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E3 2014 Press Conferences (-Nintendo) with trailers

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Jun 17th, 2014
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  1. <div>
  2.     <p><strong>2014/06/11: updated with all gameplay demonstrations I could find on YouTube. Please do keep in mind that most of these are heavily scripted, and not necessarily indicative of the final game that will be released to the public. Not every game has a gameplay demo, and some only have trailers. A lot of games were only briefly talked about, which left no time for a gameplay demonstration.</strong></p>
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  4. <div>
  5.     <p>
  6.             <code><strong>MICROSOFT</strong></code>
  7.     </p>
  9.     <p>It begins... with... I have no idea what, twitch just cut out for me at that point.</p>
  10.     <p><strong>CoD: Advanced Warfare</strong></p>
  11.     <p></p>
  12.     <p>"good" news: XBox users will be the first to play the add-on content.</p>
  13.     <p>This one looks futuristic and <i>maybe</i> interesting... oh well, they've still got the chance to fuck it up real bad anyways. Also it'll probably be really awkward to play on XBOne since it'll likely be at some strange-ass resolution and at "cinematic" 30 frames per second.
  14.     </p>
  16.     <p><strong>FORZA...</strong></p>
  17.     <p></p>
  18.     <p>Someone comes up on stage and talks about Forza... how many people play it, how awesome Forza is, how awesome it would look on PC, and... DEE ELL CEE! Free DLC, which I am actually surprised by. Only of the Nürburgring, of course.</p>
  20.     <p>Then another man comes up on stage to talk about Forza Horizon 2, the next way to milk the Forza franchise. It's an open world driving game, that apparently runs in 1080p? (probably not, but hey ;-) it sounds good) It uses drivatar from Forza 5, and supports something a la clubs/guilds. It is going to be released Sep 30th, 2014. Looks a lot like the crew, now that I see it.
  21.     </p>
  23.     <p><strong>Evolve</strong></p>
  24.     <p></p>
  25.     <p>"Exclusive beta and DLC first on XBox" <- that's a load of bullshit.  
  26.    It looks good, and we already know a ton about it. This is just a flashy dubstep-or-something-of-the-like-powered trailer.
  27.    </p>
  29.     <p><strong>AssCreed: Unity</strong></p>
  30.     <p></p>
  31.     <ul>
  32.     <li>Game allows for guilds of 4 players on XBL.</li>
  33.     <li>may have house interiors.</li>
  34.     <li>will play during the French revolution</li>
  35.     <li>AI is not the most sodding basic thing ever</li>
  36.     <li>AI is still thick as fuck</li>
  37.     <li>game's co-op missions look like something that may be fun to play</li>
  38.     <li>may support split screen multiplayer, who knows really?</li>
  39.     </ul>
  40.     <p><strong>Dragon Age: Inquisition</strong></p>
  41.     <p></p>
  42.     <p>Looks decent enough, I suppose. But who knows how bad it will really be, considering we're only seeing some cinematic trailers and not... you know, some gameplay.
  43.     </p>
  45.     <p><strong>Colorful wonderfully crazy looking thing from Insomniac... it's SUNSET OVERDRIVE</strong></p>
  46.     <p></p>
  47.     <p></p>
  48.     <p>Looks like an open world game with mutants and general craziness. It seems to at least be sort of self-aware. The well-fitting music in the trailer may have tipped me over.  </p>
  49.     <p>Character customization is advertised, but how far will it really go?  </p>
  50.     <p>Anyway, terrain traversal in this TPS seems to be a combo of Titanfall and Skate 2. It looks to be fast paced, colorful and interesting.  </p>
  51.     <p>Boy do I hope this isn't an XBOne 30fps 720p exclusive, because that would be kind of shite to play. Also, I would love to play this with a keyboard.  </p>
  52.     <p>There's an 8-player co-op mode and the release date is Oct 28th, supposedly exclusive to the XBOne.
  53.     </p>
  55.     <p><strong>Nonsensical multiplayer beat-em-up: Dead Rising 3 super ultra blahdiblah edition</strong></p>
  56.     <p></p>
  57.     <p>Looks colourful enough, I suppose. Neato. Available now for at the very least the XBOne.</p>
  58.     </p>
  60.     <p><strong>Disney Fantasia: Music evolved</strong></p>
  61.     <p>Kinect-controlled music remixing by Harmonix.
