Knowing her lands well, she knew that the fleet had little to no opportunity to disembark into the lands, as they knew (or assumed) that enemies were waiting for them with murderous intent. The flight of dragons awaited above the bay’s waters and cut off any form of escape, later burning and sinking most of the ships and taking in countless POWs for interrogation.
  36. TL;DR: She uses psychological warfare.
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