  62.     </p>
  64.     <p><strong>Dance Central spotlight</strong></p>
  65.     <p>An XBOne exclusive all digital dancing game with the promise of continual updated new and interesting tracks by Harmonix.
  66.     </p>
  68.     <p><strong>Fable: Legends</strong></p>
  69.     <p></p>
  70.     <p></p>
  71.     <p>Some sort of TPP ARPG that may be interesting. It is INCREDIBLY innovative by basically being a raid simulator with the classic tank, close range dps, long range dps, and mage... no healer? It's also multiplayer... and it features a tower defense villain mode that may be wonderfully interesting.  </p>
  72.     The best moment in the presentation was literally when the fencing specialist complained about having put on the wrong pants that morning.  </p>
  73.     Multiplayer beta this fall. <a href=>Fable: Legends website</a>
  74.     </p>
  76.     <p><strong>Project Spark</strong></p>
  78.     This looks quite interesting, but it will probably be mostly shite that ends up being made for this one. Anyways, I hope it becomes a success. There seem to be a bunch of possible characters, including... Conker?  </p>
  79.     Release this fall. Available for Win8/XBOne.
  80.     </p>
  82.     <p><strong>Ori and the blind forest</strong></p>
  84.     A 2D sidescrolling... thing. It's dark and may be great. It may also be shite. And there was no word of it being XBOne exclusive.
  85.     </p>
  87.     <p><strong>Halo... Halo?</strong></p>
  89.     A trailer narrated by Keith Richards, that automatically gets this game 100 points in my book.  
  90.     This may or may not contain all DLC.  </p>
  92.     <p>This is Halo: Mister Chief collection and will be available for XBOne 11/11/2014. This is a first person shooter on console that isn't available on PC.  </p>
  93.     Best quote from the gameplay session: "you can really see the vistas popping here". </p>
  94.     It will run at 60fps in 1080p and also contain Halo: Nightfall, which is some sort of... film? about Halo as well as the Halo 5 beta.
  95.     </p>
  97.     <p><strong>INSIDE... what exactly?</strong></p>
  99.     A gray, depressing jump'n'run set in a semi-3D zombie?-infested city where you play as a small child being scared of the big bad world. Will debut on XBox in early 2015. Reminds me of LIMBO, by the way.  
  100.     </p>
  102.     <p><strong>Blabbering about id@XBox</strong></p>
  103.     Confirmed self publishing, free devkits and free middleware... amazing. And support for 8 controllers? Cool.
  104.     </p></p>
  105.     A bunch of indie games are being shown in just too quick a succession for me to write them down. Sorry.
  106.     </p>
  108.     <p><strong>Tomb Raider... somethingorother</strong></p>
  110.     </p>
  112.     <p><strong>New gameplay demonstration of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt</strong></p>
  114.     This looks awesome. Releases in the beginning of 2015.
  115.     </p>
  117.     <p><strong>Phantom Dust</strong></p>
  119.     This looks somewhat like inFamous... or maybe like a magic game in the style of Magicka, but in TPP 3D? I have no fucking idea what this is, hoping for an explanation in the near future. XBOne exclusivity unmentioned IIRC.
  120.     </p>
  122.     <p><strong>The Division</strong></p>
  125.     A new Division gameplay demonstration. If I can find it. The game looks decent enough, but there is still enough potential for it to be a shit cover-based third person shooter with RPG elements, so don't get your hopes too high up. It features AR elements though, and that's always a good sign, whereas the heavy autoaim with no recoil is a bad sign.
  126.     </p>
  128.     <p><strong>Scalebound</strong></p>
  130.     Hideki Kamiya of Platinum Games speaks about an XBOne exclusive about fighting things with a nonsensically big sword as a male teenager with blonde spiky hair who listens to music on his crappy Beats headphones. This may be good to play, but the main character is probably a dick. May be somewhat like DmC: DmC in that regard.
  131.     </p>
  133.     <p><strong>CRACKDOWN 3</strong></p>
  135.     This is multiplayer crackdown, simple as that. It may also feature destructible buildings, something last seen in the next-gen title Red Faction II on the Playstation 2.
  136.     </p>
  138.     <p><strong>Phil Spencer's ending speech</strong></p>
  139.     "We will take steps to make sure that XBox LIVE is the only place where you can play your favorite games"  
  140.     He then proceeds to talk nonsense about the XBOne being the best system to play games on this holiday, even if the best possible system to play on is obviously anything around and above a mid-tier PC because you get XBOne performance with freedom of choice and a good library of old games to play if newer ones become boring.
  141.     </p>
  143.     <p>There were surprisingly little technical problems this time around. Like, none.</p>
  144.     <p>And they even forgot to talk about television... I must admit, I'm impressed.</p>
  145.     <p>
  146.     <code>END XBONE CONFERENCE</code>
  147.     </p>
  149. </div>
  150. <div>
  151.     <p><code><strong>EA conference</code></strong></p>
  152.     Andrew Wilson, CEO of Extruding Assholes, goes on stage to talk nonsense and lie to us.
  153.     </p>
  155.     <p><strong>Star Wars: Battlefront</strong></p>
  157.     So, Battlefront is back. Apparently. No real info to be had this year either.
  158.     </p>
  160.     <p><strong>Dragon Age: Inquisition</strong></p>
  162.     uhh...EA? I think we got to see this trailer at the XBOne conference already?</p>
  163.     At least we get someone playing Cello live on stage. How nice. And no nonsensical dialogue... I think I like how this has turned out.
  164.     </p>
  166.     <p><strong>Mass Effect... 4?</strong></p>
  167.     (Insert potato bullshit here)</p>
  168.     Will it be open world properly like, will it be corridor-based? WHO THE FUCK KNOWS BECAUSE EA SURE DOESN'T!
  169.     </p>
  171.     <p><strong>The Sims 4</strong></p>
  172.     *fangirlish screams from the audience*</p>
  173.     Prepare for the incursion of DLC and... *tatataTA* bullshit about the AI.
  174.     </p>
  176.     <p><strong>DA UFC GAME</strong></p>
  177.     This is a game about Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). It releases... next week actually. It looks like an at least somewhat competent fighting game.
  178.     </p>
  180.     <p><strong>NHL15</strong></p>
  181.     A hockey game. I don't give a single shit about hockey or most sports games, so...
  182.     </p>
  184.     <p><strong>Criterion doing crazy shit</strong></p>
  185.     Holy shit it's Criterion! The people that made Burnout Paradise, an actually really competent game that I liked a lot!</p>
  186.     Their team is also working on MacBooks from the pub now. Which seems interesting.</p>
  187.     And they're going to be making a sandbox game in first person about doing crazy shit. WANT.
  188.     </p>
  190.     <p><strong>PGA Tour</strong></p>
  192.     </p>
  194.     <p><strong>Madden NFL 15</strong></p>
  195.     More defense? I have no idea about American Football and I don't care about it, so I can't really comment. Launches Aug 26th.
  196.     </p>
  198.     <p><strong>Dawngate</strong></p>
  200.     Totalbiscuit says this is a good MOBA. That is all I really know. And I don't actually like MOBAs that much, so really just watch Totalbiscuit's video on the matter.
  201.     </p>
  203.     <p><strong>Mirror's Edge</strong></p>
  205.     Talking about the chosen color pallette, about new moves, and not about <strike>combat</strike> HAH just kidding - there's totally some of the not very interesting combat in the video. There's a lot of talk about new and different paths through the environment. A couple frames looked as if they were using CryEngine, at least somewhat (it looked as if they were using Flowgraph).
  206.     </p>
  208.     <p><strong>FIFA 15</strong></p>
  209.     *insert hyped up nonsense*
  210.     </p>
  212.     <p><strong>Battlefield: Hardline</strong></p>
  213.     </p>
  214.     This seems to be a game about the police fighting gangs. Multiplayer will be somewhat like APB and Battlefield combined, which may turn out very interesting. Ehhh probably not, looks like BF4 CQ/get the bomb reskin with civvy vehicles and no actual interesting ideas of it's own.</p>
  215.     The campaign, however, seems to be oriented to be like a TV series. It's developed by Visceral, developers of the Dead Space series.
  216.     There are some free beta slots, and they're probably gone now. If there are still some slots available, go to battlelog or the PS4 store's BF4 page to sign up.</p>
  217.     Runs at 1080p 60fps on PS4. Has a grappling hook.
  218.     </p>
  219.     <p>
  220.     <code>EA PRESS CONFERENCE END</code>
  221.     </p>
  222.     </div>
  223.     <div>
  224.     <p>
  225.     <code><strong>Ubisoft press conference</code></strong></p></p>
  227.     I really should find an alternative to twitch. At least we get to hear Dan Hay and the host from last time, Aisha Tyler, makes a comeback, which already creates a good impression initially.
  228.     </p>
  230.     <p><strong>Far Cry 4</strong></p>
  231.     (no usable video at time of writing, sorry about that)</p>
  232.     So we get an introduction of the villain. A choppy one, at best. It is established that he likes to stab people.</p>
  233.     In other words, this is basically Far Cry 3, but better. Releases Nov 18th for... hopefully also PC. The graphics will probably kill graphics cards again *g*. Personally, with how Ubisoft games have been trending lately, I'm guessing that twin R9 295X2s/Quad SLI Titan Zs will be enough to play the game at a solid 60fps on medium, at 1280x720 of course.
  234.     </p>
  236.     <p><strong>Just Dance 2015</strong></p>
  238.     An XBox game for Kinect. The spin this time around seems to be that people can somehow play well across different devices like PCs, smartphones et cetera. Just how that works is not explained at all.
  239.     </p>
  241.     <p><strong>The Divison</strong></p>
  243.     So apparently things are completely broken in this version of New York. And you as a Division agent need to go in and fix all of the shit and deal with the pandemic.
  244.     </p>
  246.     <p><strong>The Crew</strong></p>
  247.     (no usable video at time of writing, sorry about that)</p>
  248.     Releases this fall, details about how it plays are already available. It's an open world driving game where you can join together with other people from online to race together across the miniaturized United States.</p>
  249.     And there are apparently 2 hour long missions that are cross-US... interesting.
  250.     </p>
  252.     <p><strong>Assassin's Creed: Unity</strong></p>
  254.     An Assassin's Creed game set during the French revolution of the 18th century. It's basically an AssCreed game with a new, different setting. It apparently features the exact same gameplay as all AssCreeds before, which is just kind of disappointing.
  255.     </p>
  257.     <p><strong>Shape Up</strong></p>
  258.     This is some sort of fitness game, I guess... It's also for the XBOne with Kinect... Wait, this may actually work. I'm not even joking. This might actually work, even if it's basically glorified Wii Fitness. It looks decent enough, and like the first really good use of motion controls. This looks like it could actually be of some use and be fun to play while not being horrible.
  259.     </p>
  261.     <p><strong>Valiant Hearts: The great War</strong></p>
  263.     A WWI adventure game in 2D. It could be good, but I can see the potential of great fuckups in the dialogue and gameplay areas.
  264.     </p>
  266.     <p><strong>The CEO</strong></p>
  267.     "we love our fans" - BUT THEY STILL HAVE UPLAY. Or maybe he meant he loves the fans that help get the heat out of his PC?
  268.     </p>
  270.     <p><strong>Rainbow Six: Siege</strong></p>
  272.     Now THIS more of an actual police vs criminals game.A tactical shooter. Well, still a bit more glorified violence going on, but the match is short and the teams are small, and there seems to be no all out warfare going on. Also features a lot of very detailed destruction of walls.
  273.     </p>
  274.     <p>
  275.     <code>END OF THE UPLAY PRESS CONFERENCE</code>
  276.     </p>
  277.     </div>
  278.     <div>
  279.     <p>
  280.     <code><strong>Sony Press conference</code></strong>
  281.     </p>
  283.     <p><strong>Destiny</strong></p>
  284.     (Do you really need a trailer for this? Come on, watch some Crysis 2 gameplay on PC, there's your aesthetics and level of graphics, then watch some Borderlands played on console and you've got what seems to be the core gameplay, minus the super huge amount of loot in BL1. You know, just shooting shit)</p>
  285.     "The Darkness" blah blah blah. It's an FPS that is not available for PC, so I'm still ab it meh about it. It may be good, it may be horrid, but in the end it doesn't matter because it's a low FoV low framerate console FPS.</p>
  286.     Beta available July 17th on PS4.
  287.     </p>
  289.     <p><strong>WHO IS IN THE HOUSE? ANDREW HOUSE!</strong></p>
  290.     "Guff guff guff Piss4 is da best destinaeshun fer entarteinmint."
  291.     </p>
  293.     <p><strong>The Order 1886...</strong></p>
  295.     ... is introduced to us with a fucking terrible scripted sequence in BROWN GRAY GRAY CRINGEY SUPA SERIOUS. It's also a 30fps FPS on console that is probably not going to have keyboard and mouse support and probably is going to feature a low FoV. So, I don't think this is going to be too interesting. It may be okay at best.
  296.     </p>
  298.     <p><strong>Entwined</strong></p>
  299.     This seems to be a surreal game about navigating obstacles and operating two characters at once like in "Brothers: A tale of two sons". This looks promising and interesting. It releases now on PS4, and will release on PS3 and PSVita in the near future. Will it come to PC? Who the fuck knows at this point?
  300.     </p>
  302.     <p><strong>InFamous: Second Son expandalone "First Light"</strong></p>
  303.     It seems to be about playing as "that purple haired chick with the neon powers".
  304.     </p>
  306.     <p><strong>Little Big Planet 3</strong></p>
  308.     Introduces three new characters: a strong guy and a more nimble, agile doglike character, and a bird thing as well as some new powerups and stuffs. It looks cute as LBP always does.</p>
  309.     It will release for PS4 some time... who knows when, but it'll definitely be at least some kind of reason to get a PS4.
  310.     </p>
  312.     <p><strong>Bloodborne</strong></p>
  314.     A game made by FROM Software... huh. This may turn out to be great.</p>
  315.     A dark city, not very brightly lit, a cloaked figure, undead with torches and pitchforks... FROM SOFTWARE are sticking to what they know, aren't they?</p>
  316.     At least there are guns this time around... hmmm. We'll have to see about this one then. You can't just reuse Dark Souls mechanics for guns.</p>
  317.     This is coming out 2015.
  318.     </p>
  320.     <p><strong>Far Cry 4</strong>
  321.     A crossbow and kicking things off ledges? COUNT ME IN.</p>
  322.     As I am looking at the gameplay demo on PS4 only one thought crosses my mind... DOPE. This is like Tomb Raider 2013's idea of terrain crossed with the Far Cry 3 formula.</p>
  323.     And co-op in the open world may only be available on PlayStation? That seems like a shitty move to me.
  324.     </p>
  326.     <p><strong>Dead Island 2</strong></p>
  328.     Looks like Dead Rising crossed with Sunset Overdrive. But it's made by Techland, and they're ridiculously bad at supporting decent FoVs, don't get too excited about this one.
  329.     </p>
  331.     <p><strong>BF: Hardline</strong></p>
  333.     Eh. A trailer for BF:H. Refer to "EA Press conference section" further up.
  334.     </p>
  336.     <p><strong>Announcements that Paradox is making PS4 games</strong></p>
  337.     Magicka 2! Apparently either exclusive or also available on PS4.
  338.     </p>
  340.     <p><strong>Grim Fandango remastered</strong></p>
  341.     Available on PS4 and Vita.
  342.     </p>
  344.     <p><strong>Talos Principle, New Hotline Miami, Titan Souls</strong></p>
  345.     Three of the number of indie games that will be released on the PS4 in the future.
  346.     </p>
  348.     <p><strong>LET. IT. DIE.</strong></p>
  349.     A Suda51 game exclusive to the PS4. It sort of looks like... nothing I've ever seen before. It's gray-ish and strange.
  350.     </p>
  352.     <p><strong>ABZÛ</strong></p>
  353.     A new game by thatgamecompany about an underwater world and some sort of weird humanoid exploring it.
  354.     </p>
  356.     <p><strong>No man's Sky</strong></p>
  358.     A sci-fi space exploration game about exploring planets inspired by the Isaac Asimov brand of space exploration and flying about space with your space ship. Exploring in first person, flying in first person sort of like in Elite, Star Citizen or the X series. Available for PS4 and PC at the very least. It is colorful, it looks promising. It's made by Hello Games, which are basically 4 people. It may someday release, who knows.
  359.     </p>
  361.     <p><strong>F2P games</strong></p>
  362.     PlanetSide 2, LoadOut are coming to PS4 (and maybe PS3).
  363.     </p>
  365.     <p><strong>PSNow</strong></p>
  366.     Open Beta in USA/Canada starting July 31st, shortly after available on PS3 and PSVita, and later in the year to Bravias with attached DualShock 3s.</p>
  367.     This will have a lot of PS3, PS2 and PS4 games available.
  368.     </p>
  370.     <p><strong>PSVita</strong></p>
  371.     "PLEASE BUY A PSVITA OH PLEASE BUY A PSVITA." -- Sony Represantitive, E3 2013/E3 2014
  372.     </p>
  374.     <p><strong>PS TV</strong></p>
  375.     Allows streaming from a PS4 elsewhere in the house, as well as streaming from PS Now.</p>
  376.     The Price is $99, and $139 for a package with an 8GB Memory card, a Dualshock 3 and a key for the Lego movie video game. This is like the Ouya, but with so much more content. It will have over a hundred games available at launch.
  377.     </p>
  379.     <p><strong>Gameplay footage of Mortal Kombat X</strong></p>
  380.     While, again, I could kinda do without the over-realistic X-Ray shots (goofy nonsense would be better, I feel), this looks more than just decent.
  381.     </p>
  383.     <p><strong>TELEVISION</strong></p>
  384.     Curation of content on the PS4.</p>
  385.     Exclusive content for PS4.</p>
  386.     The first series is going to be "Powers", based on the comic of the same name. The co-creator of "Powers" is the executive producer of the series, and he has also worked on most Marvel comic book movies. It will be available in the US starting in December. Every PSN user will be  able to watch the first episode for free, and every PS Plus user will get the whole series for free. PS Plus is looking ever better.</p>
  387.     A Ratchet & Clank movie...?
  388.    </p>
  390.    <p><strong>Ratchet & Clank HD</strong></p>
  391.    The original Ratchet & Clank "remastered" for PS4.
  392.    </p>
  394.    <p><strong>The Last of Us</strong></p>
  395.    The Last of Us will be "remastered" for PS4.
  396.    </p>
  398.    <p><strong>Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain</strong></p>
  399.    The E3 trailer some of you may have already seen before. Apparently the main character is a dick, just like everyone else in the game.
  400.    </p>
  402.    <p><strong>GTA V</strong></p>
  403.    Rockstar are dicks, aren't they? Before releasing it on PC, they release it for the potato 4. Releases towards the end of the year (they say "Fall", but who knows...).
  404.    </p>
  406.    <p><strong>Arkham Knight</strong></p>
  407.    We've already got some info about this one, no need for me reiterate. Just watch the gameplay trailer-esque thing here.
  408.    </p>
  410.    <p><strong>Uncharted 4: A thief's end</strong></p>
  412.    An action-adventure third person shooter thingy starring Nathan Drake. At this point, you probably know what this is.
  413.    Releases 2015. I don't really believe that they'll stop milking the Uncharted cash cow, but I suppose they're sensible enough to know when to stop releasing games for a series.
  414.    </p>
  415.    <p>
  416.    <code>END OF THE SONY PRESS CONFERENCE</code>
  417.    </p>
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  421.    I hope you found this useful. If you would like to leave a comment about something this is lacking, please write it in such a manner that I can actually tell what is wrong/needs to be fixed.
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  424. <div>
  425.     <p><strong>Some links to other summaries of E3 (partly courtesy of, may be incomplete; you may find that some outlets flat out lie to their readers or viewers; while I find that disgusting, I will still link to them to provide you with at least a few more opinions about this):</strong></p>
  426.     <p>ItMeJP: <a href=>XBox/Microsoft press conference </a> <a href=> EA press conference </a> <a href=> Ubisoft press conference </a> <a href=> PlayStation/Sony press conference </a></p>
  427.     <p>Tam McGleish (Jim Trinca of UK, <strong>do not think for one moment the linked video is in any way serious, it is just inconsequential funny nonsense</strong>): <a href=> Tam McGleish goes to E3, talks Battlefield: Hardline </a></p>
  428.     <p> UK: <a href=>Overall press conference reaction podcast</a></p>
  429.     <p>Matt Lees: <a href=>Microsoft's conference Abridged</a></p>
  430. </div>
